We won! City’s finally forced to treat SDUs the way we always said they should


Talk about an exercise in futility. Staff tomorrow night is asking the council members to adopt an “interim ordinance” that’s apparently designed to stall for as long as possible the effects of a new state law that vastly liberalizes the use and construction of second dwelling units in Burbank.

Given the interest in building ADUs and the ability for the city to further specify certain aspects of new state law, staff proposes City Council consideration of the proposed urgency ordinance as an interim measure so that the city can properly evaluate the state ADU regulations. The proposed urgency ordinance adoption and immediate implementation will allow staff to formulate a long term set of city development regulations that facilitate the construction of new ADUs as alternative housing types in a manner that helps mitigate the potential impact to the residential character of the surrounding neighborhood, and provides staff with a set of development standards that can be applied consistently to new ADU project submittals.

Hilariously, this request was preceded by a three-page list of current BMC rules about second dwelling units that are now abolished by the new state law. In other words, California now requires local communities to encourage the use of granny flats as necessary housing stock, and not do what Burbank did 15 years ago and throw up as many roadblocks as it could to make it essentially impossible to have them anywhere. So there’s nothing staff can do now to avoid the unavoidable.

We’ve always been big fans of granny flats, and remember a time in Burbank when they were all over the place. SDUs can often provide good quality housing in lieu of our town’s generally cheesy and overpriced apartment stock, and with the side benefit of extra family income for the homeowner.

Unfortunately, the City of Burbank and most of our council people (and their many landlord friends) have not been. So watch them go into major wailing-and-lamentation mode tomorrow night when they have to begrudgingly go along with these new state rules.

Too frigging bad.



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4 responses to “We won! City’s finally forced to treat SDUs the way we always said they should

  1. Anonymous

    Wow. You really should take sole credit for the state’s new policy. I myself never knew that you were this influential.

    • BURBANK Bill

      Oh look ,Kevin Harrop is back. He musta gotten tired of trolling on the Burbank Facebook site. He actually told a commenter to commit suicide,cuz he disagreed with comment. Run along Kevin, and go kneel in front of Golonski

      • Anonymous

        Poor Kevin, he so wants to be the little big man…but he’s just a pathetic troll who waits in the shadows to strike others. I think his suicide quip was his inside voice getting out.

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