Not only is it crap “art,” but “Burbank” has nothing to do with it



Does anyone think any more? Does anyone know?

The Downtown Burbank Arts Festival has become more than an annual event to draw in people to the downtown area.

Now in its 14th year, the two-day event is a place where fans and enthusiasts of animation can come together and talk with those in the animation industry.

There will be more than 200 artists and animators scattered along San Fernando Boulevard between Angeleno Avenue and Magnolia Boulevard, where attendees can meet and get tips from those currently working in the animation field.

A literal Left Bank, yes. A constant source of inspiration.

The Creative Talent Network, a Burbank-based entertainment group that puts the public in touch with those in the animation community, has been at the forefront of ensuring that animation thrives.

Tina Price, who worked for Disney for 23 years and founded the Creative Talent Network, said that animation has become prevalent in everyday life.

Oh yeah? Whose?

The arts festival not only allows enthusiasts to meet their favorite animators in person, it also lets animators get out and draw in a different environment.

“Animators don’t go outdoors,” Price said. “They stay inside, and they work in dark rooms. It just warms my heart to see them have fun with the event.”

Yes, keeping indoors is what Wordsworth did, as we remember. That’s where you best learn about life and the world.

It can be argued that Burbank is the animation capital of the world, with the Walt Disney Animations Studios and Nickelodeon calling Media City their home. Price said the city has always given established and up-and-coming animation studios a place to set up and share their work.

“Burbank has been open to provide an arena where people could start their animation studios and start a seedling community here,” she said. “There’s a lot of people that want to start their own companies and do their own thing.”

No, you subliterate assholes, it can’t “be argued” that Burbank has anything to do with providing a “place” for doing work of any kind. If so, then how’s this being done by “the city”? And when did “companies” ever equal “doing your own thing”?

Especially when it comes to “art”?



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14 responses to “Not only is it crap “art,” but “Burbank” has nothing to do with it

  1. Miss Aonymous

    Burbank is a center for the arts and a major hub for creative arts. So many are employed in the arts here, students in Burbank schools enjoy great arts programs, our choirs are nationally recognized, we have the Colony, Woodbury Univtsity. Young artsists are every where you look. Burbank is about inspiration and the arts. What Burbank is not about is old derilicts like Nolan. It is not about cars. It is about open space and bike lanes. Happy people walking, engaging and being creative. Burbank is evolving into a welcoming and creative safe space.

  2. Will

    I heard a great idea to bring in more money for the city. We can make major streets like Victory, Magnolia, and Burbank Blvd toll streets and charge to use the streets. We can use that money for more bike lanes and sustainable things like open spaces , waterfalls and restricted zones to protect wild life.

  3. Len

    Burbank should loosen up on graffitti artists and allow artists to improve the city with graffitti art. Right now they paint over the art and hassle the artists.

    • Burbank artist

      I agree with that ! Wall art is true art. We do need to appreciate graffitti here in Burbank. Sidewalk art is also good.

  4. Amanda

    In Burbank we have an arts commission. We have it because we are a center for the creative arts and the city and the city council spend great effort promoting the arts.

  5. OOK

    I moved away but I see the people of Burbank put that old gasbag Gordon out to pasture. Good. It was time for him to go. A guy in his mid or late 80s, whatever he is, is too old to understand what is going on.

  6. Anonymous

    The city council has continued to ruin and overbuild in Burbank. Yet, they still want it to be a small town. Yeah Right!!!
    Open your eyes and take a look at what they have really done to what was a great place for a family to live.

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