Got the Upper Hand


Rather than make the effort to draft out a formal response to this sad election, we’ll just repeat a comment of ours from earlier this morning. No use working hard.


I wouldn’t call Frutos nutty. Just kind of a credulous stiff. A nothing.

Springer on the other hand is a ditz. A true dilettante who comes from the world of real estate and development. Bad news for Burbank.

But this new pack of tattooed Millennials and angry, subliterate menopausals who put her in there truly deserve what’s going to happen. None of them bring anything to the table, believe me, which is why they all belong in Burbank. The self-entitled moronic element here is worse than ever.

Yes, what’s left up there on the dais are all retirees who — at best — over their many years have obviously forgotten about what used to be called “the possibilities of life,” if they ever had a decent vision of things to begin with. Going eagerly into the bureaucracy as they did at a young age  — and into management positions no less — I doubt it.

That’s why Gordon alone was the only one on the council who was ever fucking CURIOUS enough about things in general to want to ask decent questions all the time. The others up there were — again at best — just completely bored about everything. And I’m being charitable about their motives.

There’s not a good idea in the bunch, and never has been. The real disappointment there is Will though. With his own personal work background he of all of them should know better. Maybe he never did.

It must be a long, sad fall from Andre Previn and the world at large. But fuck him now.





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15 responses to “Got the Upper Hand

  1. Julie

    The funny thing is this. Once these menopausal liberal women destroy Burbank they will all move and begin the destruction of their next town.

    • semichorus

      I said angry subliterate. There’s a difference.

      Not all menopausal women are bad. Just a certain crowd of the terminally unhappy ones.

  2. Anonymous

    “Let’s all agree not to fart”

  3. Walt

    I, and so many others, giggle in your general direction fat Simi. You, tiny Juan (who never gets it that all his Burbank “friends” laugh at him behind his back) and the rest of your loser group are all nothings.

    • semichorus

      Fat? You don’t know too much, do you.

      It’s gonna be fun documenting the oblivion.

    • Anonymous

      Juan really is a joke, isn’t he?

      • Anonymous

        Rogers and Luddy are like watching a circus side show.

        • Anonymous

          More like a freak show now with the addition of Springer.

          • CornFused

            No kidding. That MyBurbank picture of the 3 of them drooling at the TV with the vote count running is fantastic. Looks like a rejected “you need AARP” ad.

            • semichorus


              It’s such a brainless no-class crowd, too. That’s the worst of it.

              Talamantes is a documented fool; Gabel-Luddy is a haute poseur who’d be lost in the crowd anywhere else; Frutos is the Mediocrity Extraordinaire; and Rogers — the one who should really know better — is a lost soul. He shows what a place like Burbank will do to you with the kind of company it forces you to keep.

              • Anonymous

                Fruitos is a liberal. He has proven it through his support of us.

              • Taki

                Burbank really needs to change and with Sharon and Emily we will see Burbank become more of a modern enlightened city.

                • Anonymous

                  “Sharon and Emily we will see Burbank become more of a modern enlightened city.” Sure, and at what cost? Modern, like LA, SF, Santa Monica….LOL! ….only problem, ole’ naive one, we ain’t on the ocean, and we ain’t a major city. We will just become another Glendale cluster fuck.

                  • semichorus

                    Bundy and Barrington, here we come!

                    Or, will it be more like Poinsettia Place? Being Burbank, what do you think.

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