Remember, you can now vote on election day again

Thanks to our state legislature, Burbank voters are now allowed to cast their “all-mail ballots!” on election day again without having to drive five miles to drop them off somewhere or else see them get thrown in the trash by the city clerk and her outside election company. 

As long as you get them in the mailbox by tomorrow afternoon they’ll still count — presuming of course that someone doesn’t intercept them on the way in. With your names all over them they’re not confidential or secret any more of course, and so who knows what will happen. They do make a tempting target, yes.

The wailing and lamentation we heard last month all the way to Cucamonga and beyond was when Sharon Springer got hurtled back into the April runoff solely because of those postmark day “late votes.” The boosters concluded that she was the obvious shoo-in and began shooting their guns off and cheering in the streets way ahead of schedule. But thanks to that good Sacramento change in the law she wasn’t. So get out there and vote. It might just count this time even more.

The choice this season couldn’t be any clearer, either. Like her big new supporter from nowhere, that Konstantine guy, Sharon Springer is dingy as hell and full of ludicrously bad ideas. She’s also run an extremely sleazy and dishonest campaign. The last time she ran she was half-way ok, but this time around she’s allowed herself to become the product of her many douchebag supporters. And we certainly don’t need more of that crowd around. They’ve had their shot.

Say what you will about Gordon, but compared to Springer he’s got one of the least flaky lives up there. The guy’s been building a stable local business for almost 40 years and he’s by far the most educated one of the bunch. By all conventional measures he makes the rest of that crowd look like they belong down at the EDD or some county office recharging their Golden Advantage cards. The utter audacity of any of them attacking Gordon’s propriety and judgement is clear, because just on paper alone he’s the more sober and conventionally responsible one. He has a real live job out there, and guess what? He created it himself!

It’s called a professional career– and in one place. In other words, he’s not squirrelly as hell..

He’s also a good guy who likes to ask challenging questions and talk and think things out. That makes many people bored or uncomfortable sure, especially in places like mediocrityville Burbank, but who cares. We need more of that here, not less.

While you’re voting for Gordon, go for Guillen as well. They’ll work well together. Gordon’s only problem really is that he’s never had an actual ally up there, just some pretty nasty enemies who are often up to no good. So let’s rid ourselves of as many of them as we can, ok? It’ll make for a better Burbank.



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15 responses to “Remember, you can now vote on election day again

  1. Incognito

    Totally agree with you Semi. Dr. Gordon has been the Lone Ranger on the dais and always asking the questions that the other nuts just want to sweep under the carpet… “ALL the give away” while we are in a Huge budget crisis.
    Springer was better the 1st time she ran, she however, has truly shown her TRUE colors, she is on the developers side, realtors and has NO freaking common sense, with phony meek demeanor.
    Burbank voters : Vote now with good sense or be prepared for the demise of this once great town !!!!!!!
    Gordon & Guillen will ask ALL the questions and get to the bottom of the GIVEAWAYS, it will NOT be business as usual.

  2. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    i have seen just a TON of her pink signs all over the Mag Park area, I hope it is not a harbinger of things to come…she was sorta decent last time, but indeed has sold her soul ..that said , Gordo squeeks in, , maybe by just a hundred votes..and I think Fruitloop has just enough of the senior vote to hold onto his seat ..and in the event Will steps down, then what? special election? or council appointment

    • semichorus

      She’ll get appointed. Which means she’s in no matter what.

      Which means this race is only being used to bump Gordon. She’s in already.

      It’s all been thought out. And they’ll all laugh like hell about it. She doesn’t even need to run now that Rogers is sick, and is only in there now to harm Gordon.

      Rogers COULD have stepped down to allow a vote. Intentionally didn’t.

      It’s a win-win for the assholes. They think they’re so cool and clever. All because this same crowd changed the rules after Gordon’s first win. The boosters WANTED Wiggins to win on that one– to replace Stacey Murphy — and would have appointed him if the process hadn’t THEN required a fill-in election.

      • Anonymous

        Watching this Springer scenario unfold is very disturbing. It would be unbearable watching her sit on that dais kissing up to the other chickenshits (I love that phrase you use, Semi).
        Really, her signs are everywhere! To be honest, I see way less of the other candidates signs than in past elections.

      • Al in SoCal

        She’s not an asshole … you might not like her politics – or her methods which I still think are the same as everyone (ALL) else – but she’s not as bad as you might think – even if she is – that STILL doesn’t qualify her for that label.

        I don’t think Dr. Gordon is …

  3. Burbank Bill

    forget the election, this latest post on that Burbank FB page is just awesome! Sex at Macy’s

    Has anyone else heard about the sex scandal over at Macy’s? I guess business has been REALLY slow! Several people have been fired or asked to resign after being caught having sex with one another. One young female was sleeping with several employees and caught on a hidden camera and was even caught outside having sex (that’s what started the internal investigation) and is/was engaged. Funny thing is this involved 3 LP personnel. I always say never trust LP, they are USUALLY some of the worst people ever.

    Back when i worked in sales for another company here in Burbank (since closed) I was noticing high volume of returns and when you work on commission it’s a big deal. After doing my own investigation and bringing it to the managers attention, the NEW guy in LP was on duty and looked up the transactions on camera to see if customers where making the returns, low and behold the veteran LP guy was on register processing FAKE returns and pocketing all the cash….was he fired? Nope what they do instead is protect them and make them resign, so it doesn’t go on their record. Then they go apply at another company doing LP work and the cycle continues and meanwhile companies lose thousands of dollars and less observant employees lose money from their paychecks.

    Back to Macy’s, my Macy’s source said another guy was having sex with 2 separate females in the stockroom and got one pregnant! This is a Lifetime movie waiting to happen…none of this went on back when I used to work in retail. Very sad state of affairs and to think in our own backyard. PS I failed to mention for years people mostly men having been having sex in their public restrooms it was listed as one of the most popular places to hook up in public and even had gloryholes Only took Macy’s about 10 years to catch on and recently closed the restrooms down to undergo “remodeling” as they call it.

    Ross Benson
    Ross Benson What does this have to do with this FaceBook Page???
    Like · Reply · 2 · 17 mins
    James Di Giacomo
    James Di Giacomo I thought it was kind of a big deal since it’s happening at their BURBANK location and people having sex in their PUBLIC bathrooms, which had gloryholes btw and sex in public, but maybe it’s not a big deal and who cares if kids see this sort of thing…my bad!
    Like · Reply · 11 mins
    Ross Benson
    Ross Benson What it appears is a lot of rumors and I don’t see any FACTS to this truly happening. What it does is put fear into every customer that shops at Macy’s, that’s NOT the purpose of that FB page. Sorry..
    Like · Reply · 1 · 8 mins
    James Di Giacomo
    James Di Giacomo Ross Benson RUMORS? I know this first hand…NOT a rumor sir.
    Like · Reply · 7 mins
    James Di Giacomo
    James Di Giacomo I would never post something unless i knew it was true…call anyone at BPD I am sure they have PLENTY of info.
    Like · Reply · 7 mins
    Todd R. Wilson
    Todd R. Wilson Even more… every employer has these issues. Regardless of the city. But hey, if you wanna gossip, whatevs. Says more about OP than it does about Macys or the alleged participants.
    Like · Reply · 7 mins
    James Di Giacomo
    James Di Giacomo lol Ok well obviously you guys are OK with people having sex at a major dept store and ok with public sex and gloryholes too, that are well documented all over the internet and as I said BPD has been called MANY times. An employee was even harassed while simply trying to use the restroom. And yes he filed a report because the man tried grabbing his junk. But of course the city doesn’t want people to know this. I have a VERY good reliable source and don’t want to get this person fired, so many in here claim to know someone at BPD…do a little snooping and you’ll learn something.

    Write a reply…

  4. Anonymous

    Posted May 4 2016: The Burbank police are called here quite often. The staff will revoke your membership if they are suspicious of your activities in the steam room, sauna, or pool. There are a lot of families here with… [read/reply]Heads Up!
    Posted May 27 2014: Really hit or miss here but have gotten some awesome head from a Hispanic guy in the steam room in the morning. [read/reply]
    Posted Jun 22 2012: This gym has only been open a few months. It is a great facility, with great potential for action in the private showers and possibly the coed steamroom. I jacked together with a guy in the steamroom … [read/reply]

    • semichorus

      It’s true. Men are pigs.

      I love Ross Benson’s complaints. He longs for the days when the most exciting thing in downtown Burbank was when he got to photograph the new Honor Carriers at the Daily Review.

      • Anonymous

        Benson is nothing but a hack and he trolls in cheerleading everything that’s wrong in Burbank. The self apointed important people like Benson think they should decide what the rest of us get to know. In other words, BENSON is FAKE NEWS and he works for My Burbank. Get it from the name My Burbank. Not our Burbank or your Burbank. They should be honest and call it Bensons Burbank.

        • Irwin Fletcher

          He’s a nice guy, and shows up at all hours to take pix of a lot of local events so that they get coverage online (because the Leader can’t be bothered). Maybe he should go in undercover and get some pix of this scandalous behavior.

  5. Anonymous

    I almost got t-boned just now by Sharon Springer. She. Was running late to a campaign thing at the church on Hollywood way. she drives an SUV!!
    And I thought she was all about bikes and sustainable crap

  6. Anonymous

    “Get it from the name My Burbank. Not our Burbank or your Burbank. ”

    LMAO, I never thought of it like that. You are 100% correct sir or madam. And yes, Benson is a shill for the establishment, because they and their friends pay him as their mule to deliver their propaganda.

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