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  1. Luis

    United States federal officials arrested Nayarit State Attorney General Edgar Veytia in San Diego on drug-trafficking conspiracy charges. The drug cartels are creating death, violence and destruction in Mexico and finally one of the top government officials who is part of the drug cartel operations has been arrested.

    • Ray

      Got to love these open boarders and all the corruption they cause in Mexico. I wonder why the crooked attorney general didn’t run to a sancruary city.

  2. DixieFlyer

    BTW, will the Burbank Leader START covering the Run-off Election, soon?

    As Donald Trump, our President would say: “Sad”.

  3. Anony Miss

    Forget the Burbank Leader. It seems to be run by a lot of Sunday School teachers. Hard core reporting is not their gig.
    I loved tonight when David Spell referenced the “Culture” in Burbank that needs to change. The city employees and council people have me perplexed. They can’t possibly believe the things they say out loud. They work hard at impressing each other.

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