Is it true that in order to get Section 8 in Burbank now, you have to be a vet with kids?


We’ve been hearing this claim a lot lately, that the current local restrictions on Section 8 are so great. It’d be nice then if staff provided a list of — say– the last 20 or 30 housing subsidy recipients and their qualifying status. Are they all parents who are also military veterans?

Are there any single homeless in the mix? Single elderly?

Younger single recipients? None of them vets?

No? Why not? (Btw, vets have their own Section 8-like subsidy program from the VA. So is it really fair for them to get an extra shot from Burbank?)

Speaking of subsidized housing … if you want to give yourself a real shock, go and check out how many nice new cars are sitting in the parking lot of that fancy disabled housing over on the corner of Providencia and San Fernando.

The city helped with that particular housing program in many ways. So how come the beneficiaries are so affluent? The same holds true of the senior “artists apartments” on the corner of Verdugo. It was largely a BHA subsidy. It certainly began that way.

What a sense of values this town has, no? Someone’s got some explaining to do.

It’s too bad that apart from Dr. Gordon, no one ever makes them.



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5 responses to “Is it true that in order to get Section 8 in Burbank now, you have to be a vet with kids?

    • semichorus

      Oh at least. That’s why I encourage people to apply elsewhere. Under federal law it’s transportable. Just like EBT.

      Some day soon everyone will need it. Everyone at least (now) who makes less than about six figures a year. Your good times ain’t gonna last.

      I feel bad for the Millennials. Or the ones slightly above them in age. They’re gonna get fucked.

      Hope they look forward to not being able to get Social Security until they’re 70.

  1. Tim

    Ok so I have my tv on and my in n out burger ans it’a 6:07 so where is the council show ??? Why is it late ?

  2. Anonymous

    30k on the waiting list? That’s a quarter of Burbank population.

    • Ed

      If they keep letting developers build new luxury buildings everyone will need section 8. By the way I saw that nasty Keven Harrop guy on television tonight on the council meeting. Harrop is one creepy looking self inflated blimp.

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