Meanwhile, back in the Flatlands…


While BHS has been casting around for the best stripper type for its internationally acclaimed vocal music show (the teachers there tell us that girls from broken homes make the best performers), Burroughs has been winning awards.

Congratulations to the Burroughs High School Vocal Music Assn. for sweeping the national championship show choir competition in Richmond, Va., this past weekend! Both show choirs, Powerhouse and Sound Sensations, swept all major awards in their competition categories.

On Sunday the 125 young people were bused to Washington, D.C., where they were to spend two days touring our nation’s capitol. They were scheduled for a White House tour on Tuesday morning before flying home later in the day. Brendan Jennings and his staff of outstanding vocal coaches and choreographers deserve our thanks for providing so many wonderful opportunities for our children. All of us are enriched by the music and arts taught in our Burbank schools.

Btw, the news here came from a letter to the editor in this weekend’s Leader. There was no newspaper story about it that we know of, nor was there anything about the trip at all.

In fact, someone happened to have dropped a comment about it here last week. That and this letter have been the total extent of the coverage.



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3 responses to “Meanwhile, back in the Flatlands…

  1. Anonymous

    Yup. It’s the best “staff of outstanding vocal coaches and choreographers” a parent’s money can buy. And for $50 a ticket, “all of us are enriched by the music and arts taught in our Burbank schools.”

    The idea that the school or site staff — outside of Jennings — has anything to do with the success of this program is a crock.

  2. Wendy Stackhouse

    Thanks for mentioning the Burroughs Choirs! Did you know that Powerhouse had their first undefeated season EVER this year? Congratulations to all of the Burroughs choir students on a wonderful season and Powerhouse on their National #2 ranking!

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