The Rogers-inspired sleaze campaign takes aim. Again


Anyone else remember how a couple of years ago Dr. Gordon’s Yelp page suddenly got hit with two or three smarmy “reviews” which suggested that he was sexually harassing his patients? You know, giving them some unwanted attention in that area?

There was no coincidence to this — they had popped up immediately after he started giving static to our local Rescue Ranger Pet Parents about how he didn’t believe Peggy Wood’s on Hollywood Way was selling “puppy mill” product, and thus he wasn’t going to give them the restrictive ordinance they’d been demanding. Ah, the knives went out on that one…

Just received this comment in the morning:

People have turned against Gordon because of his stances on things and the unsavory stuff about him that many people know about and is talked about. Reasonable people are done with his transparent sky-is-falling lies. The only way he can beat even a weak candidate like Springer is if he colludes with Russia.

The Springer people obviously think that pairing Gordon with Trump — and then conducting another whispering campaign against their chosen opponent — is going to work.

Rogers is one of her big advisers and supporters. This is what he said about us a couple of years ago, and in writing no less:

I haven’t dropped by since, and won’t again in the future. I don’t want my computer’s IP address turning up as a listed visitor to a site that may one day be the subject of a criminal investigation or civil action. (Personally, I suspect the blogger is effectively “judgment proof,” living at a subsistence level and with certain mental issues that would make civil action an outrageously expensive waste of time.)

Friends, acquaintances and others occasionally copy, paste and send me what they say are recent examples of material from the author and contributors. But I give each this same background, and suggest they stop wasting their time visiting the site.

For effect, he preceded this cheery recommendation with a complete mis-phrasing of a joke we’d made about a 30-year-old job that was actually a pretty cool one for the time, but for which we’d been the subject of much current derision and ridicule from people who thought they were better.

(Interestingly enough, a recent Social Security statement pegged our income back then at — as indexed for inflation — about $55,000 a year in current dollars. Forget about the fringe benefits — that’s far more than Will’s been making the last dozen years or so!)

The guy’s a sleazeball. This is his style, and the same holds true for his friends and supporters.



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61 responses to “The Rogers-inspired sleaze campaign takes aim. Again

  1. Anonymous


    You are exceeding yourself in your paranoid delusions.

    • semichorus

      Keep trying.

      Here, I’ll help you with the script:

      Mental issues
      Stalking issues, potentially,
      Hates women
      Troubling personal background

      Anything else I should add about us “Gordon supporters”? I’m sure Will can think of a few.

  2. Bill

    Semichorus doesn’t Rogers have a criminal record due to how he made his money years ago ? With that record he really should not act like he is better than others. Rogers has a criminal record and he puts others down by calling them names. That really makes no sense because he lives in a glass jar.

    • semichorus

      He had one. Not sure of its status now.

      Yes, with a background like his it’s perfectly ok to be making critical comments about people and ideas. But what you’ve clearly lost your right to do is engage in questions about someone else’s alleged “character” and moral deportment.

      His friends should remind him of this. It makes him look the ass. Being how he’s also been living off his wife for a number of years, this includes him making mocking, innuendo-laden asides about the economic status of others.

      He’s not too educated, is he? Perfect for Burbank.

  3. Tami

    Rogers always twists and contorts what others say in order to make his points. Rogers is a very dishonest person.

  4. Anonymous

    Oh, dear. “Things” AND “Stuff?” Gordon’s goose is cooked!

  5. Al in SoCal

    Let’s all remember a quaint time when Dr. Gordon was an outsider demanding term limits for Councilmembers who had served numerous 4 year terms.

    The whisper campaign I see is the one I see displayed in these comments about Sharon Springer. She’s volunteered with the city for years, she doles out freebie plants the first weekend of the month at the Farmer’s Market, etc etc etc. It’s hard for me to see the “evil” in all of that? Well, I guess when you’re bitter and tired of life in general – it’s easy to hate someone like that.

    The hypocrisy is overwhelming time after time from Dr. Gordon and his rabid followers. Also, re: tying Gordon to Trump it should be obvious to anyone paying attention who his main supporters are: Libertarians, Republicans, and fanatics who fear some UN policy that has ZERO to do with our city.

    This is where it actually turns non-partisan – development in the city. Dr. Gordon also appeals to the zero growth and development crowd, the “fallow field where the old Ikea sat” vs. a moderate growth model. That said, let me give you all a tip: Gordon hasn’t done very much for you. He ultimately voted for that massive Ikea whereas the one you all love to bash: Sharon Springer probably would have voted against it. She was against it during our committee meetings – and far more so than your Savior Optometrist was.

    • semichorus

      Springer’s much more of a booster and technocrat than Gordon. I think Burbank’s had enough of that during the last 30 years, and his vote for the new IKEA certainly proves that he’s a moderate-growther and not a Luddite.

      Springer’s also engaging in a nasty innuendo-laden campaign against Gordon and his alleged personal qualities. This Hillary vs Trump grudge match angle is only part of it. It’s a big turn off for me, and indicative of a strong Rogers influence.

      The “rabid” thing is a great example of what I’m talking about, as well as the attempt to paint his “supporters” as some kind of class of kooks and morons. It’s typical Burbank booster dishonesty: the critics and slo-growthers are always nuts or disturbed in some way.

      • Al in SoCal

        “The “rabid” thing is a great example of what I’m talking about, as well as the attempt to paint his “supporters” as some kind of class of kooks and morons.”

        Not morons, but people unwilling to ever criticize him. Ever call him out on anything – ever take him to up on his calls for term limits and let his protege Juan G. have a shot at his seat. The unwillingness to ever see fault in your leaders is indicative of the Trump crowd – there is a very clear link with Trump supporters avidly and yes rabidly supporting Gordon in teh same way. He can do no wrong, everything he says and does is a beacon of change and light – it’s disturbing and somewhat scary.

        • semichorus

          I’ve often criticized him. But the other council members are worse.

          There’s no one that fits your description btw when it comes to Gordon fans/Springer critics. It’s also irrelevant anyway, because what matters is Gordon himself– not some parody of the people who like him.

          Which has apparently been a large number of local nutcases and zealots in Burbank, considering the number of votes he’s been able to garner over the years.

          But that’s right, everyone knows he’s the candidate of the crazies…

          Ah, let the burlesques continue. What I find odd — no, the better term is “creepy” — is how so many people around here who actually AGREE with his basic positions in general still have a need to attack him. And then vote in someone who is potentially hostile to their interests or just plain clueless and naive.

          Burbank has always been its own worst enemy, so this is nothing new. But in this case, what is it. Is Gordon too Jewish-y for the current population of progressives?

          Yes, those mucky mucks just can’t be collegial! They’re never positive about anything.

          • Norm

            Dear Al of So Cal, when personal attacks don’t work fall back plan is attack those who agree with and support the person. So amusing to watch how the “self proclaimed good people” like Al are always busy attacking with personal insults anyone who the disagree with. Sorry Al you are way to transparent on your hate.

            • Al in SoCal

              “self proclaimed good people” – where / when?

              What’s similarly amusing is observing the “faithful” on this messageboard blindly head-nod and cheer to revoking the healthcare coverage of 24M Americans, bash “illegals”, and cheer wholeheartedly the sleaze that occupies the WH – so awful his own wife doesn’t want to live with him, but really who can blame her.

              • semichorus

                As I said, most of those comments are phony. They all come from two IP addresses.

                They aren’t representative of Gordon supporters, Rogers’ wetdreams notwithstanding.

        • Anonymous

          ” Al in SoCal
          March 28, 2017 at 11:50 am
          The “rabid” thing is a great example of what I’m talking about, as well as the attempt to paint his “supporters” as some kind of class of kooks and morons. Not morons, but people unwilling to ever criticize him. Ever call him out on anything –”

          You make me laugh as to your twisted attempts at rationale and logic, not to mention, attempting to categorized a group as one in singular thinking. You’re an idiot as to your thoughts you consistently spew here. Which, can you not see, that by trolling here regularly to attack others, what does that say about you, ole’ champion of righteousness….NOT! God bless the beast the and the children.

    • I am one of Gordon’s main supporters and I work closely with his other main supporters and I’m aware of none whom are Libertarian or fanatics who fear any UN policies. You’re WAY off base on this one.

      I have, however, met a few Republicans who support him which says a lot for his ability to keep local politics local. Other candidates aren’t able to do the same. Obviously you are buying into the Rogers propaganda comparing Gordon and his supporters to Trump and “trumpsters.” I hope you watch tonight and see how Rogers “politics” from the dais. I find it VERY hypocritical.

      • semichorus

        I know, it’s a lie.

        Just like 80 or 90 percent of the wingnut comments here are phony as hell. They’re deliberately planted on this blog in order to discredit the criticism and make everything look like nutcase-ville.

        This first began back when I was exposing much of the police mess to the world and starting to get some national attention — it’s a pretty blatant opposition research/troll farm tactic. Some of the behind-the-scenes stuff was much, much worse.

        • Nancy

          Luckymoyn yes.

          Rogers chastises others every week not for what they do but for what he does. He does the things he blames them for week after week when they have never done those things.

          It is hypocrisy and watching it on TV it makes me very angry.

        • John

          Like Mayor Bric’s email threats to you were really bad.

          • semichorus

            Or when pissed off BPD higher-ups stole my car one night from out of my driveway at about 9 p.m. and then dumped it right across the border on Spazier as a warning.

            There’s a reason why the FBI was investigating the department for 3 to 4 years. As a result, it cost Burbank about $8 to $10 million in attorneys fees to hopelessly cloud the situation and protect management.

            Trust me on this — it’s a sleazy town. And kind of a joke about it.

            • Anonymous

              The BDP stole your car??? Your paranoia is running at full whack.

              • semichorus

                You have no idea what was going on back then. When it first occurred I didn’t suspect a linkage. It wasn’t until awhile later that I was sure of it.

                The FBI knew about all this crowd — that’s why they spent almost four years breathing down their necks.

                Btw, I never said “the BPD” did it. It was people within the BPD.

                • Anonymous

                  Ah, people with the BDP. I SEE.

                  Your paranoia is running at full whack.

                  • semichorus

                    BPD higher ups. Whether it was official or not, who knows.

                    There’s a reason why the city had to spend over $13 million to defend that out of control department. What I experienced was just the tip of the iceburg.

                    You have not a clue, dude. I guess I made up the Portos robbery, too.

                  • Anonymous

                    You certainly made up this theft of your car, in your hysterical paranoia.

                  • semichorus

                    February 2009 police report. BPD.

                    A March one for Glendale, when they recovered the car. And by the way Glendale was acting, you could tell they’d seen this right-across-the-border stunt before. They were real hinky about the whole thing.

                    So go fuck yourself, dude.

  6. Tim

    Got my subway and I am watching the council show. The puffer fish makes a terrible mayor. He can’t even read the dumb announcements. Oh brother now Luggage gets all excited to announce some horse show uggj. Performing dogs at a horse show ? Puffer fish lets Luggage waste too much time, they always say the need to get to bisiness so shut up and get to the business it’s already after 6:16 and you people are still talking.

  7. TLR

    Frutos sounds funny and unbelievable saying Awesome over and over as he talks about what all he went to during the last week. Frutos you’re not awesome dude.

  8. Steve

    Rogers is very scared about who is appointed to run various Federal Agencies ? Hey we have a convicted criminal on our city council we should be very scared here in Burbank of Rogers. Watching these meetings and all the conspiracy theories of Rogers makes these meetings like a comedy show.

    • semichorus

      He’s trying to make this next Burbank election take on the cast of partisanship.

      It’s the only way Springer can win. Gordon = the creepy “Trumpian” nutcases; Springer = Hillary II.

      Her Facebook page is awash with this phony “She’s just like Hillary!” sentiment.

  9. Free to speak

    I guess Bob Olsen ‘Bubbles’ doesn’t like Mike and Roy Show videos and wants them forbidden. Does he even know what free speech is?

    Many have given their lives for this precious right. He expressed his discontent with the Mike and Roy Show videos during public comment and that is his right, but I think he does not understand that Mike and Roy have the exact same right no matter how that speech is delivered.

    Even though ‘Bubbles’ is an establishment hack, he knows right from wrong and what free speech is. Shame on him. All I want to know is who put him up to degrading himself in such an abhorrent manner.

    • semichorus

      Oh, that booster crowd’s always been trying to shut things down. Everything they don’t like is considered to be deeply troubling.

      • Kevin

        The scary thing is this Olson man is on the water and power board. He has been voting over and over again to raise our electric bills. The guy is a little dictator.

      • Boxer

        The ones making our election all partisan is the creepy Burbank Democratic Club and the Los Angeles County Democratic Org. They are doing all kind of trolling in our election and as a Democrat I am offended by them.

        • Anonymous

          You’re “offendes” by they? Wow. What a condemnation.

        • semichorus

          I agree. The Springer campaign and her (Burbank-style) progressive supporters are running her as a Dem — it’s a grudge match against “the Trumpians.”

          This is pretty unheard of for Burbank. The closest thing to it was the old Dallas Williams/Bircher campaigns of the early-middle 60s.

      • Carlos A

        That Bob Olsen guy is an enemy of the people and of the Constitution. All he did tonight was make the case to lose his own free speech.

      • Tim

        Mr Olson is like the sneaky charachter on the council show. They should watch that guy really good or things might end up stolen from the set. Like maybe the coffee cups.

      • Toad

        LOL is Rogers talking about himself when he said anybody can call themselves a journalist ? It is what he always did. He called himself an investigative journalist when he was just a op ed opinion piece and never was news.

        • semichorus

          Who besides Rogers in town has ever called themselves a “journalist”? Not me.

          Another straw man coming on down from Le Investigateur?

      • Anonymous

        Hey Free to speak, What makes you think bobble head olson knows right from wrong ?

        So obvious the bobble head olson is all about himself and thinks his shyt does not thin

    • Anonymous

      Mike and his puppet Roy do not have a right to campaign from the Council lectern. That is the complaint. Not that I expect you to acknowledge the truth of that.

      “Comment on business before the council.” is the standard. Advocating for Gordon or slagging on the otters is not what the time is meant for.

      Exactly like how it would be unacceptable for a merchant to come out and advertise for his business.

      Face it.

      • semichorus

        Your analogy to a merchant is not only stupid, it’s incorrect legally.

        City business is city business. THAT’S the “standard,” you ignoramus. Hell, the Burbank City Council used to allow STRINGS of videos to be shown speaker by speaker for one candidate or another. The good old days.

        What’s going on now is nothing. Ask Rogers.

      • Styles

        “Comment on business before the council.” is the standard. Advocating for Gordon or slagging on the others is not what the time is meant for.

        I am waiting for you to criticize the lady that campaigned for a position on the civic pride committee. That committee not on the agenda so it was not business before the council and it was clearly campaigning for a position.

        Stop being the puppet of Rogers and Golonski there anonymous.

        • semichorus

          Anything involving city business is an appropriate topic for oral communications.

          Burbank has always had a liberal interpretation on this…which must aggravate Albano, who repeatedly tries to use the “Brown Act” to stifle council discussions.

      • Anonymous

        Idiot ” Anonymous
        March 28, 2017 at 7:23 pm
        Mike and his puppet Roy do not have a right to campaign from the Council lectern. That is the complaint. Not that I expect you to acknowledge the truth of that.”

        Yet, everybody whining about it Tues nite was campaigning in their own sooooo obvious ways. Oh, the hypocrisy….but that’s what you get from self-serving idiots.

      • My puppet and I actually DO have a right to campaign from the council lectern. We have 5 minutes to comment on ANY city business. The election and the candidates are definitely city business. You should also know that Roy nor I would ever slag on the otters. We love all aquatic and semi-aquatic marine mammals!

  10. Anonymous

    Wow. Did mike Nolan say the budget cuts could include cutting 31 cops,one library closing and shutting down a fire station?…yet raises are handed out.

  11. Joy

    Holy Cow Rogers just admitted he says offensive things just like Trump does. Funny how Rogers dislikes Trump for what he says and then says he himself does not care how people react to what he says. Rogers is offensive like Trump and he pointed it out tonight.

    • semichorus

      I can never figure out what he’s saying enough to know if it is offensive. I’ve learned he’s more of a Keyboard Commando.

      Verbally, he makes Bob Kramer look like William Jennings Bryan.

      • Ralph

        The city really needs to hire a translator to translate what Rogers says into English I agree he mumbles so much and his sentences are so disjointed he makes no coherent sense. All he does is attack people and feel smug about how brilliant he is. Problem is Rogers is only brilliant in his own mind.

      • Tim

        I was like wow when the Springer lady was on my TV. I just don’t trust her and she looked like her head was about to explode. I think without a camera on her she wouls curse and scream at people. Who is that old lady that said she loves Springer ? Who was that sick looking old man that was wearing the Springer shirt ? Duh those Springer peoplw looked and acted sick. Oh and I like the Mike and Roy show. I think they are just mad because the Mike and Roy Show is getting better ratings then the council show.

        • semichorus

          And the Gordon critics describe HIS fans as being goofy. By contrast, hers are almost like a cult.

          What would Will be saying if Gordon supporters all showed up wearing “GORDON” shirts? I can only imagine…

          There’s also more than a little “Man– Bad!” grudge match going on there with some of the females in that crowd. They must have imported it from the Pet Parents.

      • Reese Place

        Such a shame that, as this long time council meeting viewer, knows the council did not listen to Dr Gordon years before redevelopment ended. Dr Gordon suggested paying back what the redevelopment owed to the city. Dr Gordon wanted to pay it toward the pension fund short fall. Had they listened to Dr Gordon back then the financial situation would be much better today for the city.

  12. Anonymous

    Rogers is a stammering, inarticulate boob who makes Frutos sound like a veteran star of the Royal Shakespeare Company. The Rogers mayoral term will be a stunning new low for Burbank.

    • Kyle

      Just listen to Rogers, Talamantes, and Frutos and try to find a brain among the 3 of them. No wonder the city is going broke.

      • semichorus

        Well, as a longtime critic and establishment naysayer, Gordon can claim some rightful satisfaction here. Little of this financial mess can be traced back to HIM. He tried to warn people — and vote against programs.

        The others though are on the hook for much of it.

        • Matt

          They like to call Gordon the NO vote. Looking at the financial situation now really proves the NO vote in favor of paying the bills they let stack up really is proving to be the right vote now. I blame Golonski and his cronies for years pf spending the money and letting all the bills stack up.

  13. Anonymous

    A long time ago it became clear that during a campaign the incumbents got 6 hours a night to “campaign”. That’s why the citizens started using public comments to promote their candidate.

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