It’ll get worse, too






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2 responses to “It’ll get worse, too

  1. Incognito

    WOW, this is what outside interests do to an election in town. This was just released by the city. Heaven help this city with the NUT jobs that have been selected. I said it before & I will say it again, Out of Touch, Out of Tune, Out of Common Sense, ALL on Dias Now RETIRED………………..

    Burbank Municipal General Election: April 11, 2017

    First Count: 29 of 29 Precincts.

    Second Count: 29 of 29 Precincts.

    Total Ballots Cast:11,555


    City Council – 2 Seats

    Results Provided By Burbank City Clerk’s Office

    Robert “Bob” Frutos 6,300
    Sharon Springer 5,666
    David Gordon 5,287
    Juan Guillen 3,783

  2. Anonymous

    Gordon is out. It was time. Unfortunately despite the good things he did do, he got duped a few times. One was staying with the Police Chief who spins everything to sound better than it really is and not asking the rank and file how things are really going. We are stuck with Fruitcake who is an old crony of Lachasse.

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