Here’s your next mayor


This is always a fun redux. From his 2012 application for city clerk, part of his curriculum vitae:

Can you imagine such an attitude? Not knowing or caring about such a basic thing as your education? It’s really contemptible.

It’s also more than a bit unbelievable. Like who wouldn’t have sought a diploma if they really thought they might have enough credits?

Something else always good for a repeat, and we love to keep pointing it out. It’s just too perfect. Keep in mind that when David Gordon was finishing up his professional graduate studies at Berkeley, Vice Mayor Rogers was admittedly scheming with his friends about how to import cheap weed from the Midwest to sell for big money out here.

He’s all yours Burbank. You deserve nothing better.




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11 responses to “Here’s your next mayor

  1. queenie

    Stunningly ignorant. Typical realtor.

    • semichorus

      Rogers isn’t even a realtor. I don’t know what he is.

      Not all realtors are bad. I even know some who are liberals. But as a career it tends to be the refuge of the middle class itinerant– most of whom are looking for a killing. It’s all about $$$ and cheesiness.

  2. Al in SoCal

    One thought – this election and council composition will give everyone here lots to talk about in the next couple of years?

  3. Anonymous

    It bears repeating: “Let’s all agree not to fart.”

    • Anonymous

      No Al we don’t know election results yet but if the composition changes the millions in debt Burbank finds itself in now will be the least of the problems because I am sure even you Al will see things change for the worse and question how did we do this to ourselves.

  4. chad

    It is peculiar indeed. I don’t care about people using weed but trying to smuggle it in from another state is concerning. Not to mention hostile to local growers.

  5. Anonymous

    You endorsed him for the office…

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