Schiff says evidence on Trump admin link to Russia “more than circumstantial”


What a bombshell. He also had this statement about Chairman Nunes’ ridiculous action today in tipping off Trump about “incidental” evidence recently uncovered:




— Isn’t Nunes leaking information here?

— Why is it that so many of the top people Trump has hired over the years have strong connections to Russia? Being the good businessman that he supposedly is, and being in New York, is that all he could get? So far no one’s been asking this basic question. Actually, it seems to be the No.1 question.

— If this “incidental” evidence somehow vindicates Trump’s statements two weeks ago about Obama supposedly “wire tapping” him — or as Greta Van Susteren just put it, “it gives him cover” — why then did Trump need to be briefed on this today by the GOP intel chairman? If Trump was referring to this two weeks ago then he would have already known about it.

— If the FBI has been investigating the Trump people since July of last year, as Director Comey revealed on Monday, wouldn’t Trump have been apprised of this by his own AG the minute he entered office? Could this then be what Trump was referring to — evasively of course, by leaving out the real reason for the surveillance — when he claimed two weeks ago that Obama was having him watched?

Prediction. If the GOP agrees to an independent prosecutor on Trump/Russia, they will quickly try to turn this investigation into one that involves the Obama administration as a target. That way every single administration Democrat that Rep. Gowdy named the other day as potentially culpable about “leaks” last fall will have to spend millions on attorneys fees. Obama too. And the media will love it.

By now it’s obvious that the GOP is desperate to distract. So far it’s been working all the time.




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10 responses to “Schiff says evidence on Trump admin link to Russia “more than circumstantial”

  1. chad

    Can you imagine that Nunes would expect people to have faith in his objectivity? He freely admitted he let the president know before his own committee tasked with the investigation. He should resign as he has proven his inability to be an impartial judge. He won’t as those people and his ilk do not care about process, the law, etc…They only care about power grabs and keeping them at all costs. Wastes of space these pieces of crap. The GOP has spent years telling us that government is incompetent. I think it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. They are proving government can be an incompetent mess but taking it over and screwing it up.

    • semichorus

      Wouldn’t it be great if Trump turns out to be — in essence — a Russian mole? And under the GOP flag no less.

      I think foreign agencies like Britain and Germany will be the ones who get to the bottom of this. I suspect they’re already approaching it on the suspicion that Trump is basically working for Russia.

  2. Anonymous


  3. chad

    Keeping it classy….

    • Al in SoCal

      From the folks who wrap themselves in the flag but rarely serve or appreciate the freedom it signifies, who wear their religion on their sleeve, but rarely practice its tenets and who are trigger happy but apparently worked with an ENEMY to get themselves into office – classy is as foreign a term as the Russians who helped them.

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