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  1. Marcos

    Instead of listening to clips of things from the fake news people need to wake up and listen to what our President is really saying directly from him by watching his full speeches. We are Americans First and a lot more of us than some think see ourselves as AMERICAN Latinos and not just Latinos. We understand the blessings here, the freedoms and the great constitution of this country that makes us one nation under God. We know that we are endowed by our creator with the rights we have and not by government.

    • semichorus

      You know of course that he and his white supporters hate you, no?

    • Marcos

      President Trump does not hate us that is fake news like say a lie often enough and some people believe it but that does not make it true. Unless you want to be killed, harmed or injured by criminals there is no reason not to understand what President Trump is saying. If you listened to Trump and not fake news you would see you agree with President Trump on more than you disagree with him on. #MAGA

  2. Richard

    The so-called Progressive of the present day cares about “the people” as much as the old Communist Party of the Soviet Union cared about the workers.

    For the so-called Progressive, real people are either political fodder or, when they support the Progressive, useful idiots.

    The so-called Progressive loves ideological dominance and the power to force the masses to bend to their will, not people.

    Since the beginning, the primary, if not only interest the so-called Progressive has had in people is to control them. When they refuse to be controlled progressives throw trash, smash windows and name call. Nothing progressive about any of that.

    • semichorus

      Eat shit.

      Better yet, send back that Social Security check immediately, because it was the fucking PROGRESSIVES who got you that.

      • Richard

        Sure Semichorus like a true progressive throw out a little hatred. Sorry pal but your progressives from back in the day with social security would be outspoken against the so called progressives of today. Past history has been thrown out by this new breed of Progressive.

      • Tamara

        I thin Roosevelr started social security and Roosevelt was patriotic and not like the American hating Democrats of today. I honestly think Roosevelt would leave the Democrats if he were alive to see them today just as I have.

  3. Citizen Cane

    Hillary committed crimes! Lock her up!

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