A guy who can’t even update his own blog with the latest election results calls Gordon “clueless”


From another local site less than half as bright:

For the final council seat Sharon Springer takes David Gordon into a runoff. This was quite the shock since the other incumbents cruised to such easy reelections and because a majority of voters did not vote for an incumbent councilmember, David Gordon. We’ve made no attempt to hide our distaste of the creepy and clueless Gordon. City workers often quietly apologize to citizens for his bluster and how much he embarrasses the city by constantly speaking about things he just doesn’t know diddly squat about. Burbank residents would be better served by Ms. Springer.

Apparently the new thing too is to call Gordon creepy. The Pet Parents tried to pull this a few years ago back when they were alleging a nefarious Jewish conspiracy between Gordon and a local pet shop owner to sell tortured animals from under the floorboards or wherever.

Gordon wasn’t too keen to write new law for a non-concern that relied upon an equally disingenuous interpretation of the supposed breeding conditions of retail animals. Conveniently, this group also had admitted plans to start their own pet business in town. And so they went after him.

They even tried to drag Gordon’s kid into it, who later made a masterful appearance from the dais in his Merchant Marine uniform thanking everyone for their concern.

Btw … which city workers badmouth their own city council person to others?



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15 responses to “A guy who can’t even update his own blog with the latest election results calls Gordon “clueless”

  1. Irwin Fletcher

    I don’t understand this at all- what evidence do people have that Gordon is creepy or clueless? He’s the only person who asks detailed questions. He’s the only person on council who presses people to explain themselves. This strange smear campaign is just absolute bullshit- but since Trump, bullshit is automatically believed I guess. It’s really embarrassing.

    • Danny

      If you ask me some of the self appointed important people in Burbank want the out of touch Springer just a little too much and that’s what’s really creepy. Wanting Springer who wants us all on bikes and loves the idea of selling naming rights to all our streets, well what is it the self-appointed important people need a no questions asked Springer to do for them.

  2. Nancy

    Can I ask who has this blog ? Where did this crazy information even come from ? Clearly the person is very delusional .

  3. Joe

    If only Telamontes knew some of the things I have heard city employees say about him

  4. “better served…” She didn’t even know who the Indians or Bulldogs were when asked (ahead of time, in an email) and after “researching” it still didn’t know what our two main high school teams were! Do you want to elect someone THAT out of touch with this city? It’s right here on video: https://youtu.be/Hjvwk27sowc?t=18m50s

    • Tony

      Lol one thing with liberals is they sure are consistant. Disagree with them on anything and for sure you will be called a Republican Semichorus. The have no tolerance for any different opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Sharon would “better served”???????? I’ll say out of touch. Springer has visions of all of us bicycling everywhere in the very near future. Though a noble thought, it is many decades from reality, if at all….yet developers would (and have) pounced on her concept to justify building mega-pack-n-stack apartments cuz we would all would just be using bicycles to get around in our busy lives in a mile or two area. Complete and utter pie-in-the-sky nonsense. Couple that with her hypocrisy, hidden mean spirited jekyll and hyde personality AND her inability to stand her ground and not flip flop….WHEW!!!!! Can you imagine both her and that sadistic idiot, Rogers, on the council….the developers would be licking their chops at how they would manipulate them to our disadvantage. Oh, HELL NO!

    • Betty

      I feel you Semichorus I have been called a Republican right here on this blog and I am not a Republican

  5. The Great Cornholio

    I am a former staffer. I can attest to Dr. Gordon boasting credentials that he had no business claiming. For example, he once claimed to be a water expert at a city function. An executive, who I shall not name, very respectfully told him to his face that he was not. I think he was taken back that someone called him on his BS. Other than that, the guy is okay. The staff knows that he does his political theater in council chambers for the sake of the cameras. It’s not uncommon for him to apologize to staffers when the meeting is over (“it’s just business,” he’ll say). The man does serve a purpose in keeping staff honest, but a community leader he is not. He’s the type of politician that will point at his voting record to prove to folks that he is fighting for them, yet, his “no” votes seldom yield any meaningful alternative solutions.

    • semichorus

      Perhaps, but who has been a community leader? Or at all effective in moving a CM along, who in the Burbank setup has all the power?

      I can’t think of one within the last 50 years. Most just end up agreeing with each other. Possibly Golonski at times, who was known to be able to get them to delay harmful votes. But that’s the extent of it.

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