They just look like relocatables



Remember when Burbank voters were told that one of the big plans behind the last three expensive bond issues was to replace aging bungalows with actual permanent buildings?

Instead, you’ve gotten crap.

Burbank Unified officials broke ground for two new modular classroom buildings at Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School on Monday, April 17.

The new buildings replace the aging, existing portable classrooms with more modern facilities and is funded by the Burbank voter-approved Measure S Bond.

“It will be nice to get our teachers and students out of the bungalows and into permanent classrooms,” said Principal Christina Desiderio…

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington Elementary Schools were the first sites that received the new permanent modular classroom buildings. Emerson has four new modular classrooms, Roosevelt has six new classrooms and new restrooms and Washington has eight new classrooms and new restrooms.

These aren’t true permanent buildings, and it’s not what we were told years ago this money would be used for.

Another thing. Are these union employees who build this junk?

No? If not, why not?

This coming from the same crowd that lied through their teeth about why they got rid of most of the district’s Log Cabins a few years ago (it was some ridiculous story about an unavailability of “replacement parts”).

Log Cabins which by the way were not built as cheap WPA projects. They were contracted for well into the 1920s.  Lincoln’s bid notice showed up in an old issue of Southwest Builder and Contractor somewhere around 1920.




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11 responses to “They just look like relocatables

  1. Irwin Fletcher

    Don’t be fooled, the “modular classrooms” are glorified double-wide trailers with full electrical/network hookups. They are “temporary” until they build the actual classrooms in the coming years.

  2. Anonymous

    Ask your pal Mike Moynihan. You know, the Mike and Roy show. He sits on the Measure S oversight committee.

  3. chad

    Semi, you already do too much but could you or someone else provide a brief history of the Log Cabins of BUSD?

  4. Pension Pain

    *California high court sets stage for major pension ruling*

    “The battle over reforming California’s underfunded system of pension benefits does not involve any particular legislative proposal or initiative idea at this time but is centered on a coming state Supreme Court battle over an arcane legal concept.” The ‘California Rule’.

    “The ‘California Rule’ is not actually a rule, but a legal doctrine that emanated from a 1955 court case. Essentially, it states that no vested public-employee benefit such as a pension can be reduced unless public employees are granted another benefit of equal or greater value. Unions claim that a 2013 state law unfairly deprives them of vested benefits.”

    “The rule remains the stumbling block for most efforts to reduce pension costs, given that it severely limits public agencies’ efforts to slice current pension costs. Hence, pension reformers and unions alike are eager to get a final verdict on the matter.”

    Full article:

    This ruling will have a direct effect on Burbank City pension woes.

    • semichorus

      Well because current employees have already paid into it. That was their deal.

      But they can set up a two-tiered system for new employees. Management does it all the time whenever THEY want to cut pay and benefits! The BUSD btw did it in the late 1980s. Few current employees are working under the old pay and benefit schedules.

      The older employees made more and did not pay as much for their benefit package. Which is why Dave Aponik and Art Pierce and the old school board went after lots and lots of older employees shortly after the new rules were negotiated.

      Biggest mistake those foolish old local union chapters made. They instantly turned their older employees into huge targets for management.

  5. Lucas


  6. Anonymous

    Been to Ralph’s or Home Depo? Nothing but new 20 something hires. No where near the same wages or benefits as the over 50 employees there waiting to retire.

    • semichorus

      Yeah, but I say fuck most of these young people. You try to savvy them up about things and they just go after you.

      And look at the last two local elections. They’re naive, uninformed, unengaged, but confident as hell in their dumbness.

      It’s because of all the devices they plug into that make them feel constantly empowered and on top of the world. They’re not.

  7. Anonymous

    Took my kid to play at Roosevelt’s Teddy Bear Park this morning. The new classroom “units” look like glorified roach motels…

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