If promoting the business interests of a “friend” was any kind of a crime in Burbank, that booster crowd would all be in jail ten times over


The Springer supporters are obviously getting desperate. They just posted this supposedly damning exposé of a council agenda item from 2010 that no one bothered to care about three years later during the last big election.

The one btw that Golonski lost to Gordon.



Sorry, but there’s nothing culpable there, “friend” or not. And it doesn’t seem like much of a friendship. That was an open public meeting and an open competition. No one pulled any strings and no one got anything.

But, compare the absurdity above to how many times one or another council member or staff employee has actively and repeatedly promoted a Cusumano project in town, always embracing at the same time their warm, longtime relationship with “the family.”

Or, personally vouched for friends and associates who had business in front of the council. Even family members. It happens all the time, known to the public or not. How big do they think Burbank is?

Such clean hands they have, yes…

Gordon btw has long been a victim of this kind of creepy innuendo and dishonesty. Several years ago a Golonski-led council majority forced him to spend over $20,000 in attorneys fees to (quite successfully) defend himself on another bogus conflict-of-interest charge involving his simple treating of a couple of longtime patients who also happened to be city employees on a health plan. In the end the state cleared him bigtime on any accusations of wrongdoing.

These people, wow. What more can you say? They’re obviously complete pigfuckers who will stoop to anything no matter how silly and stupid. And in such a notoriously corrupt town as Burbank — a place that everyone in the outside world knows just swarms with economic favoritism, secret dealings, and good plain old-fashioned influence peddling — the idea of trying to peg Gordon to an old public hearing on a mickey-mouse business generation item is insane.

It goes beyond the hypocritical — it’s positively pathological. These people just can’t control themselves. They’re horrible individuals.

You’ve been so warned, Burbank.

Hey, btw. Blitz and Gordon. Those are both Jewish names, aren’t they? Thought so. You know how those people are…

You’re a sad little fuck Golonski. You too, Will.




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17 responses to “If promoting the business interests of a “friend” was any kind of a crime in Burbank, that booster crowd would all be in jail ten times over

  1. Anonymous

    I agree with everything you stated.

  2. Anon

    All election coverage, all the time, and you’re balls deep on Gordon. Or is it the other way around. At least someone is doing it — the election coverage part.

  3. Anonymous

    What a lovely flashback to the days of sweet, sweet Anja’s reign–remember her charming habit of pointedly addressing the Doctor as “Mr. Gordon?” And Blitz, by the way, was battling brain cancer. He died in 2012.
    Keep hacking, Dave!

  4. Anonymous

    Puppet master DAVE GOLONSKI, the controversial ex-mayor/council member, approx. 1993-2013, of Burbank, the force behind the Will Rogers candidacy for council and now Sharon Springer’s mud-slinging run for a council seat. He’s currently posting a 2010 video of a council meeting, that he thinks shows Dr. Gordon showing favoritism for a company attempting to set up shop in Burbank, in some sleazy attempt to discredit Dr. Gordon.
    It’s sad, that he attempts such long shots at discrediting, but it’s true to form of his tactics which is why voters sent him packing years ago. See folks, the FACT is during his reign on council, the back room deals where in full swing. And during his tenure, there was a period that council approved spending like a drunken sailor, cuz the state gave cities a free pass to not contribute fully to Cal Per’s (pension funds for civil servants).
    So, city councils (like Burbank) approved spending on bonafide projects for their respective cities and on projects that benefitted their buddies wallets, whether it truly benefitted the citizens or not. Cities did the aforementioned instead of adding to the pension program.
    This period was approximately 1999-2005.
    We need to fund retirees and the money is not there, hence the growing budget crisis.
    Dr. Gordon was not part of this set-up to a deficit as he was not on the council at the time, GOLONSKI WAS in the aforementioned period!
    In fact, since Gordon has been on council, he has been trying to reel in frivolous spending by our leaders, hence his nickname, by his opponents, “Dr. No”…as it pertains to approving spending our money.
    As proof to what I have said about the irresponsible GOLONSKI era council spending, check out this current council meeting video in which our CURRENT city manager RON DAVIS, tells it like is as to the truth behind our current budget deificit due to the spending during the GOLONSKI ERA.
    And, keep that in mind when you see Golonski’s hit pieces on candidates, as he tries to get his latest disciple, Sharon Springer, into office.
    Pay special attention to Mr. Davis comments starting at 6:40 into the clip:

    • semichorus

      That 2010 council meeting was about very small business incubation grants. The project wanted $8,000 in startup money for initial expenses and PR — exactly what those grants were about. They already had a list of clients for their electric conversion work, as well as a detailed five-year dream plan for future manufacturing, which was filed with the city and is still online.

      On top of that, the young guy was hardly a “friend” of Gordon’s. Gordon just thought it was the kind of project that those grants were about. He was right.

      This Springer campaign is by far — by far — the sleaziest one I’ve seen in over 40 years of Burbank watching. Why is this crowd so desperate to get her elected?

      • Anonymous

        LOL, AFTER the FLOW CHART got posted connecting the dots of GOLONSKI to WILL ROGERS to BizFed to SHARON SPRINGER, the pupper master comes out from behind the curtain to make a rare post on Talalmantes FB page that has the silly 2010 clip of council in some lame attempt to attack Gordon.

        GUESS, I Tony Noakes HIT A NERVE WITH THE TRUTH of how Golonski is calling all the shots for Sharon.

        That explains the nastiness of her campaign.

        • semichorus

          Yes. Gordon thought that a HUD-funded micro-grant/business incubation program for promoting local startups in the high-tech arena might be a good fit for a promising local startup in the high-tech arena that needed a small amount of seed money.

          The fiend!

          It’d be interesting to see what happened to all of the winning proposals that the rest of them voted for. Especially Golonski’s selections.

    • another Anonymous

      People like Golonski need to stop trying to pass the blame for the mess they left this city in. Had Golonski listened to Gordon the city would not be facing these hard economic times. Anonymous above is correct, instead of mocking Gordon as Dr No they should have been listening to his No’s and his arguments for No. Had they done that, we would not see the almost 300 million in pension costs now due or collapsing streets and everything else. So desperate Golonski now is that he needs to blame Gordon for things he did before Gordon was even on the council. Sad desperate little man Dave Golonski.

      • semichorus

        Gordon has always been more than super frugal. To the point where he’d get laughed at by the rest.
        He often wouldn’t want to spend grant monies already received. So to blame him for money woes is ridiculous.

  5. Another anonymous

    Maybe promoting the business interests of a friend isn’t a crime in Burbank, but conspiring to write that friend a $50K with public money just might be. And from what I understand about the ongoing investigations — lets just say I wouldn’t rule out jail for some of these booster folks just yet.

    • semichorus

      Depends upon the extent of the investigation. If they lie about what they knew and when, possibly. Also depends on who’s doing the investigating.

      The reason why Albano rushed to an immediate and official Mea Culpa about the “donation” is because she didn’t want any background digging going on with that crowd. They’ll all blow it.
      I’ll bet too that her office pre-approved the money. Upper-level staff HAD to have known about the plan. Then they cleared it with her office before the check was cut.

  6. Donna

    The insincerity of Golonski and company. So he is worried about 8 k for a start up company when the issue was money available for start up companies and the discussion was held in public yet he is silent about the secret 50k given to a yes on measure B campaign ? Makes me wonder just how many secret money grabs for friends of Golonski he has been silent on over the years. This Golonski crowd really makes me sick with all of their insincere outrage about things when they are the crooks in town.

  7. Mary

    Reinke was one of the worst councilmembers in Burbank history. Under her watch came the multi-million dollar police mess and as an attorney she sat there doing nothing to correct it and everything to cover it up. That woman was a complete disgrace.

  8. Anonymous

    Reinke was mayor during the PBid uprising in Magnolia Park. She attended a meeting at city hall (in a conference room). People were venting about the abuse going on with funds being misused and disrespect for merchants and landholders. When Dr. Gordon left the room for a few minutes, Anja Reinke chastised the crowd for sending letters to city hall and told them it would get them nowhere!!!!! She was right! All the merchants and landholders were blown off to the very finish line of the five year PBid.
    Will Rogers said he has never seen a city worker mistreat people. Very hard to believe. It’s rampant. They gang up on people and egg each other on. Too many witnesses to deny this one!

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