Why would you want to be mayor of this joint?


The future mayor made a couple of perfectly sensible comments recently about Donald Trump’s missing 1040s on that **WeLoveBurbank** Facebook page, and look what happened:



Besides learning how to do paragraph breaks, Will should have mentioned that the real problem with Trump refusing to divulge his complete filings over the years is that we have no idea where he’s been getting all his money. No one cares about his taxes, just how many Russian oligarchs he’s doing business with. That of course is why he’s hiding them.

The response was predictable. From a crowd that wouldn’t be able to spell “Occidental College” if their life depended upon it:



Is Eric saying that Obama should have released his college transcripts? Probably not, but that’s what happens when you get sucked into conversations with idiots.



Yeah, Trump’s taxes are Ok to hide, but that Hawaiian guy obviously didn’t have the smarts to do a lateral transfer into Columbia College. So he’s hiding his grades! Or maybe all those Marxism classes they have.

Btw Eric: there’s no one there to respect. Presidents who are White don’t get their transcripts demanded of them, nor are they accused of being non-citizens.

The Burbank electorate obviously did David G. a favor last week by getting him out of the place the way they did. If we were in his shoes we’d immediately sell the house and eyeglass business and flee to Temecula or Portland or wherever it is old Burbankers go.



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12 responses to “Why would you want to be mayor of this joint?

  1. Greg

    Wasn’t it Rogers who said during a council meeting not to trust anything you read on the internet ? It was an here he is posting NONSENSE on the internet. Rogers is not a reliable source for anything he is incoherent.

    • semichorus

      I think he said “blogs.” Because we don’t have paid editors or something like that.

      And it was actually don’t believe 99 percent. Which is always a bright number to pluck from the sky.

  2. 91502

    While your at it how about the complete tax filings from all city council members ??? Has Rogers released his and called for the others to release theirs ? There just maybe some connection to the Yes on Measure B or even some developers ??

    • Anonymous

      Rogers didn’t have to file taxes up until his began receiving his council pay. Chronically unemployed, he has earned below the poverty line since the last century.

      • semichorus

        Joint return. Who cares anyway, we already know their basic salaries.

        I do wonder though how much Will got over the years for doing opposition research work for law firms and other interests. Always of course hidden in confidential billings.

  3. Patti

    Walking down Chandler Bike path with my dog I kept wondering why exactly Mr Nolan had a Frutos sign, a Guillen sign and a Gordon sign in front of his house. One evening my friend sais to me ” it is because Nolan works for the Russians or any other high bidder that comes along.” I believe now that Mr Nolan should be investigated.

  4. Daryl

    When Will Rogers becomes mayor we will finally have a new progressive council. It will be a great year. Mayor Rogers will sit with a council that declares Burbank a Sanctuary City and issues an order that Burbank Police are not to in any way hassle immigrant citizens. They will also issue an order that the cops are not to hassle any homeless person for any reason. We will see rent control and we will see streets restricted for bike use only. We will become a city that cares for people and the environment something which Dr No never did. Two women that are progressive will make a difference in Burbank will make a difference and with a progressive council we will even ban all cigarettes and cigarette use in Burbank once and for all.

  5. Anonymous 3.5

    Reading this post it amazes me how the ever dense guy who posts here as Anonymous writes and thinks exactly the same as Kevin Harrop on the comments on the post you pasted here Semichorus. Just a heads up but the person you get skamed by here is none other thank liberal Democrat Kevin Harrop. You could not be more correct Semichorus when you point out how dense and utterly stupid he is.

  6. Citizen Cane

    I want to see Obama’s college admission records. I don’t care about his grades. If Trump had anything remotely suspicious about his taxes, I feel confident the IRS would have leaked his returns already.

    • semichorus

      No they wouldn’t have, and the only reason why people want to see Obama’s “records” is because they think he’s an unqualified Black person. It’s certifiably racist.

      What if Hillary had refused to release her tax returns? All hell would have broken loose.

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