Once again the Leader only prints pro-Springer, anti-Gordon Letters


It’s getting to be a bad habit with that once fine local paper. Today they’ve printed three more letters about the city council race, and guess what? They all happen to be in favor of Sharon Springer. And two of them were written by individuals who were dumb enough to admit that they’re professionally shilling for her (her campaign manager and a community organization associate).

The other letter is from a guy named “Al” who slams Dr. Gordon for being completely ineffective over the last 11 years while at the same time blaming him for Burbank’s traffic and financial woes. That’s a pretty funny contradiction — if only because you can either do things or you can’t– but it does highlight the immense unfairness that Gordon has had to deal with over that same period of time.

Just imagine what Gordon could have accomplished if he’d had an ally or two in this dumb and credulous town (such as drafting a sane Burbank2035 planning document). That notion is beyond his critics to absorb of course. Or, perhaps they’re all actually in favor of what he’s been against during those years? Like more development, or the primacy of big business? (We love small businesses, btw.)

That seems more like it. Even if they think otherwise.

Look, in just her putziness alone we’d be opposed to Springer, and this constant spate of letters proves it. The raw aggressiveness of her stupid campaign is offensive. These people — most of whom are in their own minds local movers and shakers — obviously think that she’s going to do something for them if elected. Why else would they get behind her in such numbers? But Burbank’s had way more than enough of that mentality.

No, you need someone like Gordon who asks questions and puts people’s feet to the fire. You’re not going to get that with proud get-along go-along booster types like Sharon Springer. Even putting aside her dumb, shallow, mock-technocratic leanings — which nowadays always ends up being pro-development and Big Money — her advertised conviviality is reason enough not to want her up there.

Most of the crowd she hangs with is not the best judge of, well, very much at all. Just look around. Seen any good ideas in the bunch?




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19 responses to “Once again the Leader only prints pro-Springer, anti-Gordon Letters

  1. Jan

    You got it Springer and her pals are out of touch with most people.

  2. Anonymous

    How can you be a green / environmentalist candidate if you’re in bed with BIG BUSINESS (BizFed) who is known for crushing environmental attempts for clean air and water and moderate growth.???

  3. Anonymous

    Will Rogers
    First, a system DOES exist for businesses to apply for a small percentage of neighboring parking permits. But not one has been applied for or distributed to date. It’s a relatively tiny number of the whole available for a given area, and as I said, there’s an application system. It goes through the Traffic Commission, then the Public Works Director, apparently with a review by the council available. But, again, according to city staff, not one business has yet applied for or been given a parking pass.
    With regard to the NYFA and the problems they’ve caused for neighbors: I’m told the school has just purchased a lot that provides ample parking for every student and teacher. The school is moving its entire operation from throughout the country to Burbank, and I’m told they are eager to keep the neighbors and the city happy. They’ve even employed a well-known local to serve has their liaison to neighbors, and he’s a member of this very page. I’m going to ask his permission to list his contact info here on FB. (He is NOT one of the “usual suspects” in the fields of PR or the like. I think you’ll all agree he’s a local who is not worried about political correctness or serving the corporate overlords.
    In short, I’m told that anyone who has ANY kind of issue with the NYFA should be able to call or write him and see it addressed immediately.

    • semichorus

      Interesting. Didn’t know they were moving everything to Burbank.
      Who’s the contact?
      In Burbank — unless it’s Jules Kimmett or someone — they all service the corporate overlords.

  4. No fan of Goneski.

    Speaking of that Facebook pageant of usual suspects.. ol’ Golonski has stepped into our upcoming election by posting a link titled Burbank corruption starring David Gordon. Pretty libelous if u ask me. The link the Gman provided was from a 2010(!) council meeting where friends and associates of Gordon wanted funding for a business. Not sure , since Dave didn’t provide any context,other than to smear Gordon.. his wife died of cancer and he has a special needs son , but ol’ Golonski
    Just can’t let go. How sad

    • semichorus

      He lost badly to Gordon too.
      I love how he waits until the last minute.
      And btw, if this corruption occurred in 2010, how come it wasn’t mentioned by the Gman during that same 2013 election?

      • Kirk

        Golonski is so 2000 now, that’s right so back to the time when he was in charge and the city was not paying its bills. Golonski is the one responsible for our budget mess today.

    • Anonymous

      From the corrupt soul that brought you the puppet mouth piece WILL ROGERS, he’s now pulling the “green” strings for the environmental puppet SHARON-dung-slinger-SPRINGER to get elected to perform his OVER-DEVELOPERMENT corporate masters’ deeds.

      The whiny, manipulative one has risen once again!

      D A V E G O L O N S K I

      at his best as….

      > > > > > > > THE PUPPET MASTER < < < < < < < <

  5. chad

    So does this mean NYFA will change its name to BFA?

    • semichorus

      Funny. So Chad, you think Emerson’s worried? jk

      I can’t imagine them leaving NY. They just got a new building near Battery Park. DeBlasio’s trying to get these arts people to locate nearer downtown.

  6. Anonymous

    There’s a Emmersion collage on Hollywood Blvd at Gower.

    • semichorus

      Emmersion collage. I’d hate to see the diploma for that one.

      • Anonymous

        Really? And what diplomas have YOU been honored to receive? Master of the mop?

        • semichorus

          How does that insult make any sense? Do you even get the joke?

          What ever ones you got you should return.

          • semichorus

            Is Rogers naive enough to think that they would have ever mistreated HIM as the Leader’s opinion columnist?
            Or is he just clueless and insensitivity? Of course he has no personal experience of it. He must forget too how much they dicked him around in the early 90s when he started out — before Ovrom co-opted him.

  7. Anonymous

    Possibly that is all the sort of letters that they have actually received?

    • semichorus

      Possibly. But then, don’t print so many. It gives a (deliberately?) unbalanced view of the election.

      • Al in SoCal

        It’s hard for me to believe that nobody from this board who supports Dr. Gordon didn’t write a letter. Can you ask your reading population – I would really like to know if they received a Gordon support letter and didn’t print one.

  8. chad

    NYFA kind of has a reputation for being late on its bills. Remember when they used to be at Universal City? I don’t think they left there willingly. Well, at least they still use emulsion. Foto-Kem has to be pleased.

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