Miracle on 34th Street

Kind of. It was actually the first American theatrical showing for money.






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3 responses to “Miracle on 34th Street

  1. DixieFlyer

    BTW, over FORTY neighbors from a single-family neighborhood showed up at a City Council Meeting.

    The “follower” printed not ONE word about them in TWO editions.

    Is this dude mark kellam from outer-space?

    What bothers him, the local part, the community part, or just plain news???

    Those neighbors were correct to attend the meeting.

    The “paper” was negligent in failing to REPORT their concerns.

  2. chad

    Yup, that was a great and sincerely well-directed display of citizen concern. Maybe the Leader isn’t just singling out the pro-Gordon movement after all? Maybe the Leader is just across the board negligent?

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