Local Hero



We’ve always loved this judge.

He’s responding here to an internal Ninth Circuit Court Appeals attempt on the part of five or six Republican appointees to “rehear” the February decision against the first Trump Executive Order en banc.


Reinhardt btw is the same guy who wrote that absolutely brilliant opinion in the old Newdow Pledge of Allegiance case which claimed that it is clearly a violation of the Establishment Clause for the government to insert the words “under God” into a government-led pledge.

In fact, Reinhardt’s forcefully written majority decision about this so terrified the Supreme Court back then that when Newdow finally reached them on the defendant’s appeal they refused to rule on its merits. Instead, they ridiculously claimed that Newdow lacked basic standing as a parent-plaintiff — an idea that even his most conservative judicial foes at the lower court levels refused to entertain.

In other words, SCOTUS was afraid of having to agree with Reinhardt that “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance is in fact unconstitutional. And so they wimped out. They wouldn’t hear the case and dismissed it all outright.

A brilliant guy and a good liberal. He’s also 85 years old.

Cry the Beloved Country, yes.



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9 responses to “Local Hero

    • semichorus

      Referencing my own father’s words here — who was one– I’ve always said that Mexicans have a remarkable ability to be their own worst enemies.

      And have no shame.

  1. Marcos

    We are AMERICANS FIRST. Semichorus you need to listen and think about this, we are American Latinos

    • Glen

      We are one nation under God, those who don’t like that fact because communists and socialists want God gone. Why ? They want to be God and control us all.

    • Anonymous

      This judge is a complete idiot. I read his statement and no on has a constitutional right to come to the USA. Never did and never will. Can’t wait for this to reach the supreme court so the 9th circuit can proudly continue their high overturn rate.

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