We get fan mail


Just got this today. It was in response to that old blog post we did a few years ago about what were being called at the time “Burbank’s Newest Angels,” the one where we had earlier quoted a couple of the deceased’ old Facebook pages celebrating violence, callousness towards others, and proudly irresponsible kick-ass behavior.

The same thing that got them killed. Like where were the adults on that one again? Or this one?

Lol it’s funny how I’m just just now finding out about this blog post. I guess that goes to show how irrelevant your opinion is. I write this now because you deserve it after you’ve personally attacked the character and names of my friends, without anyone really speaking up about it. This is all I will write, and all the kind of attention you deserve to get from anyone in the world if you continue to see things this way. You’re so full of anger and disgust when you didn’t even know any of these people. Why? Do you realize how much of an emotionally unstable weirdo you’ve made yourself out to be? It’s clear you hate yourself, and unfortunate nobody from Burbank ever wanted to fuck you. I mean that’s just a keen assumption I’m allowed to make since you seem so willing to make your own. No wonder you’re a blogger, and a stereotypical one at that. I hate Burbank too, that’s why I left, but the comments you’ve made are completely out of line. Did you also know that “back in the day,” before the internet, you wouldn’t have been able to post an opinion like this without other people finding out? Did you also know that you would’ve gotten your ass beat? Be happy things run as they do now kid, or else you’d also end up with blunt trauma like the 3 who passed. And I say kid because you’ve proven how emotionally immature you are. I really hope you never disclose your name after posting something like this. Nobody wants to see that totaled car in front of the school. It’s depressing and completely inappropriate. Only you would want to see something like that since you hate the world and your life so much The fact that you would think that’s something they would do “back in the day,” just goes to show how out of touch with reality you are. Harsh criticism doesn’t belong anywhere right after a time of loss and grievance. If you think so, then I honestly feel bad for your children, who will most likely turn out just as fucked up and weird as you are if you actually get laid one day. None of the other comments you’ve made are even worth the time to counter because your opinion flat out sucks. You didn’t talk shit, it was more just diarrhea of the mouth. Please, continue to hide behind your keyboard.

Why is it that we get the fishy feeling right now that this is politically motivated? Anyone interested enough in the topic would have read it long ago.

The lack of spelling errors is also a tipoff that this ain’t friends of the concerned.

Btw, we’ve gotten laid a lot in Burbank. But the best fucks were always from places like Eagle Rock and Monterey Park. Not as many hangups, and lots more orgasms.

Burbank girls were more into getting on top though, which might be a plus depending upon mood.


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