Attention, oldtimers. Which Cusumano was it that they had to sneak into Burbank schools to play football back in the 1980s?


An article in MyBurbank today about that 90-year BUSD celebration piqued our curiosity…

Longtime Roosevelt teacher Linda Walmsey [sic] and former Burbank student and now successful developer, Michael Cusumano co-chaired the sold-out event that was successful in raising their goal.

The old time teachers will all tell you btw that Walmsley is a notorious brown-noser and Establishment shill. In fact, they used to bring her up on the dais to help bolster support at old school board meetings every time that hapless group was on the hot seat about one thing or another. Which in those glorious days of dissent used to be all the time.

But this is our real interest:

Besides Cusumano who talked about his journey through Burbank schools and why he chose them for his children…

Back in the mid-1980s one of those Cusumano kids was sneaked into Burroughs so that he could play football for the team. His family had apparently been living in Sherman Oaks at the time. It was quite controversial too, this relocation, if only because such a practice might have violated CIF rules about home residency. The topic re-emerged during the similar mid-1990’s Stavropoulos controversy.

Anyone remember who it was? We also heard that there was a Cusumano who knocked up his BHS girlfriend in 1987. Good looking, she used to do work experience at a local doctor’s office where a lot of the BPD cops would go because the office lady was married to a Burbank cop. Her name was Sheryl we think.

Anyone remember? At least that’s what she told people who the father was.

Same Cusumano? One of the girl’s Class of 1987 friends later told us that it was a daughter, and that a big financial arrangement with the family had been made.

“Don’t worry about her,” she said with a smile. “She’s set.”



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5 responses to “Attention, oldtimers. Which Cusumano was it that they had to sneak into Burbank schools to play football back in the 1980s?

  1. Anonymous

    Who the fuck cares.

  2. semichorus

    Feel that love for the Cusumanos.

  3. Anonymous

    Why don’t you do some good for Burbank. All you do is put people down, make fun of them, criticize the good they are trying to do. Get off you fat ass , step away from the computer and do something yourself. I’m sorry your life is miserable. Dare you to post this. Cuz you never post what I have to say.

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