There will be no winners tonight


We’re not stating this claim in the rhetorical sense, like everything’s hopeless in the end and it doesn’t matter who gets elected because they’re all compromised, and yeah, both sides do it, etc. etc., and so how sad our elections have become. We get enough of that phony equivalence cant on TV.

No, it’s because any prospective vote count tonight will be way too premature because of last year’s change in state election law, and thus any reasonable person will want to wait until at least Thursday night before making assumptions about the outcome.

But let’s see if this stops the booster crowd. Or the city clerk, who obviously jumped the gun last time in pronouncing Springer the likely winner. And just why was that?

Those remaining Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday ballots count too. Maybe more so. Tonight means nothing.



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12 responses to “There will be no winners tonight

  1. Anonymous

    Just another reason mail in ballots are a bad idea. Get to the polls and vote count the vote get winner.

  2. Anonymous

    WHEN did the clerk announce Springer the likely winner? I missed that. Probably never happened.

    • semichorus

      They announced the Tuesday vote as if that was it. Just like always. The paper too. Everyone thought Springer had won.

      No denying it. Problem is, with the new law, it wasn’t.

      A law that Burbank was forced to adopt KICKING AND SCREAMING. Unlike other localities, they had always refused to recognize election day postmarks UNTIL the state made them do so by a change in overall law.

  3. Incognito

    All this bashing of Dr. Gordon is insanity at best and Golonski is the worst of the bunch, he has NO Shame…. it all makes sense why Frutos & Springer are being supported by the selected creeps and special interests.

    Frutos did not get Cusumano $$$ or endorsement, however, his signs are plastered ALL over their buildings inside & out….??? What does that tell you.!!!

    Springer with her downpour of $$ from other groups and non residents, helped her buy signs, which were previously hand made. She totally sold out. Voters beware, she is not what she sells herself to be, PHONY, as a 3 dollar bill.

    So hold on to your wallets, they will be costing us taxpayers tons of money and giveaways if they are elected. A sad day in Burbank.

    • semichorus

      And the worst of it is this: the ideas these people come up with are just so bad.

      The buildings are undistinguished, the stores are sub-par, the plans are uninspiring. They can’t even do it right– or worse, make sure it’s DONE right at all.

      If you’re gonna do it, assholes, at least do it right.

  4. Anonymous


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