Ask council and staff when the last time was that they used public transportation



Oh boy. Somehow this is going to be politically transmuted into a No.1 Grade A excuse to build more apartment buildings near our “transportation centers…”

21st-century accessible, of course.

Burbank and its neighbors are teaming up to potentially get their hands on $1 billion in transportation funding

Burbank, along with a few neighboring cities, is looking to make sure it receives money collected by a new Los Angeles County sales tax that can be used for transportation improvements.

Burbank City Council members unanimously agreed to convert the Arroyo Verdugo Subregion — an informal group that was created to allow Burbank, Glendale, La Cañada Flintridge, Pasadena and South Pasadena to discuss transportation-related issues in the region — into a joint powers authority during a meeting on Tuesday.

Transportation issues is code for more transportation projects, and “transportation projects” is going to be used as beaucoup pretext for allowing outside developers to mega-build huge apartment complexes on select local properties.

It’s already happening. Change is good people. Didn’t you know that? Mixed use and NYC style getting around is your mandated future.

But, the next time you hear Burbank people go on and on about how great public transportation is — and especially about how we ought to do everything we can to amalgamate it into Burbank 2035 — be sure to ask each of them individually when the last time was that they took the bus anywhere.

Except possibly for various SCAG meetings and other similar staff excursions via secret use of Burbank Transit Services vehicles (and then lied about when caught by witnesses), the answer will be “never.”



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13 responses to “Ask council and staff when the last time was that they used public transportation

  1. Anonymous

    Who says Burbank has to become an apartment corridor congested city? Oh, that’s right….all the developers who want to plunder it but yet they don’t live here. They hide behind theory on mass transit and millennial needs and state numbers of population growth to justify their greed. Meanwhile, our town slips away and turns into another urban sprawl because not enough of us spoke up and said no.

  2. chad

    Had a great get together with a group of people this weekend who have lived all over the country – NYC, Boston, SF, Toronto and now they live here. Those aforementioned cities have good to great public transportation systems. Each person made a sincere attempt to use public transportation to get around and eventually gave up. To be fair, in LA County, a single bus route or maybe one transfer can work. Also, the subway can work very well especially if you do not need more than one bus in that mix. Things break down quickly though if you’re not near major line and you don’t need to switch to much. I realize the state is trying, and it should, I’m just not convinced this is right approach. It would be great to be able to have a light rail that went from No Ho to the Gold Line east.

    • semichorus

      What with Uber and 666-6666 Carmel and a couple of train and bus lines, it’s easy to get around now in LA without a car. It’s just this — do people want to?

      Public transportation works on the East Coast and San Francisco because it’s such a hassle there to own car. Maybe if gas gets to $10 a gallon it will be here too.

    • BURBANK Bill

      MTA already runs a mostly empty bus from NoHo station to the pasadena gold station I remember Puffer promoting it last year at a meeting. But the bus is a mere zombie ride.. too much of a hassle to take the bus on the freeway to the subway.

  3. chad

    You’re right. Owning a car in a city in those other cities is a total pain the ass and ridiculously expensive. The new Expo/Crenshaw Line is good and I think being used a lot.

    • Cathy

      This tax will help eliminate vehicles from our city and make our environment clean. The sales tax should be doubled so we can achieve this goal faster. Burbank should become a progressive city with these type of taxes within a few short years.

  4. Irwin Fletcher

    Gold line is great- but really needs to reach Burbank. I try to take the subway to DTLA and Expo Park several times a year (Red/Blue/Expo lines). Guess what? It’s filthy, and there are a lot of really sketchy people misbehaving on those rides- so there’s a big reason why many people still refuse to ride public transpo. We need visible security personnel in the train cars, not just video cameras.

    • semichorus

      I was amazed at how the North Hollywood subway station was a complete wreck just a year after it opened. It was never cleaned!

      • Epie

        Well once cars and other vehicles are abolished by law people will all use public transportation and keep it clean due to pride in our environment. Environmental laws and sharing everything brings out pride and generosity in the population. Look at the public transportation in Cuba. All shared with pride and happiness in an environmentally protectivr socialist state.

  5. The routes for the Burbank bus are nearly useless. I use the Burbank bus often to get to and from work and to the red line but in general the routes are wonky. Marketing is non-existent. Why don’t they let students ride for a discount on weekdays? Get people using our system at a young age. The buses are clean enough and I’ve never felt unsafe on our little local system.

    • semichorus

      Don’t get me started on this Burbank bus system.

      They used to have GOT WHEELS just for kids. It had a great route. Hit all the spots, went into all the residential areas.


      a) they refused to let adults use it (too terrifyingly dangerous they claimed), and

      b) they got rid of it in the end because the kids were supposedly “abusing” the idea by using this bus to get home from school. For real.

      This town is hopeless.

  6. chad

    Now that’s an issue to run on David and Semi. A hybrid version of the Burbank Bus and Got Wheels. Let all Burbank citizens ride with an ID and non citizens pay a fee. That’s something that could actually benefit citizens and be “greenish.”

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