Bogus Springer letter-writing campaign is spreading nonsense about her so-called accomplishments


If you haven’t seen it yet you will: A trio of letters just popped up in this weekend’s Leader about Community Miracle Worker Sharon Springer. And what a coincidence. They all say the same thing.

Our favorite of the three is how she took care of a speeding problem up on Verdugo in between ridding that same neighborhood of a half-way house that neither the city staff employees nor city council apparently knew what to do about.

Little did we know that Springer had such off-the-books influence to resolve troublesome and complex issues. Since she’s been doing such a good job on these things behind the scenes, wouldn’t it be a shame then to take her away from this role by electing her?



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26 responses to “Bogus Springer letter-writing campaign is spreading nonsense about her so-called accomplishments

  1. Sue

    I am honestly surprised that these letters didn’ tell us just how influential Springer has been in keeping the Russians out of the city election and the forgot to mention when Springer single handed stopped a meteor from hitting Burbank.

    • semichorus

      You mean you didn’t hear?!

      • Joel

        I heard Springer almost prevented the armed robbery at Pavilions, but her police scanner ran out of battery.

        • semichorus

          I thought it was that 5 a.m. donut shop robbery? Right after the child trafficking ring she broke up the night before.

          • DixieFlyer

            …and it was a solar battery, at that.

            • Jan

              I heard that Sharon Springer goes to the landfill at night looking for rescue batteries. She takes them home and adopts them, I call her a hoarder.

              • semichorus

                She does seem to adopt every bad or conventional idea that comes along.

                If it’s got a cheering section somewhere she’ll be right in there.

                When I see the crowd she’s attracting, I get a good idea of why they like her — she’s an establishment stooge who talks like a maverick. But she ain’t.

                Notice that her civic “ideas” btw all involve spending big sums of money?

  2. Anonymous

    I wonder if any of you can name one accomplishment of Dr. Gordon’s?

    I mean, best as I can tell, he has never lead the council to take ANY action.

    • semichorus

      Forcing the council as a whole to back up and think through their positions, for one.

      All the time he’s trying to get them to do things. Constantly, at almost every meeting.

      None of the others have shown a leadership role in anything, since you’re asking. What have any of THEM individually accomplished?


      But oh, that’s right. The rules are different for Gordon.

      • Anonymous

        Talemantes lead the effort to bring De Bell back to profitability.

        Simple stuff like that. Gordon has done none of it.

        • semichorus

          He did no such thing.

          This is getting ridiculous. All this phony credit going around. The dishonesty has really become overwhelming.

          Gordon has tons of good ideas and things to add to Burbank. His problem is classic Burbank:

          — Having to constantly deal with stubborn, careless idiots, or,

          –Having to deal with spoiled, stubborn mediocrities who won’t give an inch to an idea that isn’t THEIRS.

          Even if they agree with it!

          In fact, longtime Burbank lamebrain behavior is to deliberately reverse your position or idea just because someone ELSE either developed it better than you did or treaded on something that you thought was yours alone, and thus they consequently bruised your ego somewhere.

          I grew up here, and so I know. Burbank people CANNOT WORK TOGETHER with others without making everything either a money deal or an ego thing. It’s classic white-ass, middle class, spoiled-ness and arrogance around here.

          I even noticed it in the kids the first day I moved back here in 1966 from Northern California. Most Burbank people cannot work together without being stubborn assholes about everything. They’re so smug and spoiled in their surroundings that there’s never anything that’s really at stake for them.

          And so they fight everything. It’s 100 percent classic Burbank.

          • Norm

            Sorry if what Talamantes did was bring back the golf course to profitability then he is a massive failure. Take a look it is in the red and not In the green profitable area and is projected to get worse this year. Sorry but talamantes did not bring the golf course back to profitable what he did was leave it sinking while calling it to big to fail.

            • Incognito

              Thank you for replying on this Norm.

              What a JOKE….. it’s profitable??? Do you mean that because it was too BIG to Fail and $2m of our tax dollars was given to DeBell to make it work and it’s still in the “RED”. What proof do you have that DeBell is successful, because we all hear very different…….

              Wow people really do drink the KoolAde…

              Dr. Gordon has been asking for council to stop giving away valuable properties for pennies on the dollar, yet, they continue to give the properties away to a selective few. It should go to the highest bidder, like when you want to buy a house!!!!!!

              Honestly the hypocrisy of attacking Gordon all the time and giving the other Yo – Yo’s a pass is beyond comprehension. Like Springer blaming him for the IKEA, really. Stupid is, as Stupid Does.

              We are going to get stuck with Dumb & Dumber if Bob & Sharon are voted in and those of us with some sense, are going to pay the price for the next 4 years. They have NO back bone and All talk a good talk, however deliver a big fat ZERO. Hold on to your wallets taxpayers

          • Anonymous

            Your tantrum here is about the equal of what we expect weekly from Gordon. Nothing adult or measured, just rage.

            • semichorus

              Keep trying with the phony smears about our supposed personal psychologies. Will must think it’s going to work again.

              But hey, if it looks like it’s not, you can always reference personal appearance. That a perennial here in Burbank.

            • Anonymous

              ” Anonymous
              March 27, 2017 at 10:38 am
              Your tantrum here is about the equal of what we expect weekly from Gordon. Nothing adult or measured, just rage.”

              And, your spew is about equal to what we expect weekly from Rogers, Luddy, Talamantes, Springer and Frutos. Nothing of content just rhetoric, hurling dung.

          • Carla

            That is so true Semichorus, Dr Gordon comes up with ideas all the time but most of the council is either stupid or corrupt and remains stubborn and set in doing things the failed way over and over again. We have a really stupid council just look at how bad our streets are.

        • Faux Fuddy Luddy

          WRONG.. bailing out the money losing Debell with city money is NOT bringing it back to profitibilty And we will be reminded as such when the budget talks begin . the place is a sieve

    • Dr. Gordon led the effort (AND SUCCEEDED) in keeping cell towers and other industrial sites out of our R-1 residential neighborhoods. The rest of the City Council told residents, “our hands are tied” but Gordon did not accept this answer and fought to protect residents. Dr. Gordon’s efforts were instrumental in establishing a community task force that has worked with Community Development to assign preferred placement for cell towers and other industrial sites in Burbank. That’s just one of Dr. Gordon’s accomplishments.

    • Anonymous

      He called for that slimy creep Tim Stehr’s resignation. He got it.

      • semichorus

        Oh, so HE was the one.

        Sorry dude– he defended the department until the end.

        • Anonymous

          I was referring to Gordon. Remember, after the Gunn suicide, the chamber was full of PO’d fuzz. Golonski called the Doctors demand “grandstanding.”

          • semichorus

            Oh, ok — I thought you were talking about Talamantes. He seems to get credit for everything.

            You’re right, yes. DG was outraged at Gordon — until the TV cameras showed up at his house. Then he was calling for a resignation!

            DG (and Rogers too) exemplify what I’m talking about here. No matter how good your idea, if they don’t like you, they’ll fight it. Even if they agree with it!

            • James

              Lets see. Tellthemoron was so busy doing due diligence that he missed that 50,000 being siphoned out of the city treasury and handed over to the Yes on B campaign, and meanwhile Fruitloops was busy keeping his eye on the airport so he missed how 50,000 was removed from the city treasury to promote a yes vote in an election.

              Meanwhile Luddy missed all of it due to her bad attendance at meetings. Rogers ? Who’s that. During it all Gordon called for a public hearing so the taxpayers could find out what happened to the 50,000, but as usual Rogers blathered and wanted the taxpayers to remain in the dark. Where was Springer on the whole issue of the 50,000 ? As usual she was busy out playing with the butterflies.

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