Since there are never any Big Ideas coming out of these council meetings any more — just staff-generated trivialities and bureaucratic self-dealing and rubberstamping — we thought we’d go international today.








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9 responses to “Täuschung

  1. 91505

    $50,000 of tax payer funds misspent on the Committee for Yes on Measure B Campaign by the Burbank Hospitality Association and our city council sits and does nothing. The only one to call for a hearing is Councilman Gordon and Councilman Rogers now says no matter what he will not support an investigation until after the election is over. I wonder just why and just how does it involve Councilman Frutos who has never said a word about it all.

    • semichorus

      Bad publicity = tougher for the incumbents.

      I would LOVE to see the people involved get deposed. We might discover if this was pre-planned and pre-approved by the higher-ups. Any relevant back-and-forth emails would be fun to see, too.

  2. John 'Hannibal' Smith

    The council is in full CYA mode with regards to the 50K and the disestablishment hearing. It makes them look culpable.

  3. chad

    Is that Vic Morrow in Winterreis. Who does he play, Sarge?

  4. Klugschwätzer

    Hey Asshole – it’s meeting night can’t you release comments with greater haste? This blog is grinding itself into the ground and becoming almost useless.

  5. BURBANK Bill

    So the city clerk is too busy tonight thanking everyone on staff for their hard work on the election. How bout the fact this is the second time on her watch the results were not published on channel 6?? And Luddy just drooling over Albano was practically sapphic nature of course we will give her a raise. And still pay for her ex husbands health insurance!!???

    • semichorus

      Most of the election chores are now contracted out.

      Historically, Burbank’s CCs have been totally full of shit. They also think they work for the city and city manager.

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