Could anything be uglier?


The answer is no, it could not be.



The intro to their official blurb on the topic is even more horrific:

There is no better partner for the eco-friendly, sustainably conscious Burbank at Talaria than Whole Foods Market.

Sustainably conscious Burbank? Yes, we know how hard it’s been to stay conscious anywhere near the place.

They probably mean “sustainability conscious.” But who knows.



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25 responses to “Could anything be uglier?

  1. James Carlile Nemesis Club

    I saw a High School picture of your horrendous mug. That was worse than this.

    • semichorus

      You didn’t see the right one, asshole.

    • Anonymous

      The picture of Semichorus is not that bad what’s really bad is the shirtless picture of ol’ Mike Nolan I saw recently/ Seriously answers why he made no lil’ Nolans to run around and make Burbank like chain saw massacre.

  2. Anonymous

    Too many cars in that picture. The Whole Foods crowd would surely bike to grocery shop

    • semichorus

      Yes! A recent news story on the project said this:

      Burbank leaders are banking on new mixed-use development to help cut traffic

      It’s bound to work!

  3. Anonymous

    “Burbank at Talaria?” Then shouldn’t it be “Foods Market Whole?”

  4. Another anonymous

    I prefer to read it as “sustainably conscious” — in that if you are overly conscious — in other words you’re actually paying attention to all of the shit that’s going on in this town — you are certain to become quickly disheartened. On the other hand, forced ignorance — a lack complete lack of awareness — is a more sustainable state. Maintaining this level of consciousness allows one to better tolerate the craven behavior of our elected representatives and the conditions forced upon us by many of their senseless decisions.Win-win for everyone! Or at least for the big developers and their boosters — who would like us all to sit down, shut up and ride more bicycles.

  5. Anony Miss

    I think it’s weird. We’re all sitting in traffic (stopping at almost every signal) and bike lanes are taking over auto lanes. Generally, I don’t see a bicycle in sight.
    Something major is out of balance.

  6. Longshanks

    How many “white people” did you count in this illustration?

    • semichorus

      You’re a very ugly town. Subliterate pigfuckers galore.

      Enjoy your joke buildings. No one ever does their best in or for Burbank because no one ever has to.

      That is, assuming they know the difference.

      • Longshanks

        C’mon Dude – that was your beef in an earlier post targeting another architectural rendering earlier this week, so I’m just curious if you’re consistent with your complaints (actually, I think we already know).

        “Subliterate pigfuckers” – careful now, you may come off as racist using terminology like that…

    • Al in SoCal

      Should we institute a quota? Apparently that is what you want.

      On my work team of 8 there is exactly 1 white male – and 0 white women. Testing your math skills zero plus one equals ONE out of eight.

      Perhaps Idaho or glamorous Oklahoma would better suit your needs?

  7. Anoymod

    I think it’s beautiful. I’m dieing to live there. I heard there’s already a wait list. If I’m lucky enough to get in, it will be the best place I ever lived. So so excited. I can cook for my husband and have friends over , grab some fresh food , flowers and bottle of wine. Wham bam done. Then on for much more fun

  8. Anoymod

    Let’s see you come up with something better. Oh I forgot. All your big ugly fat ass can do is type. Do you still have your 3 hairs to make your no ponytail.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t see bikes for two reasons.

      1. We need bike lanes on every street

      2. We have not banned cars yet. Cars and deivers make the streets dangerous.

      • Anonymous

        ” Anonymous
        April 28, 2017 at 1:24 pm
        You don’t see bikes for two reasons.
        1. We need bike lanes on every street
        2. We have not banned cars yet. Cars and deivers make the streets dangerous.”
        You’re wrong, dreamer!
        1. we’ve had a bike lane on Verdugo for well over a decade, I’m still waiting to see a bike on it. Your vision is just that, wishful thinking.
        2. “We have not banned cars yet.” LOL, you are delustional. No get back to the pipe your inhaling, the go drive your “car” while under the influence and, God forbid, not kill someone on a bike, providing you can find one.

  9. Anonymous

    There’s a Toyota MR2 prominently in the picture. Way you should have condemned them for that as well.

  10. Get an Oxygen Mask

    Makes you wonder when all the bikers and people waiting for buses are going to figure out that the pollution in Burbank from traffic is so bad they will soon need a cancer facility. In addition to helmets people seriously need oxygen masks.

  11. Anonymous

    Whole Foods had been closing stores. I would be shocked if they actually open in that monstrosity

    • semichorus

      Yes. I said from the beginning that it’s iffy, and now with those new “365” stores even more so.

      Unbelievably, staff hadn’t even checked to see if there was a contract with Whole Foods in the first place before they started pimping the project as “a Whole Foods store!” The Cusumanos later offered to let them see parts of it, as confirmation, only after the question came up (!)

      My prediction has always been that Burbank will end up getting the world’s biggest 7-11 instead. And then boast about it.

  12. Anonymous

    In the meantime, I am loving Grocery Outlet (not their meat..).

  13. Al in SoCal

    Semi – you do understand much of our street design and inclusion of bike lanes and the like are the strings attached to millions in grants which we as a city would never be able to afford on our own.

    I’d take your complaints to the state and their purse-strings.

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