If you have a roommate anywhere, don’t plan on getting Section 8 in Burbank

Here’s something terrifically unfair.

The city council will be asked tomorrow night to make a series of six changes to the administration of its Section 8 rental subsidy program. Two of them are mandated by federal requirements, and four are optional on behalf of the Agency itself. Naturally, these proposed changes were buried within an obscure exhibit attached to the specific agenda item.

Now we’ve spoken before about how when Burbank grants your Section 8 application they then demand the submission of financial statements from everyone in “the household.” This requirement goes beyond just your family — they mean everyone in the place. And if you don’t turn them all in they immediately toss your application. You’re removed from the process.

The problem with this requirement is simple. What if you just happen to have a temporary unattached roommate or two who is NOT going to be a part of your future Section 8 apartment? In today’s modern world a roommate or two (or more) is a necessity. Hell, you may barely know them!

A revolving round of stranger-roommates is EXTREMELY common in this Craigslist era of high rents and low incomes. You’re lower-income life is transitory, and they’re not coming with you.

According to the City of Burbank though, too bad. You’re out of luck. That’s your “household” buddy, and you’re stuck with it. You won’t get Section 8.

One of the optional changes proposed for tomorrow night will make this arbitrary and unfair restriction even worse. Now BHA wants the council to allow only one application submitted from each address, which means that completely independent and financially autonomous individuals will be banned from applying for Section 8 in Burbank merely because they’re roommates and happen to live at the same address.

Is this fair? Of course not. Whatever happened to that modern, looking ahead 21st-century Burbank they’re always talking about? Not only is this Section 8 policy and pending update obsolete, it’s also meanspirited.



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8 responses to “If you have a roommate anywhere, don’t plan on getting Section 8 in Burbank

  1. Anonymous

    If your on the couch tour avoid section 8.

    • semichorus

      At least in Burbank, yes. And those are the ones who need it most. The almost homeless.

      Their policy appears to be deliberately designed to discriminate against low income renter-roommates.

      I.e., single young people or those who are not yet elderly.

      • Claudio

        Section 8 from Housing & Urban Development was designed to help with getting people OFF the Couch Tour.

        • semichorus

          Burbank has NEVER played straight with how it picks its Section 8 recipients. It has no regularly defined (or public) procedure for the qualifying.

          And every time Gordon asks about it — tries to pin them down on exactly HOW they go about their successful picks — they lie to him.

          Other cities like Glendale are FAR different. They have a straight ahead lottery. Burbank though REFUSES to do this.

  2. Sharon’s taking money from a local anti-environmental lobbying group. Where’s the outrage? “Green” candidate Sharon Springer funded by anti-environment PAC
    If you believe what Sharon Springer tells you, she is an environmentalist — a promoter of bike paths, recycling and community gardens. But her City Council campaign in being funded by a pro-development political group that’s been at the center of efforts to roll back regulations on big polluters for the last decade. Strange bedfellows […]

  3. Anonymous

    Section 8 should only be for the homeless. People who have a couch are the lucky ones. It is those on the street who are the most in need.

    • There are other vouchers, Supportive permanent housing. Burbank received a few vouchers, and Section 202 for seniors. I have been on the housing list forever and no where near the top. When applications opened last year, I watched hundreds of housed residents come in and apply. From my understanding, it is Vets 1st, government displaced 2nd, disabled 3rd, and homeless 4th. Ascensia, in Glendale, is also working with Burbank with Permanent Supportive Housing vouchers. But, just because you get one, doesn’t mean you’ll find a local place that will take it. I know someone who has had one for 6 months and the only available units are near LAX or Palmdale, So, this person remains on the street because he doesn’t want to leave the area.

  4. Ernie

    I ran into Sharon Springer outside a store. In seconds I felt that she is an opportunist who was and would tell me anything to get elected. No I did not trust her after she spoke to me.

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