When you start making $100,000 a year you have no clue what it takes


To get by, that is. And unless you have great strength of character, you don’t care.




Rogers’ wife was also making well over 100Gs a year in her public/private job, and his late mother married into money years ago on her own. He’s hardly Mr. Warmth either, and so don’t count on much in the empathy department.

Just a reminder — before we get to slog through the next couple of years with this crowd. After a few years of this kind of income the world looks much different from that of the rest of us.



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5 responses to “When you start making $100,000 a year you have no clue what it takes

  1. anon555

    Whose wife has an inappropriate relationship with the Burbank Animal Shelter / the “rescue” on Magnolia? I’d like to see more digging there…

  2. Ron

    These pensions are why the rest of us are barely able to scrape by. The pensions are over bloated and these people do not deserve this much in pension money when the rest of us are forced to sacrifice to pay for it.

    • semichorus

      I agree. And I’m a big fan of defined benefit pensions AND public employee pensions.

      But, no one working for the govt deserves more than 50 or 60,000 a year. It’s obscene. Also, if by the time you reach retirement age you can’t figure out how to live on 50 thou a year you have no business retiring.

      Most oldsters live on a LOT LESS.

      • Anonymous 3.5

        Almost everyone lives on a lot less and almost everyone else did real work to earn their pensions. Far too many of the high pension earners are nothing but lazy cubicle monkeys.

  3. Anonymous

    Dermenjian makes good money but chases people away from the PD

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