Speaking of which


 (c) 2008 Wes Clark


From $0 to $16,000 in one race

Campaign finance disclosure statements filed with the city clerk’s office showed that campaign war chests for the February primary election [2005] ranged from $16,000 for a council candidate who got fewer than 2,000 votes to no contributions for another.

Developers from both in and out of state were among contributors to the three incumbents running to retain their council seats.

Councilman Dave Golonski, who is running for his fourth term, took in $2,200 in donations from an attorney, an engineering firm, a traffic consultant and other businesses based in Arizona.

Jim O’Neil, executive vice president of Crown Realty, owner of the Burbank Town Center Mall, received the checks and gave them to Golonski.

Crown sent out a letter to friends and business associates requesting donations for all three incumbents, but there was no requirement to do so, O’Neil said. Some recipients of the letter made no donations. Murphy and Ramos declined to accept donations solicited by the letter.

“There were no strings attached,” O’Neil said. “We did this because we believe in Burbank and want to continue the momentum of its positive business climate.”

Crown made no donations to any of the candidates, O’Neil added.

Golonski accepted the contributions because he was comfortable that the donors knew no expectations were tied to the money, Golonski said.

“I don’t see how they can have expectations because they will have nothing before the council,” Golonski said.

No, they didn’t need to buy him off. They already knew he’d work for free. That’s why they wanted to give him the money. To keep him winning.

He was their guy.



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17 responses to “Speaking of which

  1. Betty

    That mall has always been a crooked deal and Golonski was always the developers boy, now it seems Springer is their girl. Shame on Springer and her team. From endangering kids to mega bucks from an anti green group to being backed by Golonski and Rogers, Springer is just a flake and a loser for Burbank.

  2. William

    Golonski was a sleezy little dictator of Burbank for years. Golonski has always controlled through threats and intimidation so nothing new now.

  3. Oscar

    Golonski = evil. Be warned.

  4. Anonymous

    ” mega bucks from an anti green group” I take it you mean biz fed?
    They gave her a whopping $400.
    Mega bucks indeed.

  5. Matilda

    There’s good reason Golonski is gonzo from council. Too bad he can’t just move on and let others lead. Yeah it’s not a good sign.

  6. Anonymous

    So sorry for you tonight. You blog means nothing. Ha ha. You think your opinions matter . Who’s laughing tonight. 😬

    • Spending $9,000 on mailers only to get a 327 vote lead is pretty pathetic. Without outside money Sharon wouldn’t be in this position. So much for “local” elections. We’ll know the real results on Friday.

  7. Anonymous

    I’ll ignore Kevin harroops gloating above.. not sure what happened with Gordon. I will say I saw many more of Springer signs this time round, where as before Gordon’s were everywhere. Yes Emily, I’m sure the gardeners in this town will risk the wrath of homeowners by moving lawn signs.

    • semichorus

      It’s not over till it’s over.

      I love all her supporters. The commercial crowd of regulars — always on the local take — and the angry menopausals.

      All White of course.

      • Catherine

        So true and so sad Semichorus. These well off white women libs who think they know all about poverty or struggle in the world. They live such pampered lives and have no idea what real suffering is at all.

        • semichorus

          They’re not really “liberal,” either. At best they’re corporate Dems.

          At best.

          This crowd would go out of their minds if a true left-winger got on board.

  8. Citizen Cane

    Golonsky needs an income stream! What better way than to be a politician on the Burbank City Council. Don’t trust any of them. Semi, even though you are a DICK, you need to run. You are a watchdog. The city is run by idiots who have no interests in protecting the quality of life in Burbank. The huge lobby of developers, or singular, a developer, are so obvious that citizens can see the favoritism of politics and the relationships with developers who build crap projects in our overcrowded city. Semi, run for city council.

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