Watch that spigot open wide



It’s no coincidence that there’s been a complete absence of any kind of big development or building projects in front of the council the last six months or so.

Or even longer than that. No bad news of course means nothing to get upset about during the election season.

Watch them suddenly show up.



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8 responses to “Watch that spigot open wide

  1. Burbank Bill

    and of course the rush to get the Airport approved and out of the way..No way Jess and Fruito wanted that on the same ballot !

    • semichorus

      Of course not. The council members would ALL have been put on the personal spot about it. They would have been put in the position of actually having to defend the airport during their campaigns. And Measure B would have had a much more difficult time of winning as well.

      A consolidated election brings out the community looky-loos, the ones who aren’t engaged in local issues. That’s why Measure B was deliberately placed on the general election ballot, even though the BMC expressly states that it had to be held during a “city election.”

      Those two words weren’t redundant. They had meaning. The controlling ordinance had that legal qualifier in there– which was deliberately ignored.

      “A big new airport? Sure!”

      Then only gratification here is that nothing good ever comes from such active bad faith. There’s so much bad karma built up in this booster crowd.

  2. Al in SoCal

    Because now instead of 4 they have 5? Dr. Gordon’s vote was already known – and they had plenty of votes to move forward with whatever they wanted. You’re saying that his sole vote stopped all the development you didn’t want?

    How about Ikea that passed WITH Dr. Gordon’s help?

    • semichorus

      A big and controversial development issue on the agenda would have highlighted the differences between Gordon and the rest. It would have increased his general appeal 10 fold during the election.

      That’s why there weren’t any. And it’s why there will suddenly be some now.

  3. Anonymous

    I Heart Burbank!
    People, we must welcome change…..

  4. BURBANK Bill

    Right on Semi.. I just checked the Agenda. They have a public hearing scheduled for May 23 on the First Street project .. that is more condos stacked in across from Flappers. That corner already sucks with traffic . What a lovely view of the 5 they will have .. now staff put this on that week on purpose:

    1) it is the last week of school, guaranteeing light attendance from folks.

    2) it is the Tuesday before Memorial Day weekend. People are focusing on getting out of town

    There have been several other Tuesday’s when they coulda held this hearing, many with light agendas

    No, they held this one, knowing what nightmare this monstrosity will be.. assuming the condo crap has a garage facing First street. Good luck making a left turn outta there. Plus first street is a main route to that huge IKEA. But Sharon and Luddy will clap their shriveled hands and approve it cuz it will be sustainable

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