How does Schiff handle these assholes?


It’s astounding how all of the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee this morning are trying to turn a pre-publicized hearing on potential Trump administration malfeasance regarding Putin’s Russia into a “Get Obama and his Leaks!” campaign.

Or, that disinformational “Russian surrogates!” were the source. Yeah, that’s it.

How Schiff can keep from physically throttling clowns like Gowdy defies comprehension. The GOP members during Watergate had far more of a sense of personal shame. This current incarnation is just defiant as hell,  and it’s frightening.

Let’s hope the now grossly antagonized British and German intelligence agencies will do a complete investigation of Trump and his possible ties to Russia. They won’t have a problem in the world releasing any derogatory information they might find. Comey and the GOP won’t do shit. They’ll try to keep the investigation open and bottled up for years.

In fact, we predict Trump’s eventual downfall — and that of everyone around him — will be accomplished through foreign intelligence from our allies.





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14 responses to “How does Schiff handle these assholes?

  1. Anonymous

    Schiff has endless patience.

  2. Todd

    If you want to experience real ass holes tune in to city council meetings and watch Rogers and Luddies.

  3. Don

    These Democrats just can’t face the fact that their bad candidate is why they lost the election and the Russians had nothing to do with it. I wonder just how long the Russians will go before they get really pissed off with these dumb Democrats like Schiff and tell them off and call them stupid.

    • semichorus

      You sure give these Russians a lot of deference and influence, don’t you?

      Hillary won the vote btw. One can only IMAGINE the wailing and gnashing of teeth if the positions had been reversed.

  4. chad

    It’s a strange day when right wing Republicans give Russia a pass. It just goes to show you that money makes it all right. The US and Russia are now run by rapacious international business people who disregard law, human rights and, most significantly, conflicts of interest. Putin must look at Trump and laugh his Cossack ass off.

  5. Gary

    Ok guys let’s get serious here … just a few years ago Obama took Romney to task for daring to say that Russia was the greatest foe. Here is the tape clip of it/ I would say that Putin and Russia in general is laughing at those who thought Hillary was some sort of choice when in fact she was promised the presidency by the DNC. Obama just 4 years ago took issue with Romney over Russia so does that mean you guys will agree now that Romney was right and Obama was WRONG ?

    • semichorus

      Obama was taking issue with Romney’s war-like chestbeating about the issue. Big difference.

      He wasn’t saying we should let everyone do business with them on the sly.

      • Sharon the kook

        President Obama assures Medvedev of flexibility Nuclear missile defense after election.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry but your twisting into a pretzel in desoeration to protect Obama. Get off the Democratic plantation and stop believing every lie you are fed.

  6. chad

    Completely different. The current POTUS is in so far over his corrupt head he has no idea which end is up. Please tell me this. It costs about 2 million a day to keep Trump’s wife and son living in the Trump Tower and 3.5 million every time Trump goes to Mara Lago which is essentially every weekend and now it seems more than ever he basically lives there. Tell me, is that 100s of millions of dollars a justifiable expense when he has a place to live that we the people expect to pay for? The man is a pathetic, scum-sucking slob so out his league he’s an embarrassment to everyone except the shills paid to prop him up and even then they laugh behind his back.

    • semichorus

      I think the NYPD is spending half a million a day to keep all those cars flashing between Madison and Fifth Avenues, but yeah, he’s an expensive disaster.

      • Anonymous

        The disaster was Obama now the rebuilding begins. Hillary was as corrupt as hell and Pelosi belongs in a mental hospital.

  7. chad

    Anon, Trump couldn’t rebuild with Lincoln Logs.

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