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  1. OccupiedCalifornia

    Love her. This gives me hope for America.

    • semichorus

      Big cunt and little cunt.

      You know she’s been obviously rehearsed there, don’t you? You people are just such total and complete morons.

      • Gloria

        Just imagine kids realizing that the teachers unions control the schools and try to brainwash the kids with anti American crapola

        • semichorus

          If only they controlled the schools.

          You do realize too that it was unions which built this town. Or do you not?

          Why are you right-wingers such dishonest morons? It’s gotten to be criminal, really.

          • Joe

            You live too much in the past Semochous on unions and everything. Don’t forget the unions support ever over regulating, over taxing politician for a few decades now. Hell they supported Hillary after she said she wanted to put brother union coal miners out of work. Unions supported her but many of us union members did not.

            • semichorus

              Hillary said she wanted to put coal miners out of business so they could have BETTER jobs.

              Which used to be the American ideal.

              • DixieFlyer

                BETTER jobs?? Such as…………….

              • The Green Menace

                You bought that Hillary tripe? Boy, you really are special kind of stupid. Your party bailed on a core constituency because the leftist Marxist kooks are now hiding in plain sight within the environmental movement and coal makes the perfect enemy – disgusting. You’re old enough to know better that this whole globalwarmingclimatechangeCO2 is a bunch of crap. But like a good little leftist soldier you know that yours is not to question why just to do or die.

                Thank you for the free speech on this blog. It’s your one redeeming quality.

            • Al in SoCal

              Let coal country take some personal responsibility for their dying off (literally) jobs – and black lung lives. Hillary wanted to fund training to new economy jobs – oh and Trump? Slashing that training so your brother’s son (daugher, whomever) down in coal country can expect another iteration of the short line to a black lung and a poverty filled life. Let’s all cheer Trump’s America!

              • Norm

                Sorry there Al you spend too much time watching the fake news. Just yesterday Trump talked with Merkel about job training for Americans. Oh right CNN and MSNBC left those factoids out due to thr fact it just didn’t fit with what they wanted you to think, as usual.

                • semichorus

                  What would Merkel have to do with job training for Americans?

                  Oh. *M*G*G*A!

                • Al in SoCal

                  Norm – it’s actually called the Trump budget. I suggest something other than AM radio & Fox News 24/7.

                  In the meantime enjoy a right-wing Republican who represents people in the poverty filled Appalachian mountains where Trump’s budget will slash about hundreds of millions from programs specifically targeted to them – one will be left on life support – the other killed outright.

                  Not that I feel bad for them, it’s called a consequence due in part because of their vote. Here is their representative’s summary – apparently they only like Federal bucks when it helps them out – sooo typical:


         <– ACTUAL facts (not alternate ones)

                  Summary of Trump caring about his voters:
                  First, Trump’s proposing to eliminate the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), an independent agency set up in 1965 “to address the persistent poverty and growing economic despair of the Appalachian Region.”

                  Second, Trump is proposing to zero out the Economic Development Administration (EDA), which sits within the Commerce Department and provides about $250 million per year in grants to support economic growth in certain regions.

  2. chad


  3. Tom

    Really what new jobs ?? Maybe lucky to get a job at Target or Walmart under Clinton ? Oh I forgot Clinton was on the board of Directors of Walmart for years she only disliked them after she left the board. Such a fake that is loved by Fake News.

  4. chad

    You really are tired aren’t you Ted.

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