The holier-than-thou crowd chimes in again

The most hilarious headline of the year so far:


Cable News, Hollywood Reacts to Bill O’Reilly’s Fox Exit


Their opinions mean so much because we know that there’s no hint of sexism or sexual misconduct in either of those two businesses.

Hollywood: the bastion of sexual self-restraint and good behavior. And who in their right mind would actually feel sympathetic to any woman who wants to work at FOX News?

As one of our left-wing female friends put it last week, “Serves them right.”



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5 responses to “The holier-than-thou crowd chimes in again

  1. Edwin D.

    Democrat rulled Hollywood has always been the home of sexism and racism. Funny that they lecture the rest of us on the topics.

    • semichorus

      It’s the modern day sex-scolding that bothers me.

      “Locker room talk? There’s no such thing!”

      “How DARE Donald Trump make such an excuse!”

      I just want to puke all the time whenever I have to hear this phony sanctimoniousness and hypocrisy. I fully expect Dr. Ruth Westheimer to be jailed any day now.

      What the HELL is going on?

  2. chad

    Our media has failed us in so many ways.

    • semichorus

      Unbelievably so. It’s like watching a bunch of seventh-graders going at it in a particularly stupid and spoiled junior high school. Their preoccupations are moronic.

  3. DixieFlyer

    Talk about failed media………

    Our Local Community News reporting all the way from La Crescenta and La Canada to Brand Blvd.

    What will our Saturday edition bring to us?

    We recently learned about a ONE POINT One percent CHANGE in numbers at our Hallowed Hollywood Burbank Airport for passengers.

    Front Page Story—No Less would do.


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