It Came from Burbank



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4 responses to “It Came from Burbank

  1. Anonymous

    Ern was the best. His longtime Burbank-born manager, the great musician & Capitol exec Cliffie Stone, lived on Pass between Clark and Verdugo throughout the 40-50’s. Went by the old house last week–was sure I heard he and Ernie laughing it up.

    • semichorus

      Kind of a forgotten cat, too. His early rockabilly helped bend those ears in the early 50s, and his local LA show was super-influential.
      His color Ford Show was shot in Burbank, btw. Tex Ritter also lived in Burbank during his c/w show days.
      Just heard some nouveau country stuff a little while ago. All that phony twang. Almost threw up. Jonny Whiteside’s right — Boehlert can go fuck himself with that crack he made last week.

  2. Anonymous

    Dang I did not know Ritter lived here. Freddie Hart still has his same house, since 52, not far from Cliffie’s old place.
    Now, if we could only get Miley back ….

  3. chad

    Anf Hillary Duff!! Hey but we do have The Biebs.

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