Burbank Airport celebrates how convenient and great its old unwanted terminal is


Hilarious. They’re posting Tweets right now from customers who talk about how fast and easy the current facility is to get in and out of.


Which the new one won’t be as much. Not close.

People in Burbank now deserve to get fucked, don’t they?




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5 responses to “Burbank Airport celebrates how convenient and great its old unwanted terminal is

  1. Anonymous

    Just like with their new parking structure and how people complain that is it so far they will complain that they voted away the convenience at the terminal. Oh well I for one will sit back and laugh at how they fucked themselves. Oh and higher fees to pay for the inconvenience to boot.

    • semichorus

      I guarantee that when it finally gets built and people complain how much more convenient the old one was, the response will be:

      –The old terminal wasn’t earthquake safe and had to be torn down

      — The FAA made us do it.

      Just watch. Or, they’ll blame it on the voters.

      “It was their decision…”

  2. The best part is the simple illusion that there will be only 14 gates. It’s not set in stone and it could easily be expanded. There are no detailed architectural plans for the terminal. People were fooled by the Supermajority meme but they don’t realize the supermajority only applies to 7 specific items that presumably will be voted upon once. Votes that can be influenced or bought. The Supermajority means nothing and was a great slight of hand trick everyone fell for. There will be more flights (there already are more flights now).

    • semichorus

      It’s going to be a much bigger and busier airport.

      And if you get a supermajority of boosters in there — which WILL happen — expansion is inevitable. As if # of gates means much anyway.

  3. Ed

    Personally I can’t wait for it to begin and expand with more flights and more gates and more everything. It will be fun to watch the cheerleaders like Frutos and Rogers and Walmsley move away and the suckers that voted for it be stick here to suffer. Face it they will get what they voted for.

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