Burbank doesn’t need more of this


Why do they all have to be in the business?

This bio note is from Sharon Springer’s Facebook page:

My professional life has been in the private sector. I was a commercial real estate appraiser for 12 years and valued shopping centers, industrial complexes, residential subdivisions and apartments. I was appraising a portfolio of gas stations when I had the epiphany that my education and talents could be used in a more meaningful way (for me).

You know, this does seem to be the kind of epiphany that someone in real estate would have. And it took her that long to have it?

Sorry, but we don’t need more people from the booster class in charge. Burbank’s been burdened enough with these semi-demi-professionals who — epiphany or whatever — can not leave their old world behind. Unless Springer had a nervous breakdown on top of things and then spent her next 15 years in Topanga she’s still enmeshed in that worldview.

It’s unavoidable. There’s nothing you can do about this, and there’s nothing in the Burbank milieu that’s ever going to inspire you out of it. Pretty much the opposite.

You’re either born with the realization or you’re not; and if you are, you don’t go into real estate appraisal.




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18 responses to “Burbank doesn’t need more of this

  1. Doug

    We do not need Springer. Anyone who votes for her really wants to destroy Burbank.

    • Claudio

      But Doug, after she abused the students by promising Credit Points
      she “offered them money” and “put it behind”
      No sack cloth, no ashes.

    • Slow motion car wreck

      You are exactly right.

      You do realize the we have installed rogers/springer/konstantine/luddy types throughout California government for decades now. So even if we dodge a bullet and elect Gordon, Burbank will still eventually end up with a hard-left-establishment government just like most of California.

      Btw, that Rogers 25-minute response (diatribe) to public comment last night was epic. This guy is completely unhinged, totally self-unaware and a gigantic ego to boot. I can’t wait until he’s Mayor. This is going to be fun. He gives new meaning to the words ‘artificial intelligence’.

      The only real enjoyment I received from this Burbank election season was when Bob got in and then NOT. I’m still smiling because of it.

      • semichorus

        I don’t think it’s a left wing thing, just pro corporate/technocratic. By people who think they’re not.

        This has been a big problem for the Democratic Party lately. They too often resemble business Republicans.

        Yes, Will’s been obviously feeling the heat lately. I love his parade of straw men.

  2. Sue

    I am honestly shocked by how Springer is backed by big out of town money. It reminds me of Chris Rizzotti and his big out of town backers. Really disgusting and there is only one reason for out of town money, they are looking to make a profit off us us in Burbank.

  3. chad

    I think that kind of narrativizing of your life is really just a retroactive pandering to make it seem like you had this altruistic come to Jesus moment. This town is filled with people like that especially when you consider all the people who tried to sell the great American screenplay and didn’t.

    Real estate is a close second to the entertainment industry when it comes to these kind of cliche “life journeys.” I’d find it much more refreshing, and frankly honest, if people just said,” I couldn’t make it in that industry anymore” or “I got so burned out” or “I couldn’t take the morons anymore” etc…You don’t often hear about people walking away from million dollar successes.

    • semichorus

      Good observation. Yeah, I’m tired of dealing with the ramifications of someone else’s spiritual awakening. Or another real estate person.

      They’re fine for selling houses, just not as urban philosophers.

      Or policymakers. Burbank’s been warned now about her– and it’s not just Springer. It’s that whole land/property/building schtick.

      It’s not a good background. Can’t we get some teachers up there?

  4. Incognito

    Springer is a complete NUT case, just listen to her at council last night at orals, she provided a “back handed apology” for having asked Key Clubs & HS kids to help with her canvassing for credits! She apologies in one breath after realizing it was “Wrong”, however, she offered to “Pay them” for their time. She missed the point Big time, it was not about money…… it was about the safety of having kids walk on their own with no adult supervision.

    Dr. Gordon cited BUSD and Kiwanis International rules/regulations and they are Both stating it’s a NO NO…. to have kids do that.

    So I say to you, how bright can she be? And/or so out of touch…

    She is a hypocrite, and whatever she is telling you, take the opposite as the truth. She is lying to residents when she see’s other candidates signs that they are in it together, just so they let her put her signs up!!!

    Her signs on the developer propert(ies) went down after I commented? However, I will take a photo when I find one again, she is NOT getting a pass . She is a Wolf in Sheep clothing and it’s the Last thing Burbank needs. Luddy, Rogers and Jess apparently are supporting her, so that should tell you something..

    • semichorus

      Paying the kids would present even MORE legal problems, especially for the district. Yes, she doesn’t get it.

      Her spirit of “enterprise” worries me. Burbank needs more cool gentility and restraint in its leadership ranks — not more aggressive business-y-ness (to coin a term.)

  5. R2d2

    And the Springer supporters speak out on making Burbank a bike city, and a sustainable city filled with happy friendly people. Can we place big television screens all over town with Rogers speaking 24 -7 on them please ?

    • semichorus

      Hitting middle age can be difficult for some people.

      Especially if you lack a solid education and aren’t well grounded.

  6. Anonymous

    Watching the rebroadcast of Rogers’ interminable response to orals. He is clearly working on his Spencer Tracy impression–and the sound of it just intoxicates him. Unfortunately, it sounds like Tracy after a massive stroke…

    • semichorus

      He’s obviously not well.

      You know, at first I didn’t mind him too much during that response. He made sense, and came off as almost avuncular. Although his lack of specifics about “99 percent” of those “blog” postings explained nothing (like why are they crap?)

      But with the Sousa attack he totally blew it. It was wrongheaded, factually incorrect (Sousa has a law degree), and ad hominem nasty.

      It’s also much harder to get a teamster job in the studios than be admitted to a law school. Rogers’ crack about the occupation was uncalled for– but he’s big on castigating employment backgrounds.

  7. chad

    I agree. For the most part I was impressed with how responsive Rogers was. I wish everyone was like that but the “90% of the internet being garbage” and the personal attacks was like listening to a great vinyl pressing and then someone coming in at the end knocking the stylus across the record. He’s his own worst enemy.

    • semichorus

      You know, that’s a perfect depiction of the way I saw it.

      I’m watching the guy and I’m thinking, “He’s really not that bad.” I get him, and I agree with most of this except his pandering crack about the great age-old tradition of anonymity, and his (habitual) undefined references about people and claims that don’t exist in reality.

      And then … the sudden hostility towards the quite capable Sousa, and the big leap towards making that small crowd down there look to be a dangerous and uncontrollable mob.

  8. Anonymous

    She sure made a point that the boys were older not little kids. What’s she doing hanging with high schools boys anyway.

  9. Kyle

    Oh yeah the league of Conservation voters speaking out about their McDonalds at Santa Clarita City Council. Springer for McRibs

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