Rogers misleads again

As quoted at the end of this Leader excerpt, your future mayor makes a ridiculous statement…

During the meeting on Tuesday, residents Mike Moynahan and Roy Wiegand criticized the timing of Albano’s raise, stating in a video they submitted that it was not the right time to give any top official a salary increase. Moynahan and Wiedgand were in the audience while the video was played.

Additionally, both men said they thought city officials planned to have the item regarding Albano’s compensation hike come before council while Gordon was out of town.

“What’s the rush?” Wiegand said in the video. “Ms. Albano is well taken care of here. She’s going to be OK for a few weeks, a week even, without a raise. What is the rush? Why are we doing this?

Vice Mayor Will Rogers said each council member receives an agenda forecast.

“All [Gordon] needed to do was say, ‘Hold on to that until I get back,’ and he would have been participating in this,” Rogers said.

Nope, it’s not that easy. They’d all have to vote on this change first before it could be placed on a future agenda. And what if Gordon wasn’t there early enough to seek the postponement?

Rogers is also ignoring the real issue here. Gordon’s not the problem on this one. Instead, why did staff place this item on the agenda — or worse, allow it to remain there  — when they knew Gordon would be gone?

Like that bogus Cusumano campaign contribution, the real question is why someone would want to dick around with Gordon in this way, and not Gordon’s response or alleged lack of one — which we’re sure Rogers will try to transmute into some straw-man accusation about his character and competence.

Even better, since they knew there wasn’t full attendance on Tuesday night, why didn’t the rest of the council hold off on this decision ? They have before. 

Staff never suggested this nor did Rogers. But, as quoted in the Leader, the speakers obviously did. Rogers could have done something about it but chose instead to be a dick.



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34 responses to “Rogers misleads again

  1. Ed

    Rogers is just an ass. The man is so under achieving anyone who voted for him should apologize to the entire city.

  2. chad

    Semi and everyone. Just saw a great play with Native American themes and actors called Fairly Traceable. It’s at the Autry for another week. I know you are Native so it might be of interest. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  3. Anonymous

    Why can’t someone donate
    Money ????? It was a small amount. You semi make something out of nothing. You want Grodan to hate Cusumano. And it’s true you don’t post people’s opinions. You only make your own under other names.

  4. Anonymous

    They only put off agenda items when Emily is absent. I can’t remember how many meetings have been dark because of Emily’s travel and vacation plans. Dr Gordon was on a City based trip.

    • semichorus

      Which Rogers left out, eh?

      His attempt to use this issue to keep bashing Gordon is pathetic. He could have prevented it.

      • Incognito

        This whole BS with Roger, Springer & Frutos…

        Someone should ask why Springer & Frutos, have been endorsed by none other than the Realtors Association. RA = Developers.

        At their meeting on Thursday at the Realtors Association, both were asked how they would address the need for more housing/aparments.

        1) Frutos danced around the question and never really gave an answer

        2) Springer……… are you ready, “The cost of construction should be reduced”, ??? what kinda stupid answer is that !!!!!!!

        That same evening, Frutos showed up to a fundraiser, and instead of supporting the fundraiser, he was asking everyone he talked to, to “Vote for him”, how low can you go……

        What is the special treatment given to Frutos & Springer, having signs on Parkways. Not to mention they are in front of”Developers” properties” Behunin & Cusumanos. Rogers & Springer made a rant over a donation that was returned by an incumbent & candidate, why is they NOT jumping up and down over this, it ALL stinks and the selective few are keeping their mouths shut and stealing signs.

        Hypocritical is an understatement. When we have NO Budget and raises continue to be given it speaks volumes of how out of touch and control the dias is..

        • Anonymous

          Springer has no signs in front of a Cusumano property. If you can prove me wrong I’ll see to it that it is taken down.

          • Anonymous

            ” Anonymous
            March 20, 2017 at 7:05 pm
            Springer has no signs in front of a Cusumano property. If you can prove me wrong I’ll see to it that it is taken down.”

            And, please tell her to stop having her people steal other candidates signs… what a conniving little hypocrite she has revealed herself to be.

        • Anonymous

          Who are you accusing of stealing signs? Got proof?

      • Anonymous

        You continue to ignore the truth, but rather whip up nonsense. It was Moynihan and his little buddie that made a stink about this business of the council doing its job despite the fact that Gordon was absent. All Rogers did was to answer them with the fact that if Gordon had really cared about it, he could have asked to have the issue postponed.

        Rogers DID NOT attack Gordon for his absence. He told Moynihan and his little buddie that Gordon could have postponed the discussion, Rogers said nothing more.

        It is YOU that are making a mountain out of this mole hill. As you generally do.

        • semichorus

          He was being snide about Gordon, like he was some kind of fuckup for not bringing it up. He does it all the time. He can’t refrain from the sarcasm. Sometimes he’ll even bring up “the Berlins.”

          And why was this about GORDON doing something? Like it was up to him if it had been a concern. Instead, the other four could have postponed the item. It was an expressed concern.

          • Anonymous

            1) Bullshit.

            2) It was an expressed concern that they did not agree with. The “four” don’t answer to Moynihan and his sock puppet. Moynihan and his sock puppet may think they represent Burbank, but until one of them gets elected, they are just kidding themselves. And you.

            • semichorus

              The council has delayed items before. They didn’t on this one. And those guys brought up a good point.

              Why didn’t the council delay this item? That’s the question. Not why doofus David “failed” to bring it up early on.

            • Anonymous

              March 20, 2017 at 8:41 pm
              1) Bullshit.

              2) It was an expressed concern that they did not agree with. The “four” don’t answer to Moynihan and his sock puppet. Moynihan and his sock puppet may think they represent Burbank, but until one of them gets elected, they are just kidding themselves. And you.”

              You sound like a “sock puppet” for the drug induced Will Rogers freak! Your feeble attempt to nit pick to prove an overall point sounds just like him. Let me school you. The “four” do answer to us…us being 1 or 1000’s who live here. Stop drinking the kool-aid or understand that just because your pocket may be getting lined or your lips getting sore from kissing ass, doesn’t mean your pathetic delusion rants carry any weight. And, again, let me school you. As the lemming idiot that you are, you implied, that council members only answer to themselves, not the ones they are elected to serve. LMAO, you just outed yourself, and the elitist, developer friendly ilk you suck up to. …LOL, another reason you are where you are in life…a pathetic little troll trying to ride the coat tails of others.

              • semichorus

                And again, that they didn’t “agree” with this concern is reason enough to justify seeing to it that Gordon stays out of the debate? That’s pretty nervy of them. And quite telling.

        • an anonymous mike and roy fan

    • Anonymous

      That is not true. Council bends over backward for Gordon. Gordon used to be able to claim that he had only missed one meeting. That was because he asks that the council not meet when he is out of town. And for years they accommodated him.

      Rogers is right. If Gordon had asked for this to be postponed the whole council would have gone along with it.

      • semichorus

        I’m not aware that Gordon was complaining about this.

        He wasn’t. Instead, Rogers seized on the council’s unwillingness to postpone A SINGLE AGENDA ITEM so that he could bash him again. Some other speakers brought it up.

        When btw was a MEETING ever cancelled for Gordon’s sake?

        • Anonymous

          Look at all the times Gordon was out of town and you will find that the meeting was not CANCELLED, but rather not scheduled. There is a difference.

          And you just live to twist the facts.

          • semichorus

            I’m not aware of a meeting ever being “unscheduled” due to Gordon being out of town. I do know that he’s been out of town when no meeting was scheduled. Meetings are only held now about half the month anyway.

  5. Anonymous

    Is it true the Mr. Rogers is the infamous alias Gary Moody, the idiot that attempts hack pieces on certain candidates and supports Sharon Springer? …and no, I’m not talking about the musician one (Gary Moody) married to the owner of Full-of-Life. That poor man is having his reputation tarnished by this imposter.

    • semichorus

      Not familiar with that.

      • TJ

        Do you mean a guy named Gary Moon ?

        • Anonymous

          Yes the person hiding the bogus account goes by “Gary Moon”. Not to be confused with the musician Gary Moon that has ties to Full-of-Life. As to the “myth” person. You show your proof and I’ll show you mine? You got the cojones to stand behind your words? I certainly do! Or are you just gonna sling dung and hide?

          • Anonymous


            Go ahead and show the “proof”, tough guy.

            My proof is that I know Rogers and he does not waste his time reading this blog.

            • semichorus

              You don’t know him very well. And I could care less whether he does or not.

              That you do makes me laugh. Why then do you? Such smug little assholes your crowd is, if in fact you are some kind of “friend” of his.

              I get a kick out of how Will’s usual modus operandi against the critical nutballs in town (as he likes to call them) doesn’t apply to me. I’m not an uneducated right-winger, for one. So Rogers can’t figure out yet how to go after me without it veering dangerously close to libel.

              Which is what he almost did a couple of years (saying something in writing in MyBurbank I think about warning people not to post comments on this blog because it might drag them into a “police investigation”? Uh-huh.)

              So his solution right now is to act like he ignores me. He doesn’t.

              • Anonymous

                Semi, Will is looking for validity to his meaningless existence having lived off his wife all this years due to his enptness to get past his baggage in life. He’s a lost soul who can’t get past his tweeked DNA of being an amoral, reprehensible person. I for one relish the thought of nailing him to the cross he so brings on himself.

            • Anonymous

              Hearsay Wannabe: ” Anonymous
              March 20, 2017 at 11:38 am
              Yawn. Go ahead and show the “proof”, tough guy.
              My proof is that I know Rogers and he does not waste his time reading this blog.”

              You’re an moron, wannabe. Speaking on behalf of another. while hiding behind an if that carries weight. That’s like something Will would do himself. Can you not see how ludicrous and pathetic you are. Show yourself “tough guy” and I will do the same…the we’ll see whose the tougher guy. LMAO, what a spineless wrench…so predictable, so disgusting.

            • Anonymous

              March 20, 2017 at 11:38 am

              Sounds like Rogers little troll bitch, Kevin Harrop! They have know idea what a vomitous laughing stock they have made themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Another myth, born.

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