Saps across the sea



Here’s a funny story. And a true one.

Cal State LA used to go by the initials “CSULA.” But about 20 years ago or so they suddenly changed it to “CSLA.” Do you know why that is?

The main reason for this change was that Chinese student tour groups were getting this eastside Alhambra campus mixed up with crosstown UCLA. One hapless group (and this is not just an apocryphal story) actually ventured all the way down the Santa Monica Freeway and were halfway through the regular Cal State student tour when they suddenly discovered to their extreme displeasure that they were in the totally wrong place.

BurbankViewpoints’ well-written article this week about the possible incursion of Chinese investors into the local real estate market reminded us of this funny old debacle. Burbank has such a bloatedly phony PR view of itself in general that the idea of marketing this town to nouveau riche foreigners who don’t know the difference between real media and Media City is absolutely perfect. They wouldn’t be the first outsiders to learn that the City of Burbank looks much better on paper than it does in reality.

Don’t believe it? The Downtown neighborhood is littered with the corpses of a number of well-promoted and staff-cultivated out-of-town businesses that thought things would go different.



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15 responses to “Saps across the sea

  1. Al

    Here is the deal. We have a contingent of America hating Socialists that are selling out America on every level. We either wake up to it and stop it or let it happen and wish we had stopped it after everything is destroyed

  2. Al

    No I am not on the Soros or the DNC payroll and I don’t answer Craig’s List ads either. This tactic of name calling anyone who disagrees with you is just getting old and tired.

  3. Anonymous

    Russian hackers make phone contact with Maxine Rogers. They make up all information and she falls for all of it. AMAZING

    • semichorus

      Buzz off.

      • Dina

        You mean to tell us that QUEEN MAXINE was fooled, again?
        Coming from South Central LA saved her many times in Sacramento from flunking the gullibility test–but not in Washington, D.C.

        • DixieFlyer

          Maxine Waters never has stooped to Rogers level.

          However, on several occasions she caused Willie Brown to breathe rather rapidly.

          Maxine represaents a “different” demographic.

  4. chad

    Last night I saw a proud young woman wearing a CSULA t-shirt walking along San Fernando downtown.

    • semichorus

      They’re rather schizoid about it now. Some are bringing it back. The older faculty and staff were VERY angry about the change.

      The school’s own webpages have become a mish-mosh of these initials.

  5. DixieFlyer

    More BS.

  6. DixieFlyer

    More BS

  7. Anonymous

    I’m so glad people are seeing how immature you are. You do name call. It makes you look really bad. You are a bully. It’s very obvious that many of the annymous comments are yours too. Easy to tell by your freakish grammar.

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