Kind of wacky?


Or sententious?

This was from Springer’s campaign Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. At first we thought it was an ad.



What is this — running for office as therapy? As an exercise?



They’re also running her as Burbank’s “Hillary.” It’s repeated quite often on that page.

No wonder the Gordon = Trump crap.



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19 responses to “Kind of wacky?

  1. Anonymous

    Calling Dr Karum one of your patients named Sharon wandered out of her padded room.

  2. Anonymous

    She played these suckers. Went by the new playbook for the woman’s card. It’s going to be 5-0 go developers.

    • semichorus

      Well, the woman-good, man-creepy card maybe.

      It might work with the menopausal Pet Parent crowd here in Burbank. They’re always looking around for new things to get self-righteous about.

  3. Anonymous

    I have a feeling that advice on being powerful came from that Burbank Democratic Club. Home of the loons right there.

  4. Carla

    Mrs Springer is a very stubborn and unreasonable person with no grasp of reality. Thats my expeeience with her

  5. J.N.

    Is it true that Springer pays people to say they support her ? My neighbor says she does. How do I get some of the Springer cash ?

  6. Anonymous

    “Keep trying with the phony smears about (her) supposed personal psychologies.”

    Wow. Sound familiar?

  7. JLo

    People have turned against Gordon because of his stances on things and the unsavory stuff about him that many people know about and is talked about. Reasonable people are done with his transparent sky-is-falling lies. The only way he can beat even a weak candidate like Springer is if he colludes with Russia.

    • semichorus

      Thanks for revealing to us the dishonest whispering campaign against Gordon.

    • Irwin Fletcher

      Name 3 “unsavory” things about Gordon- please, I’m begging you. Details that can be verified… if they were legit, they would be all over the blogs and papers, but they aren’t, are they?

      • semichorus

        These people are scumballs, believe me.

      • Anonymous

        He’s a slob, for one. Look in his car. Old briefing papers all over it.

        • Irwin Fletcher

          Totally irrelevant. Maybe he’s too busy doing his best to run this city, making up for the lack of effort by his colleagues.

          • Irene

            Good point Irwin. The only one on the council who seems to care enough to do any research and listen to the public is Dr Gordon. I bet he has very little time to do personal stuff like clean a car because he is always busy trying to protect all of us.

        • Anonymous

          He’s a slob ? WTF now thats’ a statement with substance. Your statement shows just how shallow you are and how you lack substance. Is it true that Sharon Springer is a hoarder ? I have heard she us.

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