It’s starting to look like the top city leadership offered that illegal “donation” to the airport campaign, and not some scapegoated flunkies


Just a preview, but we’ll be going through official documents soon that make it look like not only did top City of Burbank people know ahead of time about that illegal campaign contribution of public funds from the T-BID, but they actually proffered the idea to the committee and even wanted to increase the amount.

What this means is that top city people completely lied about their knowledge of the event, and instead tried to pin it all on the underlings — even going so far as to offer these same employees and the T-BID group itself a re-education program.

Can you imagine taking the fall for this. One good thing is that the city is currently under investigation for this illegal expenditure of public funds.



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8 responses to “It’s starting to look like the top city leadership offered that illegal “donation” to the airport campaign, and not some scapegoated flunkies

  1. Anonymous

    Huhhu. This from the guy who does not know Frutos from Springer.
    Again I bet there is no there there.

  2. Anonymous

    I read Sumner asked for 20k and staff suggested 50k. Had to pass finance and legal did it record time also.

    • semichorus

      Yup. That’s what it looks like.

      I knew when I first heard about this “donation” that Albano must have cleared it ahead of time. Which means that she was lying through her fucking teeth later on.

      And, worse, trying to SCAPEGOAT lower level staff employees to make it look like it was their fault, and so we’ll give them some “extra training.”

      This would be grounds for termination in any sane town. Instead, give her a raise!

  3. I love the reaction of certain people who make the whistle blowers out to be the villains. The villains are the ones pulling the strings and playing with public funds like it’s Monopoly money. “How DARE you expose my friends in their corruption!” Oh brother!

  4. Incognito

    It’s only going to get worse people.. If they call this election with the top 2 this town is doomed.

  5. chad

    I think Prescott should look in the mirror here.

  6. Richard

    So the budget shortages are due to your mishandling of the money Mzzz Luddy

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