So what’s that name again?


Jesus Christ.






This crowd can’t even play straight with the name.






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93 responses to “So what’s that name again?

  1. Incognito

    Unfortunately we will be stuck with Stupid people on the dais…. Also, look at the dynamics of each of them All RETIRED…. waiting for some to line their pockets a little more…. a Pathetic day in Burbank these elections.

    • semichorus

      Interesting point. Gordon’s the only one with a real job and a real, consistent professional career.

      Which in Burbank of course means that he’s the flake.

      • Anonymous


        Emily, Jess and Bob all had a single professional career that they pursued until a normal retirement age.

        Will has had an interesting career working as an actor and as a journalist.

        Why do you need to lie about it? You still in mourning about Gordon’s demise? Get over it.

        • semichorus

          Government employees in cush bureaucratic jobs. Not the same. And for how many years in each? The cop and the fireman both took their choice early deals. EGL’s had a number of bureaucratic jobs, bouncing around from this to that.

          Ah, the glorious spirit of business and commerce flies out the window when … it comes to Dr. Gordon!

        • Anonymous

          Will had an interesting career–as a thief and dope dealer, yes, but his amateur hour Leader column, before he got FIRED, was never enough to pay the mortgage. He has been unemployed since the turn of the century, lying about it (see his campaign financial disclosure) and sponging off his wife. Noble gentleman.

          • semichorus

            There’s nothing wrong with living the bohemian life. The problem with Rogers is that he’s so piously conventional and sanctimonious about OTHER people’s non-traditional schticks.

  2. Deb F.

    All I can say is the picture of Springer says it all, a crazy woman.

    • semichorus

      I can only imagine what would happen if Gordon had been using a campaign picture that was at least 10 or 15 years old, and was running around town with two self-given names.

      He’d be constantly poked fun at and ridiculed.

      • Mary T.

        I honestly believe many Springer voters voted for her for one reason only ….she is a woman. They really don’t see how sexist they are because in their world being female is the only requirement and Feutos is very lucky that two women were not running. If Springer wins they will all discover that not all women are intelligent beings.

        • semichorus

          I agree that her campaign played the woman card– and also engaged in an intensely inappropriate partisan race that relied upon the idiotic and dishonest claim that Gordon is a Trump loving Republican.

          Hillary rises again! It’s a grudge match!

      • Anonymous

        That’s a current photo.

      • JIillian

        Well Springer supporters and voters I believe voted for that feel good feeling without regard to how fast feel good rushes fade. When they wake up to reality the crash will be hard. It will be fun to watch them crash.

  3. Anonymous

    ” Deb F.
    April 12, 2017 at 10:27 am
    All I can say is the picture of Springer says it all, a crazy woman.”
    YEP! LMAO….in a sad kinda way!

  4. Anonymous

    She’s a widow. Gardner was her husband’s surname. Sharon Springer fits on a lawn sign better and is snappier. How dense are you?
    The cool thing is that she was 900 votes behind Gordon in the primary, now it looks as if she is 300 votes ahead. That is a massive turnaround, unprecedented. But you won’t give her credit for it. You are just going to mourn the passing of Gordon’s career.

    • semichorus

      Yeah I know. Still doesn’t answer why she uses two names. Stick with one or the other. If she wants to keep her married name then keep her married name. Apparently she doesn’t want to enough, or when it’s inconvenient.

      She’s a lying, hypocritical bitch, with supporters who are worse. I give her credit for nothing.

      • Tina

        Springer never would have gotten the votes she got without Rogers, Golonski and Harrop so guess what she got nowhere without men. LMAO she is the puppet of a few men yet some were fooled into thinking Springer is a powerful woman. What a joke.

        • Anonymous

          Presumptively thousands of men voted for her, so I suppose in your defective way you make a point.

          Of course, presumptively thousands of women have voted for Gordon over the years, so he got nowhere without women, eh?

          You’re the joke here.

          • semichorus

            She clearly started running as a Democrat against Trump. Her campaign played the ‘partisan’ card as well. Bad and quite unprecedented move in Burbank.

            • Anonymous

              Gordon ran as a Democrat when the party would give its endorsement, which it did.

              • semichorus

                He never ran his council campaign in a partisan fashion. Never.

                He also never ran as a Democrat. If she could have — if the law had allowed her — Springer would have put that ‘D’ right next to whatever name she’s using now.

                In flashing type.

          • Anonymous

            No Kevin. You are not just a joke one day karma will catch you just like it has your buddy Golonski

      • Anonymous

        Ah, your gay misogyny comes out. A bitch, eh?

    • Burbank Bill

      Wrong. Kev/Will. Gordon is the only one up there with a career currently. The rest are retired , living off the tit… and no , that is not. Current picture of Sharon. Her bad dye job rivals Emily’s

      • semichorus

        Yes. He’s the only one with a job. The same one he’s had for almost 40 years.

        The others? A little bit here, a little bit there, exploring this, rejecting that. Or retired on a government pension.

      • Anonymous

        What’s the matter? Your job at McDonald’s does not offer a retirement package?

    • Anonymous

      ” Anonymous
      April 12, 2017 at 1:05 pm
      The cool thing is that she was 900 votes behind Gordon in the primary, now it looks as if she is 300 votes ahead.”

      Oh please!!!! She got more votes because she had more money. You poor, stupid, naive dope. Big business smelled a puppet who could be easily manipulated so they poured their money into her. LOL, look at what Golonski did to her campaign? He’s 100% a developer and back room whore. Due to him, her campaign will go down as one of the nastiest ever.

      Now, big business will come calling and expecting her to wrap it in her idealogue “environmentalist” delusions. Hell, a blind person can see this coming.

      Stop embarrassing yourself with stupid idealogue rhetoric as to how she got the vote. Christ, these liberal myopic lemmings! God, help them.

      • semichorus

        The big question that the anti-Gordon people don’t want to answer. Or see get asked:

        Why did all the business interests and outside monied folks support her?

        The answer’s obvious: she’s their gal!

        (btw — none of that crowd is “liberal.” They’re just establishment stooges. I’m liberal)

        • Anonymous

          “(btw — none of that crowd is “liberal.” They’re just establishment stooges. I’m liberal)”

          Agreed. What I’m saying is her “liberal” lemming followers are so myopic in their visions, they couldn’t see how Sharon and them were / are being manipulated by (male) big business….talk about strange bedfellows…BizFed etc. throw money at Sharon’s “pink”, “green” “woman card”, environmentalist campaign…and she takes it. It’s pathetic on so many levels.

          • semichorus

            I agree with you there. They’re all just so frigging conventional. And with such bad ideas rattling around there.

        • Anonymous

          Why did Gordon pursue the same endorsements and money? He’s so pure…………………..

          • semichorus

            He did no such thing.

            I love all you sack of shit liars. It’s gonna be glorious documenting the pending downfall. I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again.

    • She only accomplished that “turnaround” with outside money from the SoCal Democratic political machine. $9000!! Not a big achievement.

  5. Anonymous

    She’s just keeping up with EGL three name rule.

  6. chad

    She won. You got the feeling Gordon saw it coming. He kept on qualifying his sentences lately with “If I’m here after the election…” If I was his campaign manager, I would have told him to stop saying that. I never knew how he did all that work for the City and held down a serious business. He should work on this health and take a break. Thank you for all the work. You fought the good fight.

    • Anonymous

      She did not win yet Chad. More votes to be counted on Friday

      • semichorus

        Look at the precincts closely. Gordon shouldn’t have lost any votes in most of them over the primary, and there better be at least the same general number of Tuesday through Friday “late votes.”

        If not, something happened.

        When the Berlins lost in that final election years ago I quickly noticed that some of their WORST results were in precinct areas that were their strongest– and where there were tons of their campaign signs all over the place.

        That made no sense at all — until you looked at how insecure the ballots were after they went in the mailbox, and how easily — with identifying markers all over them — they could have provided a tempting target for mischief.

        The Berlins were dreaded by the local interests, and if just Carolyn alone had gotten up there with Gordon it would have been curtains for much of the status quo. There was TREMENDOUS reason not to want either or both of them to win.

        I rarely think that things are authentically “corrupt” or anything in Burbank, but I have NO doubt at all that THAT particular election was rigged in the vote count. And it would have been very, very easy to do.

        Much was at stake in that election, and don’t forget the corruption in the police mess just a couple years later. City government became a documented cesspool of self-interest and dishonesty.

        There are classic problems involved in absentee ballots. It’s not a good system.

    • Anonymous

      How many times has a Burb mayor said “the motion dies for want of a second”? As applied to Gordon?

      The guy cannot even get a second for his nut-zo positions. Dr. No indeed.

      • semichorus

        You’re kind of proving the point about his appeal. And why he’s needed.

        The proof is in that pudding. All around us.

    • Anony Miss

      I totally agree. He lost his fighting spirit. Who wouldn’t get tired of struggling for fairness every second of his time serving? I think subconsciously he may not have been up to the challenge anymore.
      Personally, (should he not win), I’d like to see him roll up his sleeves, loosen up a bit and challenge the city council members during public comments. It would be so delicious. Dr. Gordon, please take the opportunity to let loose! You deserve it and most of us are craving it!!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    The puny things you clowns choose to focus on. Must really sting to lose so big.

    • semichorus

      What name is she going to pick to use?

    • Anonymous

      ” Anonymous
      April 12, 2017 at 7:41 pm
      The puny things you clowns choose to focus on. Must really sting to lose so big.”

      None is so blind who chooses not see. You poor misguided soul. If she’s elected, WE ALL LOST!

    • Edwin D.

      Sure we focus on the debt Golonski and his no questions asked 5 to 0 votes and how those votes will start to collapse the city in about a year. What about that illegal contribution to the measure B campaign you know that’s the 50,000. All small things to be concerned about while the streets and side walks and everything else falls apart. So sure we all know the most important thing is voting for a woman, one like Luddy who does not understand or even care about how Golonski and councils all voting yes have lead the city to decline and economic ruin. Lets see how Springer voters feel when they suffer the consequences of those future 5 to 0 votes.

      • Anonymous

        And Springer’s choice of a name factors into all your hair on fire fear mongering how?

        • semichorus

          What’s her name again?

          This week?

          I can only imagine what would happen if Gordon had his own special “professional” name that he thought looked jazzier on the signs.

  8. Anonymous

    Back in the glorious days of his mayorship, Gordon insisted on being called “Mayor Doctor Gordon”.

    Whadda putz.

    • semichorus

      Don’t recall that. When did it happen?

    • Anonymous

      “Back in the glorious days of his mayorship, Gordon insisted on being called “Mayor Doctor Gordon”.
      Actually “putz” you’re a (another Springer?) liar. When I went to dinner and met Dr. Gordon, for the first time, while he was mayor, I ask him quote, “Mr. Gordon do you want me to refer to you as David, Mr., Dr. or Mayor Gordon?” He said he didn’t care. So, the voting is over, “putz” you don’t need to lie anymore for your puppet leader, Sharon…she hoodwinked the lemmings with all the signs that BIG BUSINESS paid for…talk about being a “whore”! Holy Cow…she sold her soul!

    • Anonymous

      Gordon never insisted on that stop being FAKE NEWS

  9. Snuppy

    Oh stop all this bickering and just be happy as a lark that the steaming pile of excrement, aka David Gordon, will, hopefully, be done for on Friday and gonesville as of May 1. He has been nothing more than a bombastic lug who doesn’t have one thing to show for his time on the city council. What a loser!!!

    • semichorus

      Who does have anything to show– besides a score of “yes” votes on staff-initiated business.


      • Burbank Bill

        so true Semi,, it is a COUNCIL , and the Mayor role is nothing more than running the meeting. The only one who has ANY legacy is Golonski, and look how well that has turned out for the city

    • Anonymous

      ” Snuppy
      April 12, 2017 at 8:08 pm”
      You’re the uniformed, socially rejected ilk that I actually DON’T feel sorry for cuz you’re so far gone in delusions of hoping a “sharon” type can make you feel important that you can’t be habilitated to live a productive life. When I think of you, I think of ISIL!

  10. Anonymous

    ” Anonymous
    April 12, 2017 at 7:39 pm
    How many times has a Burb mayor said “the motion dies for want of a second”? As applied to Gordon? The guy cannot even get a second for his nut-zo positions. Dr. No indeed.”
    Said the NAZI to the Jew. God, these people deserve what’s coming.

    • Richard

      I am just amazed at how intolerant the new informed modern day Democrat is. What would the great Democrats of the past think of them ? I feel the great Dems of the past are spinning in their graves in anger and didgus.

  11. Anonymous

    ” Anonymous
    April 12, 2017 at 9:05 pm
    Why did Gordon pursue the same endorsements and money? He’s so pure…………………..”
    Hmmmmmm? That stupid, based on a lie, question has the rotting feel of Dave Golonski….it’s a common tactic of his. Hey, wanna-be big shot, you trolling the site you despise the most? …this one! Must suck knowing there’s someone out there who best’s you again, and again….must suck knowing that despite playing Mr. Nice with the special needs son as a cover, many see right through that to the foul, POS you truly are.

    • Anonymous

      Gordon admitted in council that he pursued the Biz Net endorsement and money. Sorry you missed it, sweetie.

      • semichorus

        They didn’t give it to him?

        Why not? Oh, it was SPRINGER then who was their guy.

        Once again you people make our point for us. It’s not the money, it’s the endorsement and support that counts. Why Springer and not Gordon in office?

        My complaint has never been that they take the money– it’s that these corporate types want them in. Hillary took Koch Brothers money, but they hardly supported her.

      • Anonymous

        ” Anonymous
        April 13, 2017 at 5:28 pm
        Gordon admitted in council that he pursued the Biz Net endorsement and money. Sorry you missed it, sweetie.”
        Really sugar? Gordon just blurted it out? LOL. Or the topic was endorsements and he volunteer whose money he was after? LMAO…Sugar, you’re having another sugar high, now go play the woman card and claim I’m picking on your lying lips because you’re a woman, not because you’re a liar.

  12. Bud

    Now with the reasonable voice of Sharon on the council we will see the horse bridge come back so that the council can change the law to allow shared use between bike riders and horses. Elitism is going to end because now we matter.

    • semichorus

      And people with dogs. Don’t forget the dogs.

      • Samantha

        People and dogs are accomodated now however Sharon has promised we will finally get a state of the art dog park Yeah!!!!

        • Anonymous

          We’re broke.

        • semichorus

          Yup. Section 8 for solo applicants who live as poverty stricken boarders somewhere be damned. We’re gonna throw out your applications.

          But dog parks for the affluent?


          Asshole bitch. Aside from Gordon — who showed real concern for this Section 8 discrepancy and unfairness in Burbank — they’re all useless chickenshits.

          Why should they care? Except for Rogers (who lives off his wife), they all get that public pension income. Big five and six figure amounts, too.

    • Anonymous

      ” Bud
      April 13, 2017 at 9:21 am
      Now with the reasonable voice of Sharon on the council ”

      Correction: the back-stabbing, man hating, playing the woman (victim) card and hurling inflammatory statements and lies while playing. Yet, she allows herself to be controlled by men (Golonski, BizFed) etc.) and still makes horrendous decisions..i.e. using students illegally, whining about developer UNSOLICITED and RETURNED contributions of other candidates yet she keeps hers, having her minions steal signs, plant hers illegally…LOL, yeah, what planet is that “reasonable” on!

      • Anonymous


        • semichorus

          Soon you will rot and be full of worms.

          Or, what’s left of your family will hire someone to throw your cindered remains into the sea.

          • Anonymous

            You and your ditto head followers lost. I treasure that.

            • Anonymous

              ” Anonymous
              April 13, 2017 at 5:33 pm
              You and your ditto head followers lost. I treasure that.”
              Kevin, you’ve lost your whole life. Short, fat, ugly, got beat up in school, as an adult people dislike you, laugh at you….now you’re seeking attention from those who manipulate others for their own well-being and you interpret it as friendship. LOL, indeed, an epic loser who has never been anything other than somebody’s bitch!

        • Anonymous

          Kevin, your smell is everywhere…how does you wife live with it? Still playing like you’re some thug keeper of the force, big guy! LOL!

  13. Anonymous

    Springer wins! In a swing of 1264 votes. Unprecedented.

    • semichorus

      Hillary finally wins! Against Burbank’s Donald Trump!

      Yeah, fuck you too Burbank. It’s going to be fun for me now to totally make you look bad to outsiders.

      And very easy, too. You’ve officially become a classless, arrogant, and uneducated populace. You know nothing and it shows.

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