Why would the council call the police on a guy who had an FPPC complaint out on the city?

Here’s PR Rule No.1 of local politics: 

If someone files a formal complaint against you with a government agency alleging a serious violation of state law, you better have a really good reason to call the police on them if and when they come down to visit the council in person and you don’t happen to like what they say or do. Failure to follow this simple rule makes it look like you’re singling them out for retaliation.

Unfortunately, our mayor and vice mayor weren’t thinking too hard last week when they decided to physically interfere with Greg Sousa directly after the vice mayor went out of his way to bait him with unnecessary ad hominem insults. Instead of frigging holding his hand — or smarter yet, just ignoring him — they chose to make a mega-example of Sousa by siccing the cops on him.

In general hamfistedness alone it reminded us of the days when our hapless school board members would engage in various acts of reprisal against a newly energized Burbank Human Relations Council. Or, when the same school superintendent back then would suddenly disappear from the room to call the police every time a board critic would be seen entering it — and then make sure to personally point them out to the arriving officer.

It wasn’t smart then and it’s certainly not smart now. A review of last Tuesday night’s tape shows how petty and messed up those two were. The whole thing was intrusive and artificial.  Someone should post an excerpt.



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41 responses to “Why would the council call the police on a guy who had an FPPC complaint out on the city?

  1. Another anonymous

    The FPCC AND the LA District Attorney’s Public Integriy Office. I am not a lawyer — but aren’t there whistleblower laws on the books to address exactly this sort of thing?

    • semichorus

      You mean anti-retaliation laws? Not really.

      If Sousa had been part of a protected class and his was an agency complaint about an educational institution, possibly.

  2. Anonymous

    Because Sousa was behaving like an angry beast.

    I heard it. That was how it was.

    • semichorus

      That is such a lie. I saw it too.

      The real question is why Rogers went out of his way to engage in an extended rant against him– a guy who has already squeezed THEIR balls with this T-BID issue.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, and Rogers had you all by the balls and you did not like it. Tough.

    • semichorus

      In his dreams. Not with me still around.

      Sadly, the guy can barely dotter around now. Verbally as well. His way of batting people down is to fabricate. No strength there.

      He talks about all his old editors. Yeah, he needed them. This realization has been one of the greatest disappointments of watching him in action these days.

      • CornFused

        I never found him to be very interesting when he was younger. Obviously, he did have some readers that liked him, I just didn’t think he stuck out much.

        That said, I must admit it is getting difficult to watch him now as the years have added up. He almost comes across similar to some of the old boxers that might have spent a year or 2 longer in the ring then they should have. I could easily see him getting run over in a city negotiation against someone a bit sharper and more prepared.

        • semichorus

          I think Albano has definitely rolled him. He’s gone from a skeptic to one of her biggest defenders.

          It wasn’t hard for her to do. Flattery (making him feel like he’s the smartest guy in the room, which he thinks he is), and taking him aside to “confide” about this or that issue or question.

          I’ve seen this happen so many times. Ovrom was a specialist at it.

  4. Willie Watcher

    This was a great example of the arrogance that city officials have toward people who get in their way. They were trying to get Sousa to blow it and then they sit back with those disgusting looks on their faces. Residents should unite against this bullying by city council people.

    The council has an active agenda to stop the momentum of the people trying to address a lot of the injustices in Burbank. Instead of Luddy and Rogers pointing out that people are now afraid to come and speak, they should point out that a lot of what is being discussed has merit and it is time to pay attention to a lot of the complaints. Personally, I do not believe that people are now afraid to come to city council meetings. I believe this is step one of intimidating, belittling, and recruiting the minions to back up the arrogant royalty on the dais.

    • semichorus

      Isn’t it interesting how consistent this script has gotten. “Our residents are frightened to come down here now!”

      “You awful, dirty, sick in the mind people!”

      You know what proof there is that this is a lie? No one ever came down there to begin with! If anything, this latest group of critics has livened the place up. It’s not like attendance has fallen lately because of the riff-raff.

      I want to see all those frightened emails from these constituents. If they exist at all they’re from current and known supporters of the opponents.

  5. 91505

    This was a great example of just how and why official news sources from officials in government are FAKE NEWS. We saw it from Rogers and we see it from Burbank officials all the time. To be blunt what Rogers did and what our city officials do is ” MAKE SHIT UP”.

  6. Anonymous

    I nominate Kevin Harrop for High Sheriff of the soon-to formed Burbank Thought Police.
    Will, Jess, Em, Amy, what say you?
    (Nobody wants to wake up Bob)

  7. Anonymous

    Jess and Bob don’t even rate as sentient beings. EGL follows the script. Rogers is busy trying to deal with the overmodulated level of his medication and can’t be relied on for anything except making a fool of himself.

    • semichorus

      You know, the other night when he started in on his response I kind of thought he was Ok. I agreed with much of what he said, and I even took his slam against me and this blog in stride (“99 percent crap” is always a figure of weakness).

      I even thought that maybe I’d lay off of him for awhile. He’s obviously not feeling well, and so who am I to keep beating up on him.

      But his sudden lashing out at the critics down there was disturbing. It was deliberately provocative and needlessly confrontational. A review of the tapes showed that it was also a deliberate pre-election setup designed to heighten and smear “the critics” and “Gordon fanboys.”

      And then bringing the cops in? Gimme a break.

      He’s obviously the same as he always was. Maybe worse. So fuck him.

      • Anonymous

        It was not Rogers who brought the cops in. Keep on lying about that one.

        It was the mayor who rightly if fed up with the usual crowd of nincompoops disrupting the proceedings.

        Yeah: nincompoops.

        • semichorus

          They both did. Rogers instigated it. Not the audience.

          Didn’t take much for the mayor to call in the authorities, either, which proves what an asshole he is. Those two were just itching to pull something like this right during the election.

          You’re quite horrible people, aren’t you.

        • Anonymous

          Rogers totally instigated it all. He provoked Sousa and he also provoked me by talking about my daughter. My daughter is off limits to him. It was really creepy. Then, he lost control and went on a 20 minute psychotic rant. He implied that I and others present were making snide remarks to other speakers. We weren’t.

          He and Emily implied that we are the reason more residents don’t show up. We’re not. He made reference to a letter he received from someone who, ALLEGEDLY, was followed out to his car and was intimidated. He insinuated that the perpetrators were present. They weren’t. Maybe his erratic and psychotic tirades are what keep people away. Ever consider that? That guy is not fit to be Mayor.

          • semichorus

            Yeah, I didn’t get that daughter thing. As an outsider I felt it was uncalled for. Bring up his daughter some time and how she’s being attended to and watch what happens.

            The menacing and potentially dangerous council-critic thing is insidiously dishonest. It’s worse than any council action I’ve seen, and I used to go down there a lot during the old mob-like days of active dissent, where there’d be like 40 speakers in a row every Tuesday night.

            And some truly not all there– there’d always be at least 2 or 3 speakers sobbing at the mike.

            Before he was elected in ’95 Bob Kramer would literally stand in the back of the chambers and YELL comments out to the dais and he was never treated as badly.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, boo fucking hoo.

      • Tom

        If and I say if, Rogers is seriously not well and able to do the job then Rogers should resign. If Rogers is not sick then he should do the job and stop wimpering about his health.

  8. Battery Charger

    Someone referred to Rogers not having any balls, I agree. He
    seems to think some will appear when he insults and degrades
    any public speaker. As it goes in Socialism– the public must be
    controlled. This council should try to remember ALL AMERICANS
    have our right to free speech.

    • semichorus

      It has nothing to do with socialism.

      The last I heard, it was the REPUBLICANS who were trying to tell women what to do with their bodies.

      • Tom

        The last I heard it has been the Democrats making the facist moves to control every aspect of our lives in Burbank. With their wasteful spendinng and budget woes get ready for even more attempts at control for fun and profit. Semichorus neithe Jess or Will are Republicans by the way. Nor is the messiah Sharon Springer and crew, all of whom whould shut you down as hate speech in a flash

        • semichorus

          I think you’re giving them too much credit. Plus, it’s Republicans I worry about. They love guns, money, and law and order.

  9. chad

    What does socialism have to do with that?

    • semichorus

      They said so on FOX News.

      • Tom

        Keep your eyes opened I am not giving them too much credit. Just look at how they attack residents ar council meetings and then turn it to residents make people afraid to come to meetings. Watch them closely, they accuse others of everything they themselvea do. After they create a problem they tell us they need more power to protect us. Just keep your eyes on what these new breed democrats do because it is all bad.

        • Anonymous

          April 2, 2017 at 7:32 pm
          Keep your eyes opened I am not giving them too much credit. Just look at how they attack residents ar council meetings and then turn it to residents make people afraid to come to meetings. Watch them closely, they accuse others of everything they themselvea do. After they create a problem they tell us they need more power to protect us. Just keep your eyes on what these new breed democrats do because it is all bad.”

          Spot on Tom, spot on!

  10. Al in SoCal

    Agree or not with Sousa, I see the Law & Order crowd who vigorously cheer the likes of Zimmerman all out in support of their Libertarian candidate.

    Sad as that might be, it is kind of fun to see the rationalizations and excuses they will cough up for their extreme hypocrisy.

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