The biggest obit of the year, and…

It gets minimal news coverage today.

This reminds of how the last Xmas season had no Beatles or Phil Spector to speak of.  What the hell is going on these days?

Who and what’s responsible for this?  The current commercial culture’s deep love and admiration for — and blatant pandering to — our sacred Millenials? Who are also apparently running most of it as well.



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3 responses to “The biggest obit of the year, and…

  1. Lar

    Whats a Phil Spector. Google told me thats some psycho old man that disrespects women

  2. Anonymous

    Who knows? “Black ex-convict?” The 12 year old newsroom interns reading their Operation Mockingbird-generated memos have no knowledge — nor interest in gaining any.
    Screw it.
    How about this? Let’s ALL forget that he was the equivalent of an American Shakespeare whose lyrics and revolutionary style of playing ineradicably altered EVERYTHING.

  3. chad

    They’re too busy playing with their ding-a-lings.

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