Rogers loses it at 2:32:00

Check out the video.

You can tell the guy’s not feeling well these days, but there’s no excuse for his aggressively wacky behavior last night near the end of his extended “response to orals.”

The vice mayor talks about how much he respects the concept of protected speech at council meetings. Great. But then he almost immediately gets defiant and retaliatory after a couple of jeers happen to attend his uncalled for personal attack on one of the speakers? He even helps to get the police called on them!

It was far more out of line for Rogers to attack Greg Sousa the way he did last night than it was for the crowd down there to simply jeer him for it. There was such little provocation on their part in fact that this whole scene came off as a blatant setup, one designed to keep promulgating the phony narrative that these latest council critics have somehow become a physical menace to the community.

Sorry, but these critics are total lightweights compared to what was around 20 years ago. There are also far fewer of them. Rogers is well aware of this fact, but he just can’t help himself.

Rogers is also wrong to be ridiculing Sousa’s estimation of Albano’s legal abilities, which is what set this all off. Her office was inept not to have reviewed that blatantly illegal $50,000 T-BID deal before it went through; and we’ve noted here many times that her severely restrictive interpretation of the Brown Act seriously conflicts with that of two or three recent California attorney generals.

As pretext, she consistently uses her interpretation to quell both in-public council discussion and non-agendized public input. Perhaps cynically, Rogers thinks that’s competent.



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16 responses to “Rogers loses it at 2:32:00

  1. Incognito

    Rogers is a NUT JOB, hence he is endorsing Nutty Springer… His banter last night for 35 minutes was torture at best. He really does think very highly of himself. It was actually Jess, who asked the officer to escort Greg out, however, Greg spoke up and walked out on his own.

    Typical BS, if you don’t agree with the selective few you are bad and evil, however if you are a fan, you can do NO wrong. Heaven help us, he will soon be mayor and if Bob & Sharon are elected, we are in for HELL…..

  2. I’ve been to every council meeting since December 7th (save March 14th) and I am extremely skeptical of Roger’s claim that Save Burbank Neighborhoods members followed anyone to the parking lot to harass or intimidate them.

    Sure some of us can be a little pissy on camera but there have been no raised voices in the lobby or parking lot and for the most part speakers on opposite sides of an issue avoid each other outside the chambers. Rogers trying to paint us as bullies is telling. He presumably has some bad memories of that parking lot from 1996.

    Oh and here’s one of his operatives back in 2010 at a Gatto appearance sticking his face in a camera: This guy is walking door to door for Sharon now. Now that’s scary.

    • semichorus

      In all my years of council watching I’ve never seen this.

      People standing by the elevator, sure. Joking around, no doubt.

      No one’s afraid to go down there. It’s b.s. if “residents” claim so. I think it’s all part of the whispering campaign.

    • I agree with David. I was there last night too and polled all the other Gordon supporters present and none of us has EVER followed anyone out of the chamber or into the parking lot to even have a discussion. Rogers said he got a letter or email from a resident about this. The letter is either referring to someone who is not connected to our group or Rogers is simply lying.

    • Anonymous

      “David Spell
      March 29, 2017 at 12:10 pm
      …I am extremely skeptical of Roger’s claim that Save Burbank Neighborhoods members followed anyone to the parking lot to harass or intimidate them.”

      David, David, David,….get with the program! We all know he’s a pathological liar. It was them “gremlins” and “yard people”, Luny, Tally and he were referring to about those signs, that are doing are the harassing in the parking lots…well and Will too, but only wit the women. LOL, good God! ….and he’s going to be mayor. God help us all!

    • Anonymous

      Luddy also said that people don’t want to come to the meetings because they are intimidated. This is the beginning of their efforts to push you guys (who are campaigning for fairness for all) out the door. This is the way Burbank operates. If you are not on their page, you need to get lost!

  3. chad

    Rogers brought someone’s daughter into play and I thought that was totally out of line. I may not agree much with Talamantes or EGL but I don’t think they’d be that condescending or sarcastic, at least publicly, to any of their detractors. Frutos also tries to maintain decorum. Gordon will now and then be disrespectful to speakers. However, Rogers has reached a low here. He better get a grip.

  4. Anonymous

    Request to see the emails! He said they got them so let’s see them. FOIA.

    • semichorus


      What did Rogers tell him? Come on down anyway?

      Or was it, “Yes, you have a reason to be afraid! Be very afraid!”

      • Will

        David Spell I remember that video it was when the water throwers ( Burbank Democratic Club) was showing everyone what nut jobs they are. The guy with his face in the camera is a board member on some Burbank board that is official. That’s not just scary it explains why things are so FUBAR in Burbank when it comes to traffic because he is on the board that takes care of traffic and parking issues.

  5. Another anonymous

    Anyone else find it hilarious that Rogers would bring up goings-on in a parking lot given his, uhhhhh, history.

  6. Eileen

    Well not ironic when one considers that Rogers has always used deflection from his own severe character flaws by pointing at others and blaming those flaws on them. Rogers has done this for many years.

  7. T.V. resident of Burbank.

    One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. Rogers is that one rotten apple.

  8. Battery Charger

    Rogers insults on the public, seems very Un American to me.

  9. Oops, George !

    You have that right, I would be more inclined to say Socialism.

  10. In Memory of IRMA LUCE

    For some reason, when good people want to run for council and truly
    represent the people, JESS, Emly, Rogers and silent, smiling bob
    don’t like it. They feel powerful being slaves of what the city wants.
    Thus the verbal abuse to the ones who disagree.

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