The Springer crowd has no idea why she won. It’s actually because in most political eras in Burbank you can only run one dissident candidate at a time



They can flatter themselves all they want to about brilliance and “progressivism,” but this Springer crowd really has no idea in the world why she won last week’s council race.

This is taken directly from a comment we made earlier today. If you’re too bored to read it through entirely, here’s the upshot. Unless things are really bad in Burbank — like immediately grave and destructive, where people are almost rioting in the streets about a problem — you can’t run more than one dissident candidate at a time. It’s historically true.

We’ll explain:

In the primary, the Establishment “We hate those ugly council critics!” supporters had three viable candidates to chose from: Talamantes, Frutos, and Springer.

After Talamantes hit 50 percent, their votes were split off to only two candidates in the runoff: Frutos and Springer. That means Talamantes’ spillover added to their totals. With two votes per ballot — split between two and not three candidates now– they both got them all. The result was a natural statistical increase for the remaining “booster” candidates.

Gordon didn’t have the same advantage. Any spillover he could get in the runoff would only have come from marginal and much lesser known candidates. At best, there weren’t enough of those votes available. Unfortunately, Burbank has a relatively static voter pool to draw upon. That’s part of the bigger problem.

None of this is brain surgery to figure out, and none of it involved a “brilliant campaign.” If there had been another popular or known “booster” candidate (or even a popular “semi” booster) in the runoff in PLACE OF GUILLEN then Gordon would have been a shoo-in to win. The two votes of each booster anti-critic resident would have then been split three ways, not two.

If you look at past Gordon victories, that’s exactly how they occurred. Unfortunately for Burbank and the way this younger and more credulous electorate always pans out now (and not as it did 25 years ago), there’s only room for one dissident candidate at a time.

Here’s an example — it was Gordon’s first victory. The “establishment” votes were split between several other candidates and Gordon slipped in:

Just wait though– when we have a reprise of the horrible late 80s and early 90s “growth” years.

Then dissidents will run freely. And win again in majorities, like the fervent mid-90s. But until things get worse it’s just one anti-establishment candidate at a time. That’s Burbank.




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101 responses to “The Springer crowd has no idea why she won. It’s actually because in most political eras in Burbank you can only run one dissident candidate at a time

  1. Anonymous

    Cry baby. So sorry everyone thinks your a joke. You should just leave burbank and go to Palmdale. Maybe they will care about your opinion.

  2. Anonymous

    Your logic just sucks.

    • semichorus

      I’ll repeat this from the earlier post.

      There was still a spillover effect, because Talamantes got substantially more votes the first time than the others, which was odd. And, when you have two votes per voter and four candidates to choose from, as in this runoff, and two are booster types and two are dissidents, the boosters are always going to win in Burbank unless there are serious gripes out there spread among the entire population. Which has happened.

      So you didn’t disprove anything. There aren’t enough dissident voters for two candidates at a time in most eras. But if you can split the establishment candidates to three choices and just two possible votes among them, one dissident candidate has a much better chance of winning.

      That’s not what happened this time, and it’s why Gordon lost. He’s always won by having the luck of running against a surplus of much more conventional candidates in his races.

      But keep flattering yourselves guys, and your candidate. If Guillen had been replaced by, say, David Nos, Gordon would have screamed to victory instead. Springer would have lost mucho votes to Nos. Possibly Frutos as well. And that’s just one hypothetical.

      The moral for populists in Burbank: only run one candidate at a time. Unless the electorate is out in the streets, you won’t win otherwise.

    • Anonymous 3.5

      The logic or lack of logic can be found in the bottom feeders named Harrop , Golonski and Rogers. I would add Luddy but she has proven she can’t even think without a man telling her what to think just like her pal Springer. Really it was Golonski, Harrop and Rogers who won and women who think they showed woman power are being laughed at in the back room by the three men who tricked and fooled them and used them.

      • Anonymous

        “it was Golonski, Harrop and Rogers who won ”
        I’ll be sure to tell them you said so. My understanding is that they have not stopped celebrating yet.

  3. Archie

    Well, that may be one way to look at how this election played out. Another is to simply say people just got fed up with Gordon because they finally saw him for the blowhard dick that he is.

    • Anonymous

      Superior intelligence ran a campaign that turned Gordon out on his ass. That clown Spell with his conservative clown show should all pack up and move to Mojave or Saugus and take Nolan boy with him.

      • You people think I’m a conservative? Now that shows real intelligence there to take that leap. You know I supported Sharon in ’15 right?

      • semichorus

        Oh, so now it’s superior intelligence.

        She was lucky she ran against two critics, and thus the booster/establishment vote didn’t get split three ways. Otherwise she would have been a goner.

      • Anonymous

        ” Anonymous
        April 17, 2017 at 11:00 pm
        Superior intelligence ran a campaign that turned Gordon out on his ass. That clown Spell with his conservative clown show should all pack up and move to Mojave or Saugus and take Nolan boy with him.”

        “Superior intelligence”!!!! LOL, …that’s code for we bought and scammed the election. Listen dumb ass, you sound concerned that Spell and many others are rocking the good-ole-boy system you attempt to protect. Ah, to be scared cuz your little kiss-ass-to-get-perks-days may be coming to an end….tell what’s like, loser?

    • Anonymous

      Such vivid imagery, Archie. Do you spit or swallow?

    • Anonymous

      ” Archie
      April 17, 2017 at 10:46 pm
      Well, that may be one way to look at how this election played out. Another is to simply say people just got fed up with Gordon because they finally saw him for the blowhard dick that he is.”

      Sure, but that’s not what happened, and you know it.

    • Anonymous

      Just like his supporters Spell, Nolan and Moynihan.

  4. 91505

    Problem things are immediately bad and destructive but many people don’t see it yet BUT they all WILL within a year and then they will turn on these insiders big time.

  5. Jeff

    Or maybe some of us voted for Springer so we can watch the freak show that will ensue

  6. Anonymous

    Bull crap Archie. People voted for Springer because we want to see bike lanes and more big construction. We voted for Springer because we want to watch Nolan hauled off in handcuffs. That would never happen with Gordon on the city council. Poor Nolan he will only get the other losers like Spell and the Clown show to visit him in prison.

  7. Kyle

    Springer is no dissident that is for certain look at who was backing her. The likes of Golonski and Luddy and Frutos all of whom are as established hack as it can get.

  8. Scott D.

    Here is the commercial that Pepsi pulled from broadcast because the liberal Democratic Machine objected to the Hollywood style protests depicted. The facists are out to control everything.

    • semichorus

      I agree that all the outrage about that commercial was ill placed.

      The commercial was actually a harmless takeoff on the old hippie kid giving a FLOWER to the cops at a peace protest, circa 1969. Not Black Lives Matter.

      And, it WAS a peace march which was being depicted in that commercial. Nothing else. Plus, by tearing off all of that fluff, Jenner was actually MAKING FUN of the Kardashian thing. Which apparently went over everyone’s head.

      I agree — the critics were all righteously stupid. That commercial was also quite imitative of several from the past.

      I can’t watch the news any more, personally. Except for Joy Reid, MSNBC is especially bad. It’s just one big self-righteous hate fest on both sides. If I hear Lawrence O’Donnell for instance wax sanctimonious one more time about “male sexual harassment” I’m going to scream. A guy his age?

      Gimmee a break.

      • Marco

        It is like Luddy saying no female should ever look at this blog and Rogers saying 99% of whats on line is not true. They are fascists who want to control what people know and think.

        • semichorus

          Well Rogers knows he’s lying. He knows I’m right for instance about the one-dissident-at-a-time rule in Burbank, because the observation has come up before. There’s nothing original about it.

          As to that horrid woman, she’s an obvious priss. And what’s the idea behind that Margaret Dumont accent of hers?

      • Art

        Liberals hate the police until they need them.

    • Anonymous

      The narrator is a classic reactionary.

      • Ann

        The narrator is accurate and an American. You Anonymous are an anarchist and a facist. Yes your comments show who you are.

  9. Carol

    Could not agree more Semichorus. This is the problem with these liberal Democrats of today they are filled with intolerance and hate. I really believe that the great Democrats of the past would disavow the Luddy, Golonski, Rogers, Springer attitudes of today. They are all the worst.

    • Al in SoCal

      Freedom caucus, Trump, Steve King nationalists = Gordon disciples.
      It’s pretty obvious. Glad you right-wing women understand your submissive role in today’s political climate. Where Trump can grab women wherever he likes without any consequence. In fact all Trump did was benefit from saying what he really believes about women and what he’s entitled to do with them.

      • semichorus

        Trump actually never said that. He said that when you’re a big celebrity they let you do things you normally can’t. He said that you can even grab them by the pussy and they let you. He never said that he did it, nor that he does it whenever he wants to.

        He was making a cynical point about the power of male celebrity vis a vis some women. He might have been right, too. But, people hear what they want to hear.

        Watcha wanna bet women used to jump him? I’m sure it happened a lot, but if he’d ever said that in defense as to how these things work, people would go absolutely bananas. But, they’d be dishonest in their outrage.

        • Sue

          Thank you Semichorus. Al on the other hand listens to fake news and spreads it to bolster his flawed theories on everything.

          • semichorus

            Look, I’m hardly defending Trump, but I think there were FAR worse things in that tape. The constant objectifying of women, for one.

            No one noticed either that that woman they were talking about in the camper ended up FLIRTING with Trump and Billy Bush about a minute later. What’s THAT all about? It does ruin the received-opinion script though, yes.

            Trump never said that he likes to grab women by their pussies. He never said that he’s done it. Instead, he was making a sarcastic joke about the power of male celebrity. So why do his critics always LIE about this?

            There’s plenty of other things to get him on.

      • Observer of the insanity

        Hey Al some of us remember Council WOMAN Susan Spanos saying she was grabbed and fondled by Will Rogers. We also remember the relentless attacks on Spanos for screaming she was grabbed. So much for every woman should be believed as stated by Hillary who by the way attacked the women grabbed by her husband. So knock off the inaccurate crap and the phony oh I care crap. You are the disciple of Golonski who showed women no respect what so ever.

  10. Jay

    MSNBC is FAKE NEWS just like Burbank Leader and My Burbank.

  11. Sound Barrier

    The Council has become a cesspool of Vultures taking from the community and giving to the Developers. A cancerous disease now spread to all five. WHO WILL THEY RIDICULE NOW ? It took a whole body of corrupt politicians and Developers to pull this one off. Small Business and property owners have been hung out to dry.

  12. Carlos

    That commercial and that protest got me to switch from Coke to Pepsi because it is what #MAGA is all about. Liberal Communist hate MAGA so they hated the commercial.

    • semichorus

      Those were all ridiculous criticisms. It was just a cute commercial which had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter.

      I think most people on BOTH SIDES are total and complete snowflakes these days. So full of haughtiness.

      • Jeri S.

        Well one side is out violently protesting and electing people with fake accents snd no brains to elected office.

        • Jenny

          Did anyone else hear Nolan on TV 6 tonight. Does he even hear himself and how incoherent he sounds ? Nolan has become the village idiot.

    • Al in SoCal

      At least you got the political tilt down – rather than the ignorant masses calling out extreme liberals “Fascists” or some other lame (and incorrect) political stripe.
      Yes – extreme liberalism moves toward Communism, but alas the Fox News, AM radio crowd understands little other than what they are told.
      A graphic for those that need pictures:

      • Frank

        Extteeme liberals ? Now that’s a new one right there because those extreeme liberals seem to be setting the agenda of the official Democratic Party these days. What they are best at is intolerance, even intolerance of other Democrats.

        • semichorus

          If only they were extreme.

        • Al in SoCal

          Pot meet kettle. Glen Beck, fanatic and Kleenex sponsored nut fired a conservative woman for having an independent thought. Having those will get you labeled a traitor in the GOP nowadays. No doubt with conservatives in power they are dusting off the exorcism manuals.

          • semichorus

            Yeah, but she’s no hero. Just like those women who are complaining about Bill O’Reilly are all pretty vile on their own. Liberals need to remember how awful that entire FOX crowd is. They’re nothing to have sympathy for.

      • Tanya

        Here goes Nolan spouting his legal advice to the city again. Wake up Nolan you have no law degree you just have issues with strong intelligent women. Nolan you are nothing but a sexist so please stop intimidating people with your stupidity. You are offensive. You are negative and you smell. No one likes you so go get a job and make something of your worthless life.

        • semichorus

          What a jerk of a town you are, Burbank.

        • Anonymous

          Nolan did his job defending your freedom in Vietnam. He’s a disabled vet he doesn’t need to get a job he’s earned his retirement. What’s your contribution to society? Bet your one of those that spit on vets and called them baby killers.

          • Aiya Maston

            Mike Nolan is a veteran and that is fine but it does not now entitle him to be a racist, sexist and bigot. Being a veteran does not entitle anyone to be negative and misbehave in threating ways to other people. Thanks for being in the military Nolan now start acting like a civilized person and stop ranting and raving and being a leech.

          • Anonymous

            “April 19, 2017 at 6:57 am
            Nolan did his job defending your freedom in Vietnam. He’s a disabled vet he doesn’t need to get a job he’s earned his retirement. What’s your contribution to society? Bet your one of those that spit on vets and called them baby killers.”

            I bet the women in Viet Nam were happy to see the sexist leave their country

  13. Tim

    I’m sad watching the council show tonight because it is one of the last shows for Dr Gordon. I am even sad that Dr Gordon is really quiet tonight. I guess we all know why and it sucks.

    • Al in SoCal

      Very true. This is sad. Losing a race, then having to sit there knowing the others do not support you. Really bad, and I feel for him.
      I hope he writes something for whatever site or publication with some memories and thoughts on his 11 years in office here. Doesn’t matter if you agree or don’t agree with him, 11 years is quite an accomplishment and no doubt he has some great stories.

  14. Anonymous

    Here he is Mike Nolan rolling around and into people and walls smelling like a pig at the council meeting. Nolan is intimidating female staff members and shouting at the council like a cry baby again. The guy needs mental help.

    • semichorus

      You guys are really gearing up, aren’t you?

      I can’t wait for the arrogant overreaction. It’s inevitable.

      • Aiya Maston

        Nolan makes his life a mission of intimidating people especially females. He might be a veteran ( I say might be because I get very scared thinking about that man in possession of a gun) but that is no excuse for his constant sub human and irrational behavior that threatens others. He needs to learn how to behave in an advanced society.

        • semichorus

          You’re a fucking liar.

          I love how all these establishment and boosters types think that THEY are so cool with women by contrast. It’s the same reason why I can no longer watch any of the males on MSNBC, btw.

  15. Tomas

    Where has all the money gone ? California once a beautiful state is now in decline and no painting a few bike lanes will not restore our state.

    • semichorus

      California’s a paradise.

      The angry white people can always move. It’d make things even better.

      Please go, assholes.

  16. Orgo

    Please everyone, stop the hateful rants against David Gordon. Instead, pity him and and never forget: Fat, Obtuse, Ineffectual, Irrational, Self-Serving, Bloviating, Loser Ex-City Councilmember Lives Matter!

    • semichorus

      You local subliterates are all such gracious winners, aren’t you.

      Toxic Burbank at work. Gordon’s been done a big favor, obviously.

  17. Anonymous

    If we all start to donate to the cause can we force Nolan by way of money to leave Burbank once and for all ?

    • semichorus

      Hmmm. Why all this sudden “Mike Nolan” stuff?

      Wonder what’s going on…

      • Anonymous

        First he once again has made them look bad on the Hospitality 50k deal. He had and it appears everybody else had the audit before Davis even looked for it. Staff and their boosters are now in the driver seat to finally make the bad man go away.

        • Anonymous

          Nobody cares about that 50,000 except Spell. The rest of us know the money is given to the hospitality group to promote tourism and the aiport is tourism. Get over it. Nolan brings it up just to attack the city attorney because she is a female.

          • semichorus

            It was illegal for the city to give public money to a political campaign.

            Yet, they did! If if they did something like this so blatantly, what ELSE do they do?

            Albano and Company have also lied through their teeth about exactly how it happened. Evidence is starting to show that they were all involved in it from the beginning, and yet they’ve tried to pin the blame on some little guy staff member.

          • Anonymous

            You have a short memory Mr Nolan was no fan of Dennis Barlow or Mike Fladd or Mark Scott or any other freeloading incompetent bureaucrat in the last 3 decades. Now if you’re talking grandmothers, sisters and ex Mayors there are plenty of women that think mike is stand up no BS and has their back. It’s the snowflakes that are afraid of everything.

            • semichorus

              Good point. Mike yells at everyone. And for good reason.

              I think what’s going on here is that there’s a clear attempt now to equate political criticism in Burbank with sexual harassment, bullying, women-hating, old-age cretinism, and all-round general creepy behavior in men.

              In other words, all of the current popular and self-righteously held cultural taboos and obsessions. But it ain’t gonna work.

            • Anonymous

              LMAO Nolan has contributed to every problem in Burbank. Many times Nolan has been the problem, and yeah Nolan stands for all the BS

              • JIillian

                Way 2 much talk about Nolan here. He is not worth talking about. When I hear his name called I just hit mute. I was over him after weeks of hearing about poop in a bathroom from him week after week.

                • RUDY V.

                  F.Y.I. , when Mike Nolan talked about “Poop Gate?”
                  He was trying to address a wrongful police disturbance
                  report, that falsely accused a honest and respected
                  merchant on the 3400 block on Magnolia Blvd. of doing a disgusting and despicable act.
                  The owner of Romancing The Bean,
                  lied through her teeth making a false police report.
                  Kerry Krull was upset because they changed the parking
                  on the block to one hour parking.
                  Which, by the way, to this day , the city doesn’t enforce it.
                  Mike Nolan was trying to right a wrong.
                  Also, Kerry Krull has the city council in her hip pocket !
                  Kerry Krull backed Sharon Springer big time . She hated
                  Dr. Gordon for trying to keep the lid on city development .
                  especially in Magnolia park area, where he is actually a small business owner !!!!

                  • BF

                    Yada Yada Yada Nolan needs to get a life and mind his own business. Maybe even take a shower and wash his hair sometime. I heard from so many people that Nolan was out on the campaign trail for Back stabber Fruto and wing nut Springer. So just give it a rest on Nolan

                  • Anonymous

                    Nolan did not campaign for Springer.

            • Chuck

              The Democrat liberals are afraid of everything so they need safe spaces.

          • Anonymous

            ” Anonymous
            April 19, 2017 at 2:36 pm
            Nobody cares about that 50,000 except Spell.”

            Wrong cupcake, I care. And who are you, “anonymous”, to speak on behalf of others!

            • Anonymous

              SBN got schooled on Burbank politics. I hope they read this and see the lesson. Running to many losers cost Dr Gordon the election. Funny videos just pissed them off even more. They play the numbers against the uninvolved and make the ones that do care out to be crazy and it works.

              • Carol

                Running to many losers ? The losers were Springer and Frutose and now with the efforts of Loddy,Golonski,Nolan and Rogers the patients are running the asylum.

                I asked Mr Nolan why he had so many signs for only two seats and his answer was simply evasive. Was it to spread confusion ? I think it was because many people walk the Chandler Bike Trail including me.

              • Joe

                I am not sure BF that Nolan was supporting Springer but without a doubt his inane actions contributed to her win and for that matter a successful raise given to the City Attorney. Nolan has much to learn about politics I am afraid.

                • semichorus

                  So you’re saying Burbank people will go out of their way to do the wrong thing and support the wrong people just because they don’t like someone else?


  18. Marco

    The antifa people in Burbank are just as bad as these Berkley people.

    • semichorus

      You clowns need to start turning off the TV.

      I’m about ready to ban you all. Two-thirds of you are phony, the rest are crazy as hell.

  19. I'm with her

    To the victors go the spoils. That means Burbank is now ours. It will become progressive and that is what’s best for Burbank.

    • Anonymous

      “To the victors go the spoils. That means Burbank is now ours. It will become progressive and that is what’s best for Burbank.”

      What is this “ours” vs them shit? There is no victory here over citizens, you idiot. Just an idealogue, mean, back stabbing women who got voted into council by playing dirty and whoring herself out to big business.

      • semichorus

        Don’t respond to it. You’re being fucked with by people who think they’re funny.

        It’s a quite awful town now, you know. The proof will be of course in that proverbial pudding. I can’t wait to document it.

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