Where’s Sanity?


Imagine taking away a two-way street for this kind of crap.



Where’s there to bike to around there btw? And why is it always White People in those fancy drawings?

Our bet is that this moronic bike path will last about two years before it’s “repurposed” back into a real street. Gordon’s right, too. Until then there’ll be lots of sideswiping on that soon-too-narrow street.

Not one council member agreed with his perfectly sensible observation:

Councilman David Gordon voted against the improvements, saying he had concerns about the slimmer-than-usual parking lane, and he feared that people getting out of their vehicles may be struck by oncoming traffic.

Additionally, Gordon said he did not like the idea of having bicyclists and pedestrians using the same lane. He suggested having a curb instead of bike lanes.

“We have 10 feet of travel lanes against 8 feet of parking in a lot of places,” Kriske said. “This is not out of the ordinary for Burbank. It has the wonderful side effect, we think, that cars won’t be able to go fast because [the lane] will be tight and [they’ll travel] slower.”

Yeah, uh-huh. That’s how drivers work.





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17 responses to “Where’s Sanity?

  1. Longshanks

    “And why is it always White People in those fancy drawings?”

    Wow, that’s a fucking reach. Hard to tell from the image you posted (got a link to the original image?) but that looks more like the generic “brownish” look PC people are pushing on everyone these days. To me.

    Then again, maybe we’re both projecting?

  2. Cathy

    We will be removing traffic lanes every where due to the fact cars polute the environment and soon everyone will walk and bike in Burbank in support of susyainability. The picture is beautiful because it returns nature and discourages vehicles. In a decade or so we will remove the remaining lane and no more cars will polute that street.

    • Anonymous

      ” Cathy
      April 24, 2017 at 8:13 pm” Cuckoo, Cuckoo! And, if we smile and play nice with ISIS they’ll stop lopping off our heads. Oh, and everything deserves to to live so no more animal or rodent management let them run amok. And, oh, wait a minute….I need to get to work, I’m gonna ride my bike the 26 miles to work…so I need to leave 2 hrs. early due to all the bike traffic.
      Cathy you’re a fruity ideologue, just like your dirty mud-slinging leader Sharon. …and you can’t spell correctly what you support…it’s sustainability not “susyainability”, dear. Now, go back to your pot smoking and don’t forget to check your mail for your government subsidy check…you know those things grow on trees, due to all that “susyainability”!

  3. Epie

    Our society is too reliant on cars as transportation and that is because we have made it to easy to use cars. Even busses need to go. Streets should become green spaces for wildlife and people to enjoy. One lane at a time and restrictive parking fees imposed with meters that charge 10.00 per half hour for parking will help to protect the environment. If we do not make serious changes to protect our environment now the future will destroy us with catastrophic clmate changes. My hope is that we now have a council that will place this crisis as priority one.

  4. Glenda

    That street in the picture is a complete street. Complete streets are progressive and the future. It is truely beautiful.

  5. Anonymous

    I wonder if Nolan is allowed to crash his motorized chair down that street. Ride along on his dunce seat down the bike lane maybe ?

  6. chad

    I’m just concerned that cyclist is not wearing a helmet.

  7. Anonymous

    Lots of broken side mirrors on that street.

  8. Anonymous

    The people living along that road like the changes coming.

  9. Matilda

    Just think bike sales for the elderly and disabled will provide the needed $$ for the city’s shortfall. Good grief people!

    • Deb F.

      We can not plan thing for or around old pople because they will not be her fir long and they are the ones who designed everything so badly and polluted our planet. They should be the first to be shown the more enlightened ways of conservation. I would support a special tax on people over 55 to pay to repair all the damage they have done.

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