Career advice, too


That **WeLoveBurbank** Facebook page is good for so much.


Burbank’s go-to place. From hunting down gypsies in parking lots to finding jobs for boyfriends in oversaturated pseudo-occupations.

Isn’t that the same guy btw who told someone else on that same Facebook page to go commit suicide? At least he held back this time.



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2 responses to “Career advice, too

  1. Mostly anonymous

    Only ten applying per position? Maybe 60 years ago.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes. He told another commenter to “go kill himself” because he disagreed with the Dude’s opinion or whatnot. The funny thing is Jess’s son, who runs the site, said a few months ago it’s all about decorum, etc. recent each other , blah ,blah. so let’s say this individual, on the advice of Mr Harrop, G*d fordbid ,did follow thru and commit suicide.. would the city be held liable, as it is the City of Burbank site? Just askin..

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