What’s missing here?


Besides of course I.Q. points and sanity.

Jesus H. Christ.






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9 responses to “What’s missing here?

  1. CornFused

    Looks like a family reunion from Salt Lake City.

  2. Matilda

    It’s all CBO’s fault. Now I have to go out and replace my microwave.

  3. DixieFlyer

    Check tomorrow’s Council Meet.

    $$Raise for Amy Albano.

    Poor performance rates a raise???

    Her performance last week rated—0 or zero.

    And we got stuck for ex-hubby’s insurance.

    • semichorus

      I almost wrote about this but it’s just too depressing.

      I always wonder what the hell she tells these people to stay in their good graces. Rogers especially. But for Gordon they are all so damned credulous and gullible. She’s just so subpar at times.

      Of course, pointing this out makes us such woman haters, doesn’t it?

      • Burbank Gamberro

        Unfortunately, I think Dixie’s comments during public comment toward Albano over the years may have back-fired. I think Dixie ended up making her sympathetic figure. During Frutos first run he used to talk about removing her. Now they are best buds.

  4. Al in SoCal

    I need my sunglasses to view properly.

  5. Anonymous

    They also seem to be tiring of Mike and Roy. No jokes or laughs last night.

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