This is why you can just feel the social empathy and sensitivity dripping from their pores

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14 responses to “This is why you can just feel the social empathy and sensitivity dripping from their pores

  1. Anonymous

    You’re jealous that they has successful careers and don’t live with their mommies.

    • semichorus

      You call a public employee job with a classification a “career”? Counting down the days to something that someone else years ago got for them through tough bargaining? That they’d fuck over now if they had to?

      Meanwhile, the Berkeley professional with his own business down on Hollywood Way is the asshole in town. Got it.

    • Anonymous

      Well Kevin. harrop I wouldn’t call your career as an electrician successful. No one ever recommends your services on Facebook.. and your so called signage is crap. Speaking of Facebook, go troll some more over there..

  2. Anonymous

    Fritos didn’t even make 30?

  3. Anonymous

    Casting light upon the source of the smug, sanctimonious sense of superiority that they ALL exhibit and WE alone fund.
    Yet they completely fail to grasp that their job is serve US.
    Good one, Semi.

  4. Anonymous

    How much is BPD paying the Captain who is has not done anything to fill empty positions in the dispatch center? The same place where the ladies in there are forced to work on their days off to cover open spots. Who are working 5 or 6 days a week at least 12 hrs a day on overtime, Have vacations and holidays cancelled to fill spots that should be normally covered at straight time. We have heard that he treats them poorly cause they are just pawns to him and he has been pushed out of other jobs because he sucks in people skills. His way or highway type attitude that the chief has to hide him and now more are leaving. Who else has he harassed.

  5. Incognito

    Pathetic behavior exhibited by all and now it makes sense… A Sense of Entitlement as always.

    Frutos & Springer are in.

    Let me point out that the NEW Council NOT A ONE is working!!!!! ALL RETIRED, that truly does represent this town!!! NOT…………….. what a sad day for the residents and for those that were snookered.

    Springer is a bigger Nut job than Frutos and that does not say much either.

    Keep drinking the KoolAId

    • semichorus

      I wouldn’t call Frutos nutty. Just kind of a credulous stiff. A nothing.

      She on the other hand is a ditz. A real dilettante who comes from the world of real estate and development. Bad news for Burbank.

      But this new pack of tattooed Millennials and angry, subliterate menopausals who put her in truly deserve what’s going to happen. None of them bring anything to the table, believe me, which is why they all belong in Burbank. The self-entitled moronic element here is worse than ever.

      Yes, what’s left up there are all retirees who — at best — over their many years have forgotten what used to be called “the possibilities of life,” if they ever had a decent vision of life to begin with. Going eagerly into the bureaucracy — and into management positions no less — I doubt it.

      That’s why Gordon alone was the only one on the council who was ever fucking CURIOUS enough about things in general to want to ask decent questions all the time. The others up there were — again at best — just completely bored about everything. And I’m being charitable here about their motives.

      There’s not a good idea in the bunch, and never has been. The real disappointment there is Will. With his own personal work background he of all of them should know better. Maybe he never did.

      It must be a long, sad fall from Andre Previn and the world at large. But fuck him.

    • Samantha

      Our new dog park and balanced budget will be great. Sharon supports parking meters along all business streets to reduce traffic and being in the money to balance our budget. YEAH!! Women will now be in control and correct all that men have destroyed. Woman power !!!!

      • semichorus

        This has nothing to do with “women.” It’s screwballs and the “all sorts of crazy” with half-baked ideas.

        Plenty of males who fit that bill, especially in management.

      • Anonymous

        Samantha, you poor misguided woman. If you had taken off your woman filter glasses and paid attention, you would have seen that Sharon was being led by “men” all along. Such a spineless example a human, regardless of gender, she’s a follower who makes incredibly bad decisions as we witnessed over and over. Golonski was her guru with his sleazy tactics and she made herself a slave to big business (male dominated) PAC money….why do you think they back her???? They can control her. I’d feel sorry for you, but you deserve what’s coming your way.

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