Here’s a good question for our council members to ask the Burbank Police Department



Which of course they won’t. Or, if they do, none of them will insist on getting a straight answer as to any of the specifics.

In light of current Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions’ comments this morning about how everyone with any sense or decency has to confront our nation’s many “sanctuary cities” or else the Cossacks are going to be all flooding into our neighborhoods early next week, what exactly is Burbank’s policy on dealing with illegal immigrants?

And who in fact is making that policy?

We’ve been seeing a lot of vague comments in the newspapers lately about how Burbank and Glendale both follow current law on the topic, and thus they don’t scrutinize suspects or contacts merely for inquiries about their immigration status. But what does that mean in practice?

We know that Burbank is certainly not one of California’s sanctuary cities, whatever this term means. But is it instead an “anti” sanctuary city?

It used to be.


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